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  1. It’s a cello case. Not nearly a big enough freezer.
  2. I know that mothballs in a case will effectively deal with the little insect that eats bow hair. My question is how long do we need to treat the case, does the case need to be sealed, how many mothballs do I need, and because this case sees daily use, is there any Less smelly and inconvenient way to deal with the bow bugs? Asking for a friend...
  3. It’s so funny, even though you know exactly what is coming
  4. Wonderful. Jack Benny was also a wonderful human being. I’m old enough to remember when he died, and I was really sad, even though I was only 12. Somewhere I was able to find some old radio shows of the Jack Benny program, and oh my god they were hilarious. It’s amazing to think that they were able to come up with great shows like that every week. One of the episodes that I listen to was, “Jack tries to get a role in the Ford theater“ and the guest stars were Vincent Price and Claudette Colbert, and even today, when I think of that episode I fall down on the floor laughing.
  5. Martin, and @Michael Appleman, thank you so much for your kind and thorough reply. I’m happy that I thought the middle one looked off, and I’m also happy that I noticed the wrong button on the bottom one. I did remember that Voirin bows can be very soft, so one should inspect in person, but because I was never intending to bid, that part slipped my mind. Everything else you and Michael shared was new to me. Thanks especially for the clarification about brand location. I thought it would be applied at the same point in the process, in the same way, and would therefore be in the same place. One thing I make a point of doing when I make such posts is to copy and paste the photos from the auction so they remain for future reference. I will return to this often and study. Thanks also about the comment on the Nürnberger group. Miguel Huipe is a real guy but I don’t know anything about him, the third bow was a fictitious name, and $3200 is a lot of money to chance on even a good Nürnberger. Did you have any thoughts about the Widhalm? finally, what is a “lift”?
  6. I don’t know much about Ceruti, Although one of my teachers had a lovely cello by one, but that viola looked pretty unappealing to me. But Violas are so variable as to size, that I would consider it pretty risky to buy one unless I were myself a violist. If that Widhalm Is in good shape and sounds as good as the one that I spent several years listening to in the orchestra, it was quite a good buy for someone. She also had an Antoniazzi, and the sound of her Widhalm was far superior. I could listen to that lady play scales, all day, on that violin. God she was a beautiful player.
  7. I came here to post the exact same thing, there was also a Gold Hill bow that I never noticed before that sold for about $5000. And it was beautiful. And a group of three bows that included a nice Nurnberger sold for $3200. Anyway, now that it’s all over except for the writing of the checks, @martin swanCan we please hear from the experts as to whether they were real?
  8. Oh of course, I know exactly the best way to develop an eye, that’s what I was referring to when I suggested that I should write a post about it. Look at instruments in person, many many many of them. That’s impossible for me. Looking at pictures, even highly detailed pictures, helpful as it is, is also inadequate. What does one look for? What are traits, how does one tell knife or file? The taper of the stick, how the grain goes through the wood, What does one look at in the F hole shapes, Is there any meaning to thick or thin purfling? Or purfling that made of Willow or Bamboo or whale bone or whatever? The quiz for Addie is wonderful, but again, incomplete. What I need, and what many need, is a teacher, someone to guide and to show and describe, as well as being able to examine in person. It’s literally impossible to do it alone because there are so many variables. the “Voirin” bows offered a great chance to look at three examples-or not examples- of his work, and even negative traits would be meaningful.
  9. Another question about this frog. The Ferrule has a noticeable gap where the two ends meet( except they don’t) When the ends meet should be soldered smooth and invisible and in a different place right? On the edge, a MM or two below where this one is?
  10. I wonder if the magic of DNA could settle the question? Hmmmm
  11. I actually think that Martin is correct, and this has become an issue because I posted several items in the last week or so. My personal goal is to develop an eye. (And how to do that is worthy of a post of its own, which I should probably write) Martin is suggesting that while the auction is live, there might be unscrupulous people who might have a particular interest in being dishonest about the widget in one way or the other, and unsuspecting people might get taken in by a, “yes this is real, in perfect condition, and so cheap!“ Or the opposite.As a matter of fact, I can imagine sellers hoping for exactly that scenario. I’m not a devious person, so it honestly never occurred to me. However, in my own defense, it seems that just about every day somebody posts an eBay link asking exactly the kind of questions I was asking.However, in my own defense, it seems that just about every day somebody posts an eBay link asking exactly the kind of questions I was asking.