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  1. great examples of a fascinating instrument..... i read elsewhere that the yankee church bass is often mistaken for a 19thC era klingenthal cello.... im having some doubt if mine is a church bass or a klingenthal which i put up for discussion 2 years ago on another site,,, heres pics http://www.stringworks.com/discussion/messages/2/10471.html
  2. hi...can anyone give information about the difference between a church bass and a cello
  3. is there any obvious causes for a cello to sound nasal...how would this be addressed
  4. regarding this bowmaker?
  5. the bow above stamped GERMANY is my fav its 52g i will show pics
  6. thats interesting.....i wonder how long it took to make a bow in factory settings (mass produced) and i wonder if stick makers made sticks only in this environment and frog men made frogs only etc etc if so were the component pieces generic in form and interchangable or was some custom adaptation required
  7. it is stamped germany lads.....apologies for getting the thread interrupted by a numbskull (immansback)
  8. immansback........stay off my threads you are wasting our time ...you clearly have no knowlege / expertise/ and come across as being totally ignorant... i took time to join this site ...and create these images which takes time....im very busy.... im here looking for advice from members who have some experience and something intelligible to say
  9. yes the bow illustrated is german indeed..... .but i have handled dozens of bows cello and fiddle.... .almost all of them vintage bearing these numeralss,,,... your theory makes sense though.....any more thoughts on this appreciated thanks iburkard and Atomino
  10. hi can anybody tell me the meaning of the roman numerals on a cello bow...this example says 1111xxxx
  11. 4 of these arrived in post ...C gut metal wound...not silver...probably some kind of meatal alloy...they are old pre 1989 GDR over the communist wall .....sound a bit brash but great projection....
  12. 2 of my cello strings are 100 years old and they give a better sound than any others i have tried..........................i wonder if strings were changed calendar style in the medaeval/renaissance/baroque period... serious answers upon a postcard please
  13. does anyone know this brand gold medal are they silverwound
  14. i would appreciate any tips .....links or advice about playing on gut strings my current set up A pirastro naked gut D same G aluminium wound gut kaplan C silverwound gut i have a range of bows tourte and pseudo baroque....
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