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  1. I agree—it irks the hell out of me to hear cellists poaching on our very limited repertoire. Go play Villa Lobos or Schubert. You have your own great literature. It is the best because it is the middle voice. I really cannot imagine the first movement with cellos. Or the third. Conversely, I frankly don’t think violists should perform the cello suites. We have Reger unaccompanied suites, which are weird—but great and really suited to our register and temperament. And what next next after Brandenburg? Mozart’s Concertante? (I believe Ma recorded the Bartok viola concerto, which *really* annoys me!)
  2. You seem to think that I am playing fast and loose with language. But "rape" is from the Latin, to seize or take without consent--a very broad term. Even in the 30's, when Faulkner wrote Sanctuary, Popeye's actions were commonly described as rape. And Alexander Pope's "The Rape of the Lock" (1717) has nothing to do with sexual intercourse but everything to do with violation and seizure. You are the one using the word in accordance with your own understanding to try to impugn Ms St. John's claim. And, once again, we will never know since Curtis failed to investigate her original complaint. So believe what you will. It ultimately says much more about you than about Ms St. John.
  3. Who ever said "rape" is penile penetration? Just read Sanctuary for a case in point. Nor is rape an exclusively male capability. But you seem kind of fixated on the issue.
  4. I do not think it's relevant whether one believes St. John's claim or not, or whether one considers her teacher guilty of crime(s) or not. Because there was no investigation, we simply cannot know what happened--we can only choose to believe. What IS relevant is that she reported this to an institution that was basically serving in loco parentis for a 14 year old girl. Their failure to investigate the matter fully (--and, I would assume, other similar complaints) certainly makes Curtis at fault. The only difference between Curtis and Ohio State (their wrestling scandal) is that public universities are required under Title IX to fully investigate every sexual harassment claim--which OSU failed to do, which makes them culpable and subject to massive lawsuits as well as possible criminal charges.
  5. This is not realistic. Many young people simply cannot tell their parents, for various reasons--shame, fear, a sense of failure, and self-blame being some. I had a student who was being molested by her stepfather at the ages 14-16. When she told her mother, it was first met with complete disbelief, followed by blame directed at her (daughters of Eve, you know), followed by shame (on the part of the whole family). As a teacher, I have been the confidant of students on many issues they have been unable to air to *anyone*--but particularly their parents. Not just abuse, but extreme depression and suicidal thoughts. This is one of the reasons we now have (and need) Title IX, which was in place at the time when Lara St. John first reported her alleged harassment.
  6. Check out any independent theaters or art houses. I live in the Puget Sound region, so there is a lot of local interest in the Port Townsend bow makers. (I bought my bow from Michael Vann, whose shop is on a small island off of Vancouver Island. It was quite a journey to get there, but SO worth it.) The film also features some fine string quartets--most notably Miro and Dover. It's beautifully made--or, perhaps, "woven" might be a better word.
  7. I just saw this film and highly recommend you see it, if it comes to your town.
  8. "intermediate level"??!!! Are you kidding me? Did you even read the OP?
  9. Well, if we want to reset, Lebrecht asked, "Should a musician ever shout at an audience member?" This musician did not shout. But I suppose the question is, should the performer ever stop a performance to call out an audience member. I've see Frank Zappa do it, as well as Ry Cooder. Both were stunning moments, but they reminded the audience about the seriousness of performance as well as how much concentration it demands of the artist. I don't think I have ever listened as carefully to rock music as I did following Frank Zappa's entreaty, "Give the musician a break." You note that "it was not handled well." That's passive voice. It begs the question, by whom? What are you implying? It seems that you, like Lebrecht, are finding fault with the artist--and we know why he went after ASM. But why are you? She's the victim, isn't she? And so is the rest of the audience. And so are the supporting musicians and the conductor. “Sitting in front of a violinist who is concentrating ferociously to play something so beautiful and being distracted by this, I thought Miss Mutter was absolutely in her right to stop this performance, and then nicely start the movement over again,” said Kurt Sassmannshaus, chair of the string department at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.
  10. My source in the orchestra said ASM asked the person to stop recording, but the person continued. The request was repeated. This is *after* ASM had stopped playing. My source also told me there may have been a language comprehension problem on the part of the audience member. The whole thing went on for quite a while.
  11. I guess I should have phrased it differently--"their own species," maybe. Cannibalism is pretty rare in most species (--behavior witnessed in some 1,500 species isn't much, considering that an estimated 8.3 million species currently exist). Less common among dogs than humans, I believe, and then only for survival. Odd that we should malign dogs when describing human behavior.
  12. Oh, I know this well. But this lack of awareness of others will be our death as a species (as a *whole*--even the "new world"). Even lower animals show more awareness of and sensitivity to their fellow species members than humans do. [edit] The only "logic" we need as a species is to treat our fellows as we wish to be treated. This isn't even morality or dogma. It is simple common sense, like karma.
  13. "Var det en dröm" is written for voice and piano, but I imagine the cello could simply play the vocal line. It is available on IMSLP for free download It exists in different keys/vocal ranges on SheetMusicPlus"Var+det+en+dröm"