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    I have been working as artist craftsman since 1983. In 92 I began a three year apprenticeship for blacksmithing /doing fine architectural work in the high style. and have been working in the field since .In2007 I was able to attend a semester of violin school. My goal is tho create works that honor the work of the masters . I am happy to have MN to continue my learning

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  1. James M. Jones

    Stradivari's secret was a concept?

    From what I have gathered , from the time when I was a kid ...old violins sound better. That was the rule, not open for discussion. Now this test and manny others,has to some extant, opened the door to a new conversation, that new instruments can compete well against the old masters. For new makers this has become an exciting time to push the envelope acoustically speaking. Yes the old Italian sound provides a great benchmark.....because it is so good, or is it. .? Not all old Italian violins sound the same, of course all the instruments were highly vetted, Strads and DGU as well, and it has been well acknowledged there are bad instruments from both makers. Random selection of unknown instruments simply based on old vs new would in essence simply cancel out player ,audience preference with noise ,so give a good selection , one that good player and listeners can agree stand out as good, the best you can throw out. Like a drag race, and see who wins. Are there differences? Perhaps, but it seems not much...do those difference make much difference. .? in real time not really,or so it seems. As for how much further the envelope can be pushed, it,s a bit like watching the Olympics where world records in Hundreds and thousands of a second. Was it a perfect test? In subjective matters applied to group dynamics,there is no perfect test. Does the test demonstrate clearly the ability of at least some moderns to compete on the same field as the masters of old.....I think yes.
  2. James M. Jones

    Brian Lisus' Organic Primer...

    Thanks for contacting Brian, Very excited to learn more of what he,s doing been a fan of his work for a while....Basically my take on the Rubio,is that the extra organic material adds some brown , black and green,component that supports a more complex color so the red aspect is supported away from pink or blaze orange Green and red produce brown, for antiquing I have found it to have advantages, for straight varnishes however ,might not be the ticket. Like I said before some like ,some not so much.
  3. James M. Jones

    Brian Lisus' Organic Primer...

    A few shots of the Rubio under plaster under a very thin dark cook rosin ground varnish.the first with indirect sun , second in full sun,
  4. James M. Jones

    Factory instruments reworked, sold as new artist instruments

    Unfortunately, this does nothing for the consumer,if a dishonest maker inserts them into someone else’s work as their own. Davide's suggestion of a photo archive , I would think of in process photos with workshop backgrounds ,is about the only way of guaranteeing authenticity,
  5. James M. Jones

    Factory instruments reworked, sold as new artist instruments

    )n Pretysure the price on any instrument sold as bench made by one person, would decrease more than the simple devaluation of new to used lower end makers experience.,if fraudulent practices were exposed.Think you ar e standing on semantics, you could answer the question if you. Choose. In fact Lots of makers have help , again no secret, Prety sure Michelangelo was not hiding the help, proclaiming only his labor was responsible for the results....Ergo no Deception. When does a Ford become a Porsche ? ....it doesn’t.lying is lying.
  6. James M. Jones

    Factory instruments reworked, sold as new artist instruments

    How about reverse engineering the question, at what point would you be satisfied to. Find that your “expensive” bench made violin marketed and sold as made by favorite maker x, by hand, utilizing Cremonesse materials and methods and was later found to have much less value than you paid ,because the deception was reviled and the consumer base upholding saiid value had eroded, would you ...A . Just let it slide? And be happy knowing you have a fine violin worth 5000 orB. Seek compensation.?
  7. James M. Jones

    Brian Lisus' Organic Primer...

    Or so they think....
  8. James M. Jones

    Factory instruments reworked, sold as new artist instruments

    Seriously? Or just trolling? no, however to answer the question,one would expect a full pre and post condition report would most defiantly be in order, including high def pics. Dealers have been held liable for misrepresentation on more than one occasion, moreover ,would an untouched Strad generally cost or be valued over one that has been fiddled with ,regardless of tone?
  9. James M. Jones

    Factory instruments reworked, sold as new artist instruments

    A bit like comparing apples to orangutans, the issue revolves entirely around misrepresentation, fraud. As I recall we had to sign a contract stating who made the instruments entered in the VSA, that included very specific definitions of what it means to make, for instance pegs and fittings by other makers were allowable, whereas precarved kit fiddles were not. Given the value placed on a gold win to a makers ability to generate sales , what,s in a name and reputation is not to be underestimated. In full agreement with VDA on the prosecution of these crimes.
  10. James M. Jones

    Ergonomic Viola Idea

    My thoughts as well,
  11. James M. Jones

    Fitting tool handles

    That,s a good point, and something talked about with other makers,the extra leverage of the handle seems to somewhat interferes with gaining a feel with the tool, good for metal work , not so good on wood.
  12. James M. Jones

    Fitting tool handles

    No need to see red, just check now and again for a curl of smoke.wrapping a wet towel around the smart end of the tool will control the temper. Also important is to remove the shank before compleatly seating the tool so as to have some room for compression, similar to fitting pegs long with the reamer. That said, less is more and if it ain’t baroque...don,t fix it.
  13. James M. Jones

    Factory instruments reworked, sold as new artist instruments

    Actually the same basic problems in identifying the source are in both fields , if the materials are sourced from authentic locations and methods closely adhered to, then it is easy to fake a proof mark. The main avenue of prosecution being paper trails, import papers , receipts , Emails, texts and undercover investigation,hard to not leave some sort of evidence , of repeated and habitual crimes, of course the tribes have a much larger financial lever to peruse legal action than individual violin buyers, buI could easily imagine a scenario where several high end buyers who have been defrauded could join together, to hire investigators and lawyers to represent them to the courts.
  14. James M. Jones

    Brian Lisus' Organic Primer...

    Yup, The dried filter paper burns like a. fuse, the slightest spark sets it off, pretty cool. As for the smell , it,s there, but not exactly the worst , the crap from people being by far more repulsive .... moreover the oder fades to nothing when compleatly dry.unlike human dung , reported to stay active for hundreds if not thousands of years....apparently not all feces are the same.....
  15. James M. Jones

    Factory instruments reworked, sold as new artist instruments

    Perhaps, quality issues aside though, If an instrument is marketed as made by an individual, say Sam Z, and a premium is applied ,based on this preference, then I would expect that courts would side with the deceived party , I would caution any luthiers from the practice lest a class action lawsuit ensue from their act. Currently there is a huge Deal with Native southwest silver ,turquoise work being forged in Asia, no small deal for the buyers, several lawsuits against unscrupulous dealers going on now. Quality is not the issue misrepresentation is.