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    Retired cellist, still kind of forever attempting to learn more about the tools we use. Still keep failing the tests, though.
    2005 David Caron called “Heavenly Voice.”

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  1. Even to my uneducated eyes, it doesn’t look like a crack. A rather unfortunate birthmark. when my little brother was born, he had, under his left eye, a beautiful large brown birthmark about the size of an almond, and it looked for all the world as if somebody had punched him in the eye. It was surgically removed when he was about five, but we often have a laugh about the life he would’ve had if he had not had it removed.
  2. PhilipKT

    EA Ouchard

    Shouldn’t it be date stamped on the stick ahead of the frog?
  3. Why are these instruments selling for so little? They all look like reasonable playing instruments. I’ve never had anything to do with Amati so maybe this is a different kind of auction house?
  4. The wear on the back looks real, so presumably it’s not fresh off the boat, it looks like a meh instrument. But for 300 quid, you’re fine. A quid Is a pound, right? 300 pounds? Ducats?
  5. I love listening to you guys talk. I learn a mite, but I become much much more aware of how much I don’t know.
  6. Just to be clear, the one piece bottom rib indicates Mittenwald and not Markneukirchen? And how often were violins made with one piece tops? I thought that was an acoustical no-no?
  7. Morellis, in my experience, are much better trade instruments than Juzeks, and if this one is reasonably undamaged, it should sound fine.
  8. When the Dallas Symphony visited Europe, many many years ago, a cellist went into one of the Suard shops to help a flute player by a nice bow for his daughter who was a fine cellist. They picked up a very nice bow. I had occasion to borrow it a couple of years later, and it was a wonderful bow, but someone had taken a pocket knife and gouged a chunk of the stick away to make a more comfortable resting place for the thumb. The stick, mind you, not the frog. On behalf of Monsieur Suard, I was quite unhappy.
  9. You can usually get more photos by asking the auction house.
  10. Bump… any other thoughts?
  11. I don’t recall how I acquired this framed artwork, but it suddenly occurred to me that the experts here might recognize this quartet. It’s a wonderful picture, and it would be cool to know if that’s a real ensemble or just four middle-aged guys killing time on a Saturday afternoon. Any ideas?
  12. Normally, I wouldn’t ask, but I have to ask. Does it have a bow, and if so, everyone would love the yada yada about the bow. I’m sure you know this, but where you are would of course affect the value of the violin
  13. I own a 1917 Gibson L3 that has been almost never played. It’s in basically perfect condition. I’ve never priced my own, but I’ve seen one in better condition on eBay that was not selling at $4500. I have no idea what sold for in 1917, I don’t remember going into the shop then, and I neglected to ask my great grandmother what she paid.
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