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  1. I asked for additional photos and this is what I got. I’ve never seen a Nurnberger stamp without a first name, but the font looks right and the button has a double collar. doesn’t look right to me, but I’m interested in knowing what the crowd thinks? (I posted this link previously but thought the new photos deserved a new post.)
  2. Have you tried viewing it under UV light? Or doing a pencil rubbing?
  3. Amen! That is exactly right. However, I must politely point out that I found one of my best bows at auction. At the very next auction by this house, another excellent condition bow by the same maker, and weighing, I think, four fewer grams, sold for almost twice what I had paid for mine. I have since sworn off auctions because it’s too dangerous, and because I would much rather deal with a dealer, but I did have that one shining victory.
  4. Rocca was considered by some to be the 19th century Stradivarius. With that in mind, it is obvious from any planet in the solar system that that is not.
  5. Played a nice modern American cello this weekend, and liked it. The back is made of Aspen? Is Aspen a tonewood? the back arching looked a little Higher and more pronounced than typical which might have been my eyes or a compensation for a different wood. But Aspen?
  6. As you know I am not an aficionado at all, but I can read labels, and the label identifies it as a Gagliano copy. Jay and I had a big laugh about that, because he pointed out that there was not a thing about it that was in common with a Gagliano
  7. I think it’s original varnish. I don’t see any indication of stripping. Looks exactly like the one I owned, so I think it’s original
  8. https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/110850402 well it’s up to $3750 so far. Someone isn’t troubled by the damage.
  9. I think people who insist on “colour” shouldn’t be looking down their noses…
  10. Yeah that’s what I thought, those fancy English and their Latin and their extra vowels cluttering up words…oy. How they managed to rule the world is beyond me.
  11. What is “fora”? Oh, wait, are you being fancy and using the Latin plural for “forum”?
  12. die heiligedankgesang. So glorious. The First Tine i played it i didn’t know the inscription, and yet I was sobbing within a out 15 measures. Such an astonishing reaction. for the whole work, of course the musical offering, surely one of the two or three greatest works of all time, chamber or otherwise.
  13. So the person who owns the violin was bidding against everybody else in an effort to run the price up, but the risk is that you end up buying the violin yourself. And you have to pay both sets of premiums. Whoever is doing it doesn’t consider that much of a handicap, but it does seem like a big waste of time
  14. I hate to ask this, but… Is there a bow?
  15. Do you think the winning bidder declined it to pay at all? Or do you think they received it and were able to return it? Or is there a particular pattern that you know of at all?
  16. Actually this is a Gagliano copy to, I wonder if it’s the same violin?
  17. https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2199519232&cpid=3216588800&filter_key= Yes, yes, I know they are just German factory instruments, or Czechoslovakian factory instruments, but I just think they are beautiful. The one that I owned was a Gagliano copy and it was the spitting image of this instrument, and it sounded fantastic and when I bought it it even had the original bridge. There’s a lovely instrument here, and somebody is going to enjoy it.
  18. I think I was pretty close, but I’ll have to turn the paper in to Jacob for a grade and see what he says. One thing for sure, I certainly did learn that first chapter of Metamorphosis!
  19. Well there are lots of problems with a rule like that, but it seems that the best way to solve the problem is to include an additive that makes it taste awful.
  20. Oh of course, I don’t think you and I are in disagreement, and I never implied that a PhD eliminates any ability to teach. Merely that learning and teaching are two different skill sets. I have met countless fine players who are terrible teachers, and are blissfully unaware of the fact. On the flipside, I have met many mediocre players who were excellent teachers.
  21. What is the purpose of making it illegal? What are they attempting to solve? California has got to be the loopiest of all the 50 states.
  22. Ummmm some guy liked eating Cats and kept getting arrested, and he was getting drunk on denatured alcohol? I feel the same way I felt after reading the first chapter of “Die Verwandlung“ “Ummmm Frau Webb, Gregor Samsa got turned into a beetle?”
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