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    Professional cellist, forever attempting to learn more about the tools we use.

    I play a 2005 David Caron called “Heavenly Voice.” I have two George Dupuy bows, each by Louis Gillet. Both great bows, but extremely different. I like instruments, music, old cars, firearms(especially lever actions)and cats... I like cats a lot...if you like cats, you are my friend.

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  1. PhilipKT

    Hand made versus machine made violins

    How do you know I didn’t get paid too, huh? my genius ain’t free, ya know.
  2. PhilipKT

    Hand made versus machine made violins

    If you wait for a few weeks until they go on sale you can take advantage of “the winter of discount tents.” sorrysorrysorry I knew someone was going to say that...
  3. PhilipKT

    Help with violin identification: Paul Bailly? i don’t see any similarities. The varnish is different. but i know nothing.
  4. PhilipKT

    Help with violin identification: Paul Bailly?

    Contact Tarisio, Brompton’s and/or Skinner inc. they have instrument experts on site and can tell you what you need to know. you can also google pictures of Paul Bailly instruments and compare.
  5. PhilipKT

    "Nicolaus Amatus" violin identification

    Thank you very much! There should be a very large library of articles like this that are available to everybody. But I have to wait for people to post them, so thank you very very much for posting this. Actually, is there a way to “favorite” A particular post?
  6. PhilipKT

    Hand made versus machine made violins

    I always tell my kids,”before you can break the rules, you must first obey the rules.” strad started by learning the rules, and he could have made glorious “Amati's” all his life, but his genius drove him to experiment. The comparison can be made with Haydn. Haydn figured out how to write a symphony. Once he came up with his own template, his symphonies, although they got better all through his life, never changed. BEETHOVEN, on the other hand, “obeyed the rules” for his first two symphonies, and then broke the mold anew with each subsequent symphony. Each was a genius but Beethoven was driven like Strad was driven. regarding the competition silliness, anything that involves subjective choosing will always be flawed and that’s ok. I think it’s silly to say,” this one sounds the best.” Because you can hear the same violin group ten minutes later and make different choices. That’s obvious, and a twice-told tale. So what? If we accept the limitations in the process, we can still have a fun time, Although I would personally establish a “highest level” and include any instrument that meets that standards according to the judges. but that’s just me.
  7. PhilipKT

    "Nicolaus Amatus" violin identification

    I guessed Markie because the quality looks better than Klingenthal and the varnish is more red and I thought the Mittenwalders were mostly brown and the Klingenthalers were more yellow( although one-piece backs are common among Mittenwald violins as well.) what do you see that I have missed( probably a great deal but I’m trying.)?
  8. PhilipKT

    "Nicolaus Amatus" violin identification

    Pretty violin. I think it’s Markneukirchen because of the varnish color and the one-piece back, and the scroll is fully cut. There’s something about the arching that I can’t describe, but it’s different. but I don’t know anything. I’m hoping someone who does will offer a bit of insight.
  9. “Christian Hamma” appears to be a trade name and not one of the Hamma family makers. Does anyone know who makes them?
  10. PhilipKT

    Violin Bow I/D help please

    Well, I said I couldn’t explain why in, but I’m going to try. The ratio of width to length seems awkward to me. As I said before, the head looks a little bit Square. The profile appears too wide, there’s little grace in the taper, either side to side or up-down. I hope someone else will chime in with more detailed response.
  11. PhilipKT

    Violin Bow I/D help please

    Except for the head, which looks a little clumsy, although I’m not sure I can explain exactly why, the bow looks nice. I have a question about the button, however. I have seen that extra wide middle Ebony ring before, is that specific to German bows? Or is it used all over?
  12. PhilipKT

    Violin Bow I/D help please

    Thank you very much for this information, that tells me that that kind of mother of pearl was used by lots of makers, and not just Nurnberger. I am very grateful.
  13. Congratulations, the feeling must be amazing, I hope you will make others.
  14. PhilipKT

    Hand made versus machine made violins

    I’ve always wondered if it were really everyone’s favorite Vuillaume. But the point remains regardless.
  15. PhilipKT

    Hand made versus machine made violins

    I remember when the Steinway company began to use machinery in the manufacture of their pianos. They had felt cutters and other such widgets that made production easier and cheaper and improved consistency and quality. The Pleyel and Everard etc folks screamed. If a maker adjusts his CNC machine( no one explained it so I looked it up on my own) for each individual piece of wood, so that the graduations are suited to the unique characteristics of that wood, then the CNC is making the Artisan’s job easier, and the Artist’s hand remains involved, but it’s still a step back from total hand work because the CNC machine won’t make a mistake and hand carving might, and therefore the accomplishment of handwork is more meaningful and therefore-to my mind-more valuable, even if the sound is the same, and I think that is the basis of the argument. An exact copy of Messie made by a machine would be worthless to my eyes even if exactly like the original Messie because the original was made by hand and the copy was not. BTW, one can’t compare cars or other such items, because they are designed to be mass-produced in identical millions. Violins are not. So stop with the car analogies, please.