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    I have been working as artist craftsman since 1983. In 92 I began a three year apprenticeship for blacksmithing /doing fine architectural work in the high style. and have been working in the field since .In2007 I was able to attend a semester of violin school. My goal is tho create works that honor the work of the masters . I am happy to have MN to continue my learning

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  1. Original Baroque Fingerboards

    My method for setting a neck involves scribing a light line in the same place you show, south end of the board ,smack in the middle of The width. With a pin by the nut centered on the neck a string can be run down to the saddle and using a square riser off the endpinhole finding center and adjusting the swing is easy.I remove the line when done.
  2. Fires and Feelings!

    Twelve years or so ago , answered the phone to hear my house was engulfed in flames . Can,t say I am worse off than before , got to build a new house better than the old, but also incurred a huge debt even after insurance. After all those years I still hope my house is still standing after leaving for more than a few days. Recovery for some will go quite nice and quick for others,...not so well I am sure.
  3. Casein glue and ground

    The music is pretty dramatic, ...https://youtu.be/cigLvk_WS5w ... worked for me . Used it on a ground.Powdered dry milk works ,so does soft motzarela and soft cheese curd. Apparently the base material , baking sofa ammonia or what not can have some effect on water resistance ,but I haven't done enough to know.
  4. Springing a top plate a la Stradivari

    I use a block plane to get it in the ballpark, then a piece of sandpaper about 4-5 inches long glued to a flat board to span the ribs , the unpapered end rides on top of the ribs, this then gets scrubbed back and forth,to doll things up. Works a charm and can b extremely localized, compaired to a flat plate with paper that I also use.I try to role the break as well so it,s not a dead flat but curved along the rib to the block. Don,t know if it makes any difference over a straight up plane, but I would rather have the ribs full Vs shy and hollow..
  5. The Manual of Violin Making by Brian Derber

    From personal experience, I can say Brian's qualities as an individual include, extreme attention to detail, organization of process and method, patience of a rock, and a certain take no crap additude,tempered by a subtle sense of humor and quiet presence. His ability to guide even the most inexperienced through the complete process was the most amazing aspect of the time I was able to spend , could only afforded one semester. Extremely happy and give no small credit to him for showing the critical basics of violin making. If the book in any way is a reflection of Brian ,and his methodology ,as it appears to be , I would not hesitate to encourage any serious student of violin making to at least consider it,s purchace.
  6. French Polish materials

    Thanks for the reply, haven't used it on any expensive stuff, just my own work and a few cheap fixer uppers.
  7. French Polish materials

    Been down a few roads I didn't,t like before. .... what sort of surprises might a guy expect? Or just. Don't ask , just do.....?
  8. French Polish materials

    Any thoughts on a product called Qualasole? Available through IV it,s water clear , seems to go on nice , just started using it a bit for a surface polish, not a real high gloss, but not a matt surface either.
  9. Widely varying rib thicknesses

    Julian, what were the outer limits of thick and thinnest? Just looked at the few Straddle posters I have ,The del'Gesu Teja-Ferni has a .4mm spread. The Messiah and Milanollo by Strad both show a .2 mm spread as does the Lupot.
  10. Just when you think that you have seen everything.

    Maybe a special market for the cowboy set , they look like spurs!...And by the way ...Good to see you made it through the storm Ok . Looks like other folks got a lot harder.
  11. American Maple on Mittenwalder?

    Here are some worm tracks in a piece of New York Red Maple. As for the silver maple cut a few years ago, haven't measured it as it is still in large pieces, but some test carving shows it softer than the red , might make good violas.
  12. American Maple on Mittenwalder?

    Thanks Nathan, correct and my bad....Not the Rock or otherwise known as Sugar Maple, waaay to hard.
  13. American Maple on Mittenwalder?

    As long as it is the hard sugar maple , The red maple works nicely.
  14. violin marquetry

    You will need to make up sandwiches of the light and dark woods then cut them to fit the angle, good luck trying to find a replacement, Karen rost in Germany might have something.
  15. How do you "dirty" up a new instrument?

    I,d be Leary about it. I mean ya could but the risk of insulting the maker and devaluing their work ....devaluation would be a serious deterent for any truly high end modern. ....and vision would be very low on my list of things to do today.better to have the work original. . And there are Lot's of good makers doing good work with antiquing to choose from.