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    Professional cellist, forever attempting to learn more about the tools we use.
    2005 David Caron called “Heavenly Voice.”

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  1. Congrats! Ole Bull had a special violin with a flat bridge so he could play quartets on one violin. you’re halfway there!
  2. After Haydn, Dvorak is probably my most kindred spirit. I have almost never heard a piece of his that I would not love to hear again. Two interesting exceptions are the dumky trio, and the Requiem. But overall I love his music and he speaks to me very deeply. For once, Brahms was right.
  3. PhilipKT

    Bow ID

    We were referring to trade bows. That is, bows made to a price in shops And sold by the dozen to dealers.
  4. As an opera musician, I am blessed to work with literally some of the greatest conductors in the world, because it is much harder to conduct opera well then it is to conduct Symphonic music well, because of all the extra elements of opera, and I can honestly say that Anshel Brusilow Is one of the two or three greatest musicians I’ve ever worked with. Playing in the orchestra with him conducting a solo, wherever the piece or instrument, was pure joy. He was incredible.. he also had an amazing personality, charming, and magnetic, and he could charm an audience like no one else. I have many
  5. PhilipKT

    Bow ID

    Your bow looks nice.
  6. PhilipKT

    Bow ID

    Looks nice, though. My luthier said that all nickel trade bows were lower quality. Silver was always used for better quality wood and workmanship. I have a splendid named trade bow and despite its playing qualities, he says it’s not worth much.
  7. I have an idea, why don’t you buy it. And then check in person. If it’s Pernambuco, I’ll buy it from you. Isn’t that a great idea?
  8. I’m not as well-versed in wood nomenclature as I would like. Is rosewood a violin bow wood? Or does that particular genus include ironwood and other proper bow woods?
  9. It was my understanding that every bow has the same balance point. Is that incorrect? I remember playing a lovely Lamy That felt very wrong in my hand because the balance point was about an inch closer to the tip. But I considered that the exception to the rule. Are balance points variable?
  10. How easy is it to switch back-and-forth between the two sizes? When I switch from my own instrument to a student’s instrument I frequently find myself needing to adjust, and often, I hand the instrument back in frustration and say, “I need to play my own cello.”
  11. I’m no flautist, so I can neither confirm nor deny the accuracy of what I’ve been told, but I can sure confirm that I’ve been told it. My flute colleagues, have switched from silver to gold flutes, from wood to metal headjoints(and back) and have switched from one key system to another. They end up with multiple instruments( wood for Mozart and Bach, and Beethoven if requested, gold for everything else) and have “retired” others because they no longer play as well as they once did. I suppose “wearing out” is a matter of definition, but replacing one because it no longer plays as well as
  12. Visit texas... Somewhere a fiddler is using his old fiddle as a spit cup for his dip.