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  1. Well thanks for all the replies.. I think I'll try a viva la musica.. but it'll have to wait until after christmas.
  2. Yeah there is that "buying blind" disadvantage to online shopping I guess. I was originally thinking of just relying on an online dealer to order another KUN shoulder rest to replace the one I somehow lost. I've used this one before so there's probably not going to be any bad suprises. But I got to thinking that maybe I could do better than the KUN. I'm in a situation where it's really inconvenient to go out to a store, so I'm looking to order online. I was just looking for suggestions to which shoulder rests are generally regarded as "good" even though there may be exceptions based on different people having different body types. Essentially I just wanted to test my luck and go with a rest that is known to be good for a good majority of people.
  3. I'm looking to buy a new shoulder rest for the violin. Any recommendations on what's the most comfortable shoulder rest? I am currently looking at the Wolf one, is it any good? Also what are some reliable online dealers that I can order it from? Thanks
  4. Did you go to George physically and purchase from him or did he ship it to you? If so how did you pay? THanks
  5. OK my price range is $1000-$2000... What are some good violins in this range? Is the "Meisel 5300" a good violin?
  6. Hey thanks for the replies, I'll look into it...
  7. I am seeking violin lessons in Atlanta.. I am a college student that learned the violin for a while in the past, I want to pick it up again... I had gotten to Kreutzer etudes and Mozart concerto #4 when I quit. Does anyone have information on any good teachers/schools in the atlanta area which are within walking distance from a MARTA station? Preferable if the station is close to the North Avenue station
  8. I have learned the violin for a while but I just moved away from my parents to a completely new location b/c of college. How do I go about finding a teacher willing to teach college students taking up the violin as a hobby in the Atlanta Georgia area?
  9. Where can I find the addresses and phone numbers of these shops/stores?
  10. Price Range: $567.89 - $1654.32 I am playing a very bad cheap violin right now and I don't know how much it cost but it is undoubtedly cheap. I think the strings are too far off the fingerboard because of an incorrect neck angle (maybe because it was busted up once and repaired). This causes problems at the higher positions. Also it has a crack and sounds bad to boot. I would like to find a really good violin for the price
  11. Any tips on finding the right instrument at the right price that I could use? Any good "guides" on the internet on this kinda thing?
  12. Does anyone know any good violin shops in the Atlanta, Georgia area?
  13. I have a problem: When I look at a sheet of music I can't hum out the notes. How do I learn how to do this quickly? Also how do I learn to recognize what note is being played? (less urgent.) However I do seem to be able to know when a note is "kinda off" after I play it.
  14. Check here at this address: It's some recording I found on the net... Maybe it will help [This message has been edited by shl821022 (edited 07-25-2001).]
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    I tried to delete this post but it won't let me, oops! [This message has been edited by shl821022 (edited 07-14-2001).]
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