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  1. I am fond of many of these performances. But my current favorite is Giles Apap. Unconventional, yet he definitely captures the gypsy spirit.
  2. You could try the old wine cork under the tailpiece trick—cheap, easy, and non-invasive.
  3. Yes. If someone is going to have the last word, I would much rather it be Jeffrey. (edit!)
  4. And while we're on the subject of Germany,
  5. Like most things, it's a double-edged sword.
  6. You didn't answer my question. Were you surprised?
  7. Were you surprised? It seems to have been pretty common knowledge in professional music circles since the eighties, at least. And I'm not talking Norman Lebrecht here.
  8. I would choose statistics from the CDC over your "coincidence equals causality" illogic that is based on a faulty assumption (that sexual activity/promiscuity is increasing). "During 2005–2015, among 9th grade students, a significant linear decrease in the prevalence of ever having had sexual intercourse was identified overall (34.3% to 24.1%) and among male (39.3% to 27.3%), female (29.3% to 20.7%), black (55.4% to 31.4%), and Hispanic (40.5% to 25.9%) students." Similar linear declines are noted among other ages. These are not insignificant or anomalous shifts.
  9. If all of this is true--in addition to your previous claims about the undeniable animal nature of men--then why has the rate of teenage sexual activity declined so markedly in the past decade? One would assume the opposite would be the case.
  10. Except that James Levine is one of the most shocking examples of the power structure ($$$) turning a blind eye to commonly known and numerous illegal actions. I believe Levine had an arrest warrant out for him in Illinois (or Ohio?) back in the '80s' or '90's that prevented him from conducting in the state. His fall was the *least* surprising of all those in the news.
  11. A friend of mine who himself possesses an impressive bow technique has his violin students use a viola bow for several months before they move to a violin bow. His rationale is that *any* violin bow will play like a Pecatte, relative to the viola bow. (He is not at all fussy about bows, despite holding a job in a major orchestra.) My daughter’s work bow is a Marquise. She is very satisfied with it (even in comparison to her two old French bows).
  12. I agree. I think it is unfortunate that he wrote that post for Slipped Disc in 2015 and thereby let Stern's ghost define him once again, so late in his life But he should be remembered not only for his for his art but also for dedicated and generous support of his students and the Curtis Institute
  13. I, as well. Armin Schlieps was my go-to luthier from graduate school onward (30 years or so)--a brilliant restorer and extraordinarily knowledgeable man who worked for Wurlitzer before he and his father set up shop in Carnegie Hall, ultimately to settle in Seattle where he was an avid sailor. I believe he knew Sibelius. He returned to bow making in his later years, and we bought three from him. We brought one in for rehair, and when I attempted to reclaim it, he looked quite innocently at me and said, "No, no, I do not think this is your bow." We were horrified. His wife explained things (so sadly) and rectified the problem. He was still doing immaculate restorations but had completely lost his memory. (It is interesting to me that these two capacities are apparently separable.) Likewise, I watched my father--a professor of biochemistry and college president--slip away into a netherworld. He did not know my name, but called me "the leader" in recognition of the only one of his four children who had raised a family. He referred to my dog as "the good kitty."
  14. What exercise or piece calls for slow sautille at the frog? This video explains sautille starting slow. He specifically references Seitz Concerto 2, 3rd. movement. His second video on sautille is here.