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  1. You are pretty much right on Zulu. I did some research on ebay last night and came up with one that sold in January for $540.00. I contacted the seller who told me he paid $750 for it and had put quite a bit more $$ in repairs before auctioning it. No doubt he took a bath on that one. Question answered.
  2. Does anyone have an idea of the value of a 1910 J.C. Pettibon violin made in New Castle, PA ? The owner posted it on ebay with a starting bid of $2750.00 but no bids were tendered. I'm trying to come up with a realistic value in order to make an honest offer. The instrument does need some attention-I see a loose glue joint or two but no cracks. It is cased and the label is present. The finish is also thin in some areas but the condition is pretty much what you would expect for an instrument of this vintage. Thank you.
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