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    Thank you - this is the way I teach and play pizz, but have some trouble at times getting it across to students who have learned to *attack* the string. Many thanks to you and Thom for your help!! Music
  2. music


    The advice to apply the use of pizzicato to scales is very good! What are the mechanics of playing pizzicato that you teach?
  3. Does anyone have any techniques that work well in teaching the art of pizzicato? I don't seem to have a problem with beginning students, but students new to me who have not learned it well elsewhere seem resistant to remediation. It appears (and sounds) to be overlooked until needed, and then it's too late. Thanks very much for any help! Music
  4. BRAVO!!! What a nicely organized and comprehensive site! Thank you!!
  5. What is in your opinion the best new violin available in the range $2,000-$2,500?
  6. music


    I've owned both a Negri and a Musafia. The Musafia is definitely the better case! You have protection, beauty and a great company (very nice to deal with)!! No contest!
  7. I think I'm about to find out! Thanks, Marie!!
  8. Thanks very much for all your sugesstions and for the GIA site, Amy. Really appreciate your help. This is a case of a mother's wishes over the needs of the child. Marie, I'm already doing as you suggested, but just wasn't sure how much farther I could go w/o good old secular technical work! Thanks again!
  9. Does anyone know what materials I could use to work with a beginning violin student who wants to keep everything sacred-oriented? Any help would be appreciated!
  10. music


    What kinds of varnish are there besides oil and how do the various varnishes affect the sound?
  11. When I asked "if it would be worth it down the road?", I was not referring to monetary value, but to sound quality and playing capability. In other words will instruments from either of the two (Cao and Pu) generally play themselves out quickly or do they hold their playing value down the road. Essentially, I wanted to know if these two individuals had respectable reputations. Thanks for the other information as well!
  12. I believe Christopher Pu is the one I mean. Are his imported violins of a quality comparable to Scott Cao? I have tried a Cao 850 and the violin from Pu (Los Angeles Strings). They are priced the same and have commendable sound qualities in this price range. My question is "will they be worth it down the road?" Scott Cao seems to have a dependable reputation, but I know nothing about Pu's reputation. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  13. Has anyone heard of this maker and can share info about him?
  14. Fubbi2, again I wholeheartedly agree with you that the young string players are not being taught the just-tempered scales; rather they are being taught with a piano which serves two evils ... they play even-tempered and they model their sound from a piano rather than developing the rich sonorities which are uniquely string sounds. Thanks for all of the replies! Chords do shed a somewhat different light on this. Yet as Fubbi said, we are constanly weaving through the various temperaments to satisfy the musical expression.
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