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  1. Thanks for the note, but I have retired for the moment. Got plenty of bows…
  2. Hey, All, Posting on behalf of a friend, who recently heard a viola piece by a modern Mongolian composer: “Concerto Piece for Viola” by G. Altankhuyag She is eagerly seeking the sheet music and I said I’d ask around. Any leads? (It doesn’t do much for me, I’m afraid, but then, I’m cello-centric, ha-ha.)
  3. Oh, the temptation, sadly I do not have 30 grand lying around, or even 20 grand, and even the worst Tubbs in the world is worth 20.
  4. Ich danke für ihr gute Gedanken
  5. Merci… See i also speak French, haha
  6. Laff laff laff… my kidnappers have lots of Carons.
  7. My finances are such that I can no longer be wasting money on good bows, or even bad bows. But I am still here and I still read and thank you everybody.
  8. Ich Bleibe hier oft noch, aber nicht wie früher. Es freut mich sehr, ihr gemutlicheit zu horen.
  9. I have no idea I just listed it because I wasn’t sure whether inside or outside was the current dominant method so I listed them both
  10. I get the feeling that these days everybody uses one particular kind of construction, possibly two. Outside or inside mold exclusively? I’m wondering if, when you were trained, did you learn all the types of constructions and perhaps build an example of each? just wondering.
  11. Would a German label have used the French word for “shop”?
  12. Ha! My friend worked with Ekland for a time and he has stories…among which is never buy from him a bow with an Albert Nürnberger stamp.
  13. What pattern is that? The cracks look clean, but there seem to be a lot of them.
  14. This is wondering pretty far a field, but I do agree, it is possible for a species to be too successful, and if we don’t manage ourselves as well as managing the world, it won’t be long before neither exists anymore. I wonder how many civilizations have gotten to where we are, and then allowed stupid decisions to destroy themselves. In the movie contact, Jodie Foster says that the one thing she would like to ask an alien race is how they got past their adolescence. I think the answer is pretty simple it’s just doing it that’s hard.
  15. All the misc fittings on my cello are made of cocobola wood, including the tailpiece. I changed the tailpiece once and the result was so awful I immediately put the original back on. meanwhile, wood would be less endangered if the major wood producing countries would stop bulldozing the environment.
  16. Ha! fail! unless you’re posting an audio performance of 4’33
  17. I’m not sure what piano Trio you are referring to, but yes, Haydn is full of Little musical ideas that can be turned into something much larger. After all, that is what sonata form is. Typically the cadenza happens just before the final cadence. The soloist and orchestra present all the ideas, play with them musically for a time, and then the soloist has a final opportunity to explore musical possibilities. And then a closing cadence.
  18. I think this is the same violin it was sold a few days ago? Maybe a week or so ago? It was suggested that it’s sold for so much because of shill bidders And so it had to end up on the site again
  19. Does the off-center pin in the heel plate mean anything?
  20. If it weighs 48 g as is, how much will it weigh when it has wrap, new face plate, button cap, and hair? I’ve always liked plain frogs, and this looks looks like an interesting bow, certainly worth restoring.
  21. Wow, I completely missed the fact that there were no photos. That kind of begs the question of why are there no photos?
  22. The only musician films I want to see are films where the people in them are actually playing the instruments, actually understand the instruments, and have a sense of musical history. “All the mornings of the world” was so awful I didn’t even finish it. Amadeus was terrible musical history, but at least Tom Hulce can actually play the piano
  23. I still want to know what it is, everyone is clamoring about what it isn’t but I think this is the third time I have posted the request for speculation about what it is. Nobody has suggested it is German, for instance, and nobody has suggested it is modern, so that’s two, but what is it? When the experts here look it over even from the photographs can they say, “, I’m not sure but this looks like it could be blah blah blah, but I’d have to see it in person.”?
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