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  1. And now, if you please, back to the Violin, Which I find quite interesting.
  2. I did not say she was annoyed that she could not go get it, I did not mention her attitude at all. I said that it was languishing in the shop without him finishing the repairs. He could go to the shop, and do the necessary repairs without endangering himself or anyone. Every luthier has work sitting around the shop that he could do on his own in isolation without seeing customers. for the umpteenth time, i understand that our hero is in a different place with different parameters. I was only asking what harm there would be in a luthier driving his own car to his own shop and working by himself. I was not unclear, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with my question.
  3. Michael, when I made my first question I did not know where this person was. If you read a comment or two further, you would’ve seen that I came to understand that this person was in a place that used a lot of mass transit, and I understood that problem. However I continued to say that if he has his own car and can go to his own shop without seeing anybody, and work in his own shop without seeing anybody, I did not see a problem and that remains true. I understand that the rules in his location may prohibit what I suggested but it remains true that if he were to go to his own shop in his own car and not see anybody there would be no danger to him, his family, or anyone. I’m not trying to turn this chat into something unpleasant. Dave made a derogatory foolish comment and I responded. Your own comment is kind but unnecessary, Because what I initially said was clear, And what I said after the clarification was also clear.
  4. English must not be your first language. I was specifically referring to going to his own shop, in his own car, and keeping the shop closed while working on his own stuff. Nowhere did I mention him seeing clients.
  5. I thought that I had participated in this chat the first time it came around. Apparently not, so I can share. Interesting comments about names. I very much agree that to name someone or something is a partial claim of ownership. Even if someone changes the name of my cello, or ignores it, It will always be “heavenly voice” Once given the name never goes away. How many Strads or other great instruments are called “the ex Smith, ex Jones, ex Etc”
  6. I live in a place that doesn’t have any significant mass transit, so that aspect didn’t occur to me, But if he has access to his own car, the question remains valid.
  7. You will have to post on the pegbox, as has already been said, and you will have to post more and better photos. I am not the only person who would like to see them.
  8. I have a question about going to places your own business. If those places remain closed to the public, Why can’t you? It’s your shop, you’re the only person in there, Presumably you are the only person who is in your personal work area. I don’t know why it would be against the rules for you to go. A friend has a Testori cello languishing in a shop Because the shop owner is forbidden to go. Perhaps I’m missing something but that seems like an unnecessary restriction.
  9. Actually, that’s true. You’ve seen a lot more MK boxes then I have, so you’ve seen a wider range of quality, but most of the examples I’ve seen have been good quality.
  10. If by online sale they mean that no one can inspect the instruments in person, I wonder what that would do to the sales. On one hand, if the show room remains open and people are allowed to come in and play all the instruments, someone who is carrying without showing any symptoms could literally infect every instrument in the show room. Plus the room is pretty small. With all the instruments on the line of tables in the middle of the room, it would be very difficult to keep safe space. On the other hand, not letting anybody inspect the instruments, well, I wonder what that would do educated buyers.
  11. Any idea how much those boxes are worth? Are they generally well-made? The word “box” kind of implies sloppy manufacture and poor materials, but almost all the cellos I’ve seen from that era are worthwhile. This one certainly looks to be in fine condition, at least. Value for these instruments has a lot to do with area, and in my area an early 20th century German factory instrument, well-made and in good condition, as this one appears to be, Would bring at least $3000, and some would be reasonable sales at 6. I have seen a few examples overpriced between eight and 10. That’s just for this area, however. I think the best way to determine the value is to go out to a local shop and see what they are selling for the same price.
  12. Boy, truer words were never spoken!
  13. Did you make that?? where’d you get all that ebony?
  14. It appears to be an excellent condition, but I think you need much more detailed photographs in order to get any response. “Value” is so variable, I don’t think anybody is going to suggest a monetary price. Better photographs they could suggest other things