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  1. crazy jane

    Ears ringing in pit orchestra

    I am not saying mutes change pitches so much as they change (dull) our discernment of pitches. Many views are offered here.
  2. crazy jane

    Ears ringing in pit orchestra

    Hi paws, It's great that you have returned to violin. Keep at it! I've been practicing my finger agility exercises (Schradiek) with a mute on recently, but always wonder whether I am fully perceiving intonation. I read this interesting comment on "I've found that practicing with a mute lets me be a bit sloppier with the bow. You will sound more in tune with a mute because the bow interferes less. You cannot practice for a good sound if you always use a mute." I am inclined to agree with this. So I remove the mute after I've finished these "calisthenics" and try to pay careful attention to intonation on the rest of my session.
  3. crazy jane

    Help me choose a viola, Please!

    Pick the one you love.
  4. crazy jane

    Name of Ševčík Études Studied by Hilary Hahn?

    "The earliest extant edition of the collection, from 1807, comprises 40 pieces. Kreutzer's authorship is broadly accepted for two other études, nos. 13 and 25, that were included in some early editions" (Wikipedia).
  5. crazy jane

    Interesting modern American fiddle

    One was offered on Fiddle Hangout for $1,200 back in 2014. No idea if it sold. There was a link to this video: (--maybe you've already seen it).
  6. crazy jane

    Morey Amsterdam’s cello

    According to this obit (and others) his father was a member of the San Francisco Symphony (violin), so it was probably something decent.
  7. crazy jane

    funniest pieces for violin in the classical repertoire?

    "The Joke," mvt. 4
  8. crazy jane

    RIP Michael Tree

    Manfio, Do you have a link? I can find no mention of this on the internet (including his Wikipedia page). This is indeed a loss.
  9. crazy jane

    Rest in Peace
  10. crazy jane

    I have been way for many years

    I think I remember you (& HKV)--Stephen? Israeli?
  11. crazy jane

    Does anyone "know" my cello: Carl Sandner, Mittenwald ~1960

    I had a Carl Sandner viola of about the same vintage--a factory instrument, I think, along the lines of the Roths of that era. I liked it well-enough--it earned me the principal spot in the All Southern (Cal) orchestra. But I fought with it, too--terrible set-up, which I did not know at the time.
  12. crazy jane

    Viola scale length vs. short pinky

    Hi Nick, Playing a viola successfully and without pain seems more a matter of technique than of the player's--or the instrument's--size. Little Lillian Fuchs (4' 9") played a 17" viola quite successfully. My college teacher reshaped my left hand position using the Geminiani chord, which greatly enhanced my pinky extension (see an old thread, here ). You might enjoy this article, too:
  13. crazy jane

    Doing the unthinkable!

    When I was young and stupid and in love, my boyfriend and I bundled our valuables into a '65 (?) VW bug he'd just acquired for the 1,800 mile drive home from college. I placed my viola in the safest place I could think of--on the floor, propped against the rear seat. It was not until we arrived home three days later that I discovered the manually adjusted heater vent under the rear seat was wide open, and that my viola had cooked to the bubbling point--varnish completely blistered. The re-varnishing probably cost more than the viola's worth, and it was never the same. Of course the engine blew up shortly after the trip, as well.
  14. crazy jane

    The Case Survey

    $100--plywood, suspension, & music pouch:
  15. crazy jane

    Is buying a 47 year old Kozowsky viola good value?

    Ours is the single most logical clef. Middle C is the middle line. Even a violist can figure that out!