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    Cellos?<br />I play a magnificent 2005 David Caron. I have a Paul Martin Siefried/A C Schuster/Hubert Chanon/H R Knopf bow, all of which I love, though I play the Chanon and Knopf most.<br /><br />I like instruments, music, old cars, firearms(especially lever actions)<br />and cats... I like cats a lot...

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  1. Recommendations for replacement frog

    The original is worn at the thumb point, and I hate to have wood added. The original frog should remain original and if it remains with the bow there's no reason why the value of the whole would be damaged. And I'm not seeking an exact copy. I'd prefer a thumb extension( not sure what the official term is for the upper tongue of the frog where the thumb touches) that is square rather than round. so I'm not looking for an exact copy, rather a replacement. 1200, even for a great bow, does seem high, but I haven't asked anyone so have no frame of reference. Perhaps that's just what it costs.
  2. Recommendations for replacement frog

    That's a very good suggestion! I have a lot of respect for Paul and he worked with Ole.
  3. So I have this wonderful Dupuy bow made by we know not whom. The frog is worn enough that I'd like to have a replacement frog made. My first target would be Siefried because I know his work well, but he seems to be out of pocket these days. So who would you recommend? thanks!!
  4. Book Recommendations

    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned "British violin makers" by the Reverend Morris. that book is so beautifully written and such a window into the soul and spirit of the author that I have read it cover to cover multiple times just for the joy of the writing style. it also contains a fascinating chapter about string-making. sadly, my copy is the 1921 edition and the spine is broken so I can no longer read it, but I'm sure it has been reprinted somewhere.
  5. HR phretschner Bow when and by whom

    Martin, yes it is a cello bow, and I did not think to get a photograph of the head while my friend was at my studio, I am inclined to agree with you. It's a very nice bow and it is in perfect condition and thank you very much for your information
  6. A friend has this lovely perfect condition bow and I was just wondering if it was a genuine HR or a shop bow? its not for sale or anything, we were just wondering.
  7. Violin by Joeseph C Cordell

    I'm very interested in the book The American Violin. what does this book have that the Wenberg book does not? I have owned several William Conant violins( would love to find a cello) and I'm very interested in learning about the New England makers, so anything new on the subject piques my interest.
  8. Violin by Joeseph C Cordell

    It's a beautiful violin and it's in seemingly perfect condition. You must have been a very mature and responsible young player. what kind of bow do you have?
  9. Dupuy or Gillet cello bow? And repair query

    Oh, I'm not. Most of these bows have very old papers, but I haven't seen them. im sure I couldn't afford the Thomassin anyway, but it's fun to play them, especially the two stamped Dupuy certainly feel very different.
  10. Dupuy or Gillet cello bow? And repair query

    I really appreciate all the advice. My own Dupuy looks very like fiddecollector's. Side by side, they do look very different, but I have no eye to tell.
  11. Dupuy or Gillet cello bow? And repair query

    Here are two other bows: one is a Thomassin, The other one is unlabeled but is also French. The buttons are different, but the three-piece one also looks a little bit bulky relative to the stick. Is that just how they look?
  12. Dupuy or Gillet cello bow? And repair query

    I just checked, and there is a pinhole all the way through the innermost ring, and the pin has apparently fallen out. The button does seem a little bit bulky, but it does fit flush with the end of the stick. I have another bow apparently by the same maker, but the two bows are very different in appearance and feel, which is what prompted the original question. The other bow has a one piece cap on the button.
  13. Dupuy or Gillet cello bow? And repair query

    Jeffrey , do you think it is a replacement button? Is there an easy way to tell, I might be able to share a more detailed photograph or two, woman who sold it to me is a very honest person and I don't think she would mislead me, but she might not have known herself. It belonged to her late husband, Who owned several really great bows.
  14. Dupuy or Gillet cello bow? And repair query

    I know Gillet made bows for Dupuy but I also thought Dupuy was himself a bow maker. Is that incorrect?