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    I have been working as artist craftsman since 1983. In 92 I began a three year apprenticeship for blacksmithing /doing fine architectural work in the high style. and have been working in the field since .In2007 I was able to attend a semester of violin school. My goal is tho create works that honor the work of the masters . I am happy to have MN to continue my learning

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  1. I guess there’s lot,s of ways to filter air , ..... I have several, a big one, one that blows and sucks huge amounts of air , a small one for benchtop, and a supper fine one with charcoal, as well as a laminar flow hood for varnish, my personal favorite is the benchtop unit that can be moved wherever needed, helps keep the dust where I want it ,before being distributed , ...so currently..... last year or so, I,m slow... I am setting up a varnish clean room, and this discussion does raise a question , on mounting height , I always see ceiling mounted air cleaners , but this seems counterintuitive, is it just to get the unit out of the way? Dust is heavy and settles on the floor, benches ,so every step kicks some more up, maybe it makes more sense to go low?
  2. My major concern of elevation would be more moisture related vs elevation , I,d expect over all drier conditions at seven thousand feet vs 1500 , or sea level.
  3. One trick I use is to slightly compress the purfling after the dry fit , a simple round rod of wood will do the trick , like rolling a pie crust. Not enough to crush the purfling, but just move it a bit.The glue or hot water then swells the purfling. Also I will size the channel ,as the top channel especially will swell with glue, after the channel is dry, simple to go around and fit the Purfling. As for marker, one can grind a offset angle, bevel to move the edge center one way or another, if a person is careful, very little shimming between the blades is needed.
  4. My bad for not reading the whole thread, ....
  5. Here,s a possible method ,,,, if one were to for instance cover the surface with some material, close fitting like a cloth or foil maybe a paper dampened, , then to cut an accurate outline ...for holes what not , one could simply weigh the materials and compare to a known weight for x sq inches , might take a bit of trials , and testing, but in theory, should work.
  6. Never understood the fiber...paper... purfling thing ...,probably best for production work, did use it on my very first. Under a magnifying lens it,s incredibly boring, but from 40 feet ...does the trick.
  7. Always had great service with them.
  8. Here’s a shot of my homemade bushing maker. Super simple , nylon shafting drilled and reamed , I use brown paper bag, cut in a arc, soak in hot hide glue for a few seconds, twist one up and slip it into the counter form , just need to let it sit a few minutes to let the glue set , then pull it out and off the mandrel for drying. Works a charm. I have a few counter forms , of larger sand smaller dia. So I can make a variety of sizes. Pre test before glued, I can adjust the paper length to just fit .
  9. Yes...don,t know the text dates.or location to cite, but. ....it,s out there...maybe this guy? Andre' Jacob Roubo?
  10. I,d say most likely , and yes diluted with water helps.
  11. Same as others here, from the Roubo text, some add ash , some not. The only major difference is that I use a nicely sized plant Pot..over a five gallon bucket..to hold the mix, ...instead of the bucket with holes...lol ... nothing fancy with the alcohol, though I Don,t think it would hurt at all, just a triple filter with paper coffee filters and boom ! bobs someone’s uncle. ...I like it for several reasons , mostly it has a complex coloration I find appealing, while still allowing the wood to show.
  12. Pop filler, Horse sauce w, wood ash and cooked rosin varnish applied thin
  13. I concur, depending on available tooling though,a fellow could cut outside the line and file or sand to final shape.
  14. I'd say we all are ..... lol.... value is hard to ascribe, do we value the name ? The look the tone? Resale ? How about hourly and materials.? Of course big picture stuff like awards and high profile players help sales, .....varnish and set up , ? My honest question becomes what are people valuing as they consider the purchase of a contemporary violin. .?
  15. Don, have you looked into any sort of scanning probe ? With one a guy could hand carve what one desired,pop it in the machine, then scan or probe into the GCode , ready for what would seem to be simple edits to the program for margin and what ever small changes might be desired. They even have hand held laser scanners and ones that work with rotation available. But to my mind the touch probes seem more cost effective. ....nice work.
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