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    Professional cellist, forever attempting to learn more about the tools we use.

    I play a 2005 David Caron called “Heavenly Voice.” I have two George Dupuy bows, each by Louis Gillet. Both great bows, but extremely different. I like instruments, music, old cars, firearms(especially lever actions)and cats... I like cats a lot...if you like cats, you are my friend.

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  1. I got a certificate with my cello when I bought it. I’m not sure where it is… But yes, I got one, and I didn’t have to ask for it.
  2. Oscar Meinel? thats the only Oscar I can think of, except for the grouch.
  3. I would invest in such a move. Every single day Someone create an account here, just so that they can ask about the violin they found in grandmas attic. Every single day. There is absolutely no substitute for a trained eye, but a good database would be incredibly beneficial not just for grandma’s violin, but as a protection against eBay scoundrels. It would also provide a little encouragement to people who are interested in violin making and are looking for inspiration and guidance. If I did not already have My lifetime cello, I would constantly be here researching makers and seeking information about exhibitions and contests to make sure I could get the best possible cello for the money. Heck, I’m doing that anyway.
  4. The linings appear to stop at the blocks instead of being morticed into them. Isn’t that a German trait?
  5. I’m on your side, ma’am. And I have a database that used to be three… Now it’s four! Happy to share. :-)
  6. I love reading you guys, and I have very little to offer except the viewpoint of a particular kind of player. I was chatting with a colleague the other day about instruments and he suddenly interrupted me and said,” I don’t care about my cello as anything except a tool.” I’m not sure how serious he was, but that comment reflects the attitude of many people who don’t give a damn how it’s made, or by whom or where or when. I rather pity him. I’m a professional cellist, but I am an amateur Instrument lover, in the sense that I know very little, but I know enough to appreciate ithe things that you guys are discussing here. A month or so ago I posted a question asking how many of you guys made your own purfling, I was disappointed to find that the maker of my instrument did not, and was only slightly mollified to find that most of the people here do not either. I want a great instrument made by a great maker, and I’m willing to pay for it. Some people, like my colleague, don’t care about anything except results and price. I think there’s room for everybody.
  7. I’d love to learn more. could Finley have been an English dealer who imported french bows?
  8. That’s wonderful. I was just yesterday thinking about compiling a list of makers in the North Texas area, because I could only think of three. While talking with one of the violinists in the orchestra, I mentioned that it looked like he was playing a different violin, and he smiled happily. “yes I just got a new violin by a local maker who just took over the violin making school in Chicago.” I went blink,blink,”wha...?” good maker, good enough to move from Dallas to Utah to take over a school in Chicago, recently of Dallas, and I never heard of him. a daunting task indeed, but the great thing about the Internet is that people can combine. You can add your stuff to Andreas’ and I think Reuning has compiled a lot of info about New England makers,( which I would love to read) Robertsons and the school in Utah have lot of info, combining it wouldn’t be that difficult. And a huge website called “Violin Street” could be the home of all the info. ( I even like the name.) conficting info could be presented as is and corrected over time( Wikipedia allows corrections and edits to its articles, for instance.) Remember that YouTube is all user-created content, and the bad stuff is ignored( a maker who writes a puff piece will quickly get called out, so that’s pretty much a self/solving problem) i think it’s a great idea and in this case, belling the cat is a really possible.
  9. I remember, when I was in college, often having a beer at dinner before a concert...and then inexplicably playing really sloppily at the concert. For the longest time I didn’t understand...but then I figured it out. Who knew??
  10. I went through the seller’s other bows and his “AC Schuster” violin bow is totally bogus. and “returns not accepted”
  11. The examples in the book have the stamp further forward. The button looks good but I know nothing. I share the entry for what it’s worth.
  12. Well, someone thought it was worth $1600.00, before fees, shipping, etc.
  13. If the strings are 13 years old, throw them away. Jargar are good Strings, but there’s no such thing as an inexpensive string. A reasonable set will cost near $200. I just put on my second set of Versum and they cost $340. If it has a bow it needs to be rehaired, so just take the whole thing and tell the luthier you need a setup, ask for guidance and if he’s a reasonable guy, he’ll share some lore as you go.