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  1. PS if you’re willing to spend 8K for a violin, you have a vast selection of excellent choices. This looks nice, but look around. Where are you located?
  2. You can google the Fickers made for william Lewis and son. That was a real family of makers but it was also used on trade instruments. The violin looks quite nice but I wonder if that hole in the purfling is worm damage. Worm damage is bad bad, and that looks like an exit hole.
  3. Excellent point and completely correct. I love the Peters edition of the Gamba sonatas and I’m constantly pointing out, to my students, all the markings in the part that would have befuddled Bach himself. Mozart and Haydn et al composed to order. “Write me a quartet” And they’d dutifully sit down and write a quartet. I don’t think it would’ve occurred to them to insist that it be played a certain way, because most of the time the person commissioning the piece was higher up the social ranking, and one did not interfere with the pecking order. I read a completely absorbing article about Haydn’s D major cello concerto, Which, by the way, settled once and for all the question of who wrote it, and I mention it because the concerto was written for a person who had specific wishes in mind, and the result wasn’t necessarily what Haydn himself would’ve wanted to do. He certainly didn’t insist on a particular approach. it is the job of the artist To make artistic judgments, and it is the job of the audience to accept or reject them. And that activity leads to chats like we have been having for the last week or so. :-)
  4. Usually that artwork looks like a velvet Elvis print, but I think it’s quite atttractive on this violin and the violin itself looks nice( the toolbox on the left in the first photo also looks very nice!) what about the bow?
  5. What a wonderful series of pictures, and what wonderful jigsaw puzzling. It’s rather sad to think that by the time you get the last string tuned, the first string is now out of tune again. Very very impressive. Working with wood is what Jesus did. You are very blessed, and so are the people for whom you work.
  6. Contributed by a colleague: ”that wasn’t up to your standards.” ”I have standards?”
  7. I’m not sure I used exactly those words, but yes, that is essentially correct. However, that was a reference to the Emotional content of his music in general, and certainly not about the violin concerto, nor a reflection on the quality of the composer. That distinction needs to be very clear. Tchaikovsky was a good composer. He was not an emotionally profound composer, any more than was Boccherini, or Vivaldi or many another composer Of admitted greatness. But I’m certainly not denigrating him. And you have neither grounds for suggesting that I was denigrating the piece nor for suggesting that my opinion of the performance was an any way related to any feelings about the piece or the composer. Your inability to distinguish the two is your own issue.
  8. Thank you, You are kind. We made another recording, of an extremely rare piece by Chapuis, Just a rehearsal, but it is notable for the fact that there is a cat sleeping placidly by my foot for the entire duration of the piece. The focus is invariably on the cat and not on the music despite the fact that it’s a very good piece. Not good enough to share, however.
  9. I feel obligated to quench another fire before it starts. Technical perfection is most definitively not required for a compelling performance. A slipped finger or a sour note here or there means nothing.
  10. I mentioned birthmarks In a previous comment, and I personally like such marks on an instrument. It helps make it uniquely yours. And any concerns you might have had have been allayed so full speed ahead! congrats. now go practice your Hoffmeister! :-)
  11. I withdrew my claim of charlatanism, on the grounds that she is apparently making a considered decision to play as she does, which means we must judge the performance on its own merits or lack there of, and I found nothing virtuous in it. However everything you said about her appearance is spot on. I am more interested in the larger question of why some benighted folks continue to insist that there’s no such thing as good music or bad music, there is only music. But that’s a topic for another thread.
  12. PhilipKT


    Those are nice bows. I posted a picture of a couple of Ebony frogs the other day and asked about quality. This Ebony looks to be very good quality to me. Do the experts concur?
  13. Oh, ha ha I was expecting some technical explanation and you were really referring to a hammer. I’m really fascinated by how deeply you get into the physics of the instruments. Did you ever meet Mrs Hutchins?