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  1. whom he quotes
  2. 1:07 was our Olympia in Hoffman and was amazing (her acting and mannerism as well as her voice)
  3. Singing melodies (or harmonies, if you can) is one of the best things you can do--especially if you read the musical line at the same time. I have fond memories of my daughter, then seven, wandering around the garden singing the horn part from the slow movement of Brahms' Horn Trio, which her violinist dad was involved in preparing at the time. I knew at that moment she was a musician. Hey, maybe start a GoFundMe? I'd contribute.
  4. Funny, because my teacher thought every violist should learn guitar! She did, and she thought it improved strength and extension in the left hand while also imparting a sense of chord structures and harmonic patterns. My most basic advice to you is to avoid forums like this. You will hear much conflicting advice and much uninformed advice--very difficult to sift through. The same can be said for Youtube lessons. Your time will be much better spent listening to music you like played by musicians you admire. A live teacher who can observe you holistically over an expanse of time will be much more rewarding for you, not only in your playing but also in the pleasure and sense of achievement you will experience from personal instruction. It's TOTALLY worth the sacrifice of other non-essentials we all spend $$$ on. And even if it's just a college student (they usually charge much less), there is so much you can learn more quickly and efficiently.
  5. A very interesting history:
  6. but this made me feel a lot better
  7. Yesterday morning I listened to "Hello in There" and wept--I knew every word, though I hadn't heard it for so many years. I hate graveyards and old pawn shopsFor they always bring me tearsI can't forgive the way they rob meOf my childhood souvenirs (Add "Souvenirs" to the list)
  8. If you're going to have "The Devil's Violinist," you'd better include "God's Fiddler"
  9. The only definition of a "correct" left hand position I know of is one that allows the greatest relaxation of the hand (no gripping) and affords the player maximum extension (on violin, fingered octaves and tenths). One of the finest and *most relaxed* players with whom I've played chamber music (a former concertmaster of Juilliard and a floor demonstrator for Morel) played with what I call a hitchhiker's thumb: violin neck resting upon the crook of the hand rather than being supported by the thumb, as below. Rather different than Menuhin, I would say, but it certainly works for Perlman and ASM--and look at the freedom of that hand.
  10. Sometimes remarkably beautiful.
  11. This one's for PhilipKT