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  1. 16" viola, where from?

    Looks 80's hofnerish..usually see them with scherl & Roth or pfretschner labels
  2. removing button from screw

    Jerry is correct on this. It is a 5mm dowel with a center hole to fit over screw. It will fit inside the nipple recess of most buttons. I use it as needed after assessing the button.
  3. removing button from screw

    I use a pop rivet gun.. They come with various size collets. Works like a charm...unless the maker uses a threaded tang like, I believe Rondey Mohr does...
  4. Tape to prevent 3d position sweat spot

    This is the former instrument of a pit player for NY met opera - a lot of pizz in the pit....
  5. Must be an outgoing "people person" with a high level of playing skill, violinist/ violist preferred - will train the right individual. More information here: http://www.theviolinshopinlincoln.com/employment-opportunities.htm
  6. The Violin Shop in Lincoln, a 35 year thriving and growing shop has several openings. Visit here for more info: http://www.theviolinshopinlincoln.com/employment-opportunities.htm
  7. Bow Authenticity

    Not authentic. Low grade wood.
  8. Wait...what?

  9. Wait...what?

    Verdict came down... 5 years- at Tecumseh State max security prison. A little insight about the place... http://www.omaha.com/news/nebraska/inmates-killed-in-disturbance-at-tecumseh-state-prison/article_0b574efa-ff85-11e6-a1be-335a27945921.html
  10. Moving across the country for violinmaking school!

    Sorry, I don't have the spare room for an overnight... But, if you make your way through Lincoln, NE - You are welcome to stop by the shop and say "Hi" to me and Chris Jacoby.
  11. Violin shop bankruptcy in Chicago

    "Large, prosperous-looking shops" - Big hat, no cattle syndrome comes to mind...
  12. Violin shop bankruptcy in Chicago

    Manfio! How did you fair with your instruments at Dixon and Stein? Did you get them back?
  13. Sharing, borrowing, lending - tools and equipment.

    Truly a Ben Franklin quote: "He that goes a barrowing goes a sorrowing"
  14. Repair Rate Survey

    Sorry if this goes a little off topic.. but seeing that old receipt reminded me of this. Lloyd Kunkel was a "local" Doctor that took to violin making and repair. He would write is repair bills on his script pad. We would joke that you could get a appendectomy and new bridge at the same appointment.
  15. eBay Screwing with Photos!