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  1. I always wonderd where 1/8 size violins came from
  2. How about American ones (mabie a little deception Like Naples, FL ???)
  3. Ok I am wavering again on if it has a fake label or not. The violin has some very nice quality (and probably expensive) work done on it. Plus I can not see any signs of the label being replaced (There is a small tear and I can see under the label) The violin appears to be hand made (Just has a different look about it) I looked for label wording online ad found similar wording (of course they could be fake too ) Either way it is a nice, consistent sounding violin (defiantly worth the $75 bucks I paid) What are some of the subtle signs of a fake label?
  4. Ok I think the lable may be fake (just guessing). I was thinking that if I lived in Italy I probably wouldnt use the word "IN" and would not use "Naples" (it's Napoli isnt it ?) Tax Do You think this is a fake label? Yes No
  5. Hi everyone Long time no post! (I have been very involved getting ready for my first child, Few more days ). I found an italian violin in a junk shop (I was looking for a winter project) and was wondering if anyone had any information about the maker. Label: Hand Written Carantino Marino (not sure about the first name) Facit in Naples 5-4 1928 (could also read naplei) I also got another one that I think is German ,it simply labled "The Soloist". the reason I think that it is German is that the pattern seems to be the exact measurments (Curves , F-Hole pattern, Scrole is exact duplicate) of another German one I have , any info ???
  6. You must have a heck of a time winding the strings . I think he would have tried one. He may have developed a rough blank shape. Where has the basic debths were marked and the MOST complicated begining cuts were made. The rest could have been freeform. I guess the real question was... Was he an artist or a buisnessman. If he was an artist I am sure he would have done everything by hand with the best tools for the job. If he was buisnessman (with an quality in mind). He would have used the fastest,cheapest method of labor saving devices that did the job without sacrificing tonal quality. this would mean he at least would have tried some sort of duplication device. Tax
  7. That was just the most un-violin related modern tool I could think of Tax
  8. Ok have fun with this. I was curious on what everyone might think on this : If Stradiveri had access to modern tools (like a belt sander.) would he have used it in constructing his violins. Think a bit about this then answer Tax [This message has been edited by Taxus (edited 02-15-2002).]
  9. Congrats to you Tony. You will be the person I talk to on how to practice when it's born. Tax
  10. My teacher did state he was going to teach me this way because "my mind moves way too fast". He felt that I picked up VERY quickly but a that rate I will miss a lot of the small details and motor skills that I will need later. He is correct so far. I had been having weird problems that this has solved. It kind of helped with the patting the head while rubbing the belly problems. He also asked me to not noodle (new word thanks to the discussion board ) for now. He wants me to focus on the basic techniques. Later we will play some peices. I am sure he will add some puzzles into it too. I Do know we will be using Scales and peices used for practicing technique. Tax
  11. My new Violin teacher has an interesting approach to teaching. I think I like it. (I am a puzzle kind of guy) 1) He believes in MAXIMIZING your practice time. 2) Rather than giving me a piece to practice and play, he gives me problems to solve. For example Play some one octave scale to a count of 3/4. Play the scale up and down until the count comes out even with the end of the scale. How many times does it take (up=1 and down=1, No quick math allowed, scales are played like this DEFGABCDDCBAGFED)? Play your answer. Play the same scale with the same beat having one limitation, you must play in one bow direction stopping the bow for each note, until you get to the tip of the bow. Then reverse direction. a) What is the best way to play this (how many beats per bow)? Where is the best place to start on the bow? c) Figure out how to produce the best tone and even response. 3) Last but not least Practicing/problem solving can only be done in a 15 min. session(not including warm ups and scale practice.) Does anyone else have fun Violin problems for beginners to solve ?? Has anyone else heard of teaching this way ? Tax
  12. It is still very early but the baby is due on September 22. She is 6 weeks pregnent (Friday will be 7 weeks.) Tax
  13. ok this is a weird question. I wanted to know if there are good recomendations of music I can play around my wife while she is pregant (on CD of course, I don't want the Baby tone deaf ). Tax
  14. Jerome Magazina. He is a friend of my wifes People have told me that he was a very good musician. Performing in the US and in Europe. He is a Classical player. I know he has had First Chair in some major places He was Juliard Grad and I think the retired within the last 10 years. I am sorry I do not know more. I try to ask without prying so I only get bits and peices. Tax P.S. I am only curious because he is VERY,VERY good, He is also offering to teach me in exchange for some odd jobs (quite a good arraingment . He loves to teach I love to fix things ) I also want to find pictures of him playing so we can surprize him with some framed pictures of his past. He can't decorate My wife and I are going to help I am sorry I don't have much more
  15. perhaps they were refering to knowing enuph basic technique to self teach ????
  16. ummmm......... WOW this seems to have gone way out of control. lots of hurt fealings and such. 1000 hours humm that would be about 3 years for me at one hour a day practice. Is this refering to an understanding of all the basic CLASSICAL techniqes? I would assume that other styles of playing have many basic teniques to master too. If this was stated already. I apologize. I skipped over a lot of the posts due to their content. Tax
  17. Taxus

    Violin Display

    Well here is what I came up with. http://home.attbi.com/~terrytor/wsb/html/v...teID-42385.html
  18. Can you get it to a Luthier ? If so they can touch it up for you.
  19. I was wondering about the purpose of sealing the inside of the violin. What I think it may be used for is to prevent (or Slow down) warping caused by changes in humidity. I have seen this on furniture (bar tops actually) that has been sealed only on one side. In one season it's flat and in the other it has a crown. Am I on the right track ??
  20. I use the rubber mute. I like to practice with it. It is easy to put on and take off. You lose a lot of sound quality and you decrease volume. Tax
  21. I rember being at a fair at the ripe old age of five. I cam accross a fiddle player and was facinated. I of course (being five)asked him if I could try. He did BUT he gave me a special bow (he must have been having fun) I tried to play and had a great time except there wasn't any sound comming out. hummm.... I believe he gave me an unrosened bow. I got to play he got to hear . Tax
  22. That coda site is cool. I will have to check it out tonight
  23. Here is another site http://www.musictheory.net/utilities/id96.htm Tax
  24. Taxus

    Wood Bleach

    One sidenote on the bleach. I have been told that chlorine bleach such as laundry bleach destroys(or weakens)the stuff that binds the wood fibers together. I have been told oxalic bleech will not do this. For what it is worth Tax [This message has been edited by Taxus (edited 01-11-2002).]
  25. Ok I'm sold . What type of ink should you use? I am also assuming you would use parchment(cotton I believe) paper. Tax
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