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    Professional cellist, forever attempting to learn more about the tools we use.
    2005 David Caron called “Heavenly Voice.”

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  1. You have to share photographs. Please also share photos of the bow. There is a guide to photographing instruments at the beginning of the Pegbox.
  2. I actually wrote them and asked and got a reply that they didn’t save old issues.
  3. This is the description on my YouTube channel devoted to teaching. Best description I could find. Danke
  4. Thank you very much I appreciate it. It will be interesting to see what the real life lookers think about it.
  5. Well considering that Italian is so close to Latin, I actually thought that “Giovanni” would just add an “s” and become “Giovannus” but that’s basically what they did. what do you think of the fiddle? The color of the varnish looks like my friends Joseph, if I recall correctly.
  6. I have benefited from some wonderful deals that walked in off the street. “This is my grandfather’s violin/cello/viola, and he died a couple months ago.” Most of these are junk, but a few of my students were really able to benefit from such instruments. I also remember finding one nice pawn shop cello, an early 60s Pfretschner, with case and bow. Not the prettiest thing in the world, but it was a real cello, sounded good, and was only a couple of hundred dollars. The bow by itself was worth considerably more than I paid. That’s the only such deal I’ve ever found at a pawnshop, however.
  7. Do you know why the label did not use the Italian version of the name?
  8. I wrote the auctioneer and asked about the bow, but I’m not the least bit interested in bidding. What do you think of the violin?
  9. Wouldn’t a real Gagliano be labeled “Giovanni”? Anyway, this is an interesting violin, so I share. Is it interesting? As usual, these are the only auction photos offered.
  10. I had a vast pile of consumer reports, and I read many of them for the car reviews, because I am quite into old cars, particularly Hudson’s. One article from the late 40s actually was about Violins. It was mainly focusing on ranking the best violins, And I wish with all my heart I had not thrown that particular issue out when I got rid of them. Moral of the story is that a few of those issues may have something very worthwhile, but you’ll have to dig through every issue to find it. Boy, I sure wish I still had that issue of Consumer Reports…
  11. I’m not sure what you mean by “the shaft meeting the back of the head” are you talking about a point on the tree where the trunk starts to branch out?
  12. If you’re going to make a bow, I for one would love to watch the process. I’ve seen videos on YouTube of the process from blank to bow, and it still seems like magic
  13. I would love to know what it is. The horizontal grain seems to Change drastically about halfway up the piece. Can you describe what that is?
  14. I clicked on that and was only expecting a watch it for a few seconds but I watched the whole thing. The musical interlude was gorgeous. Really really gorgeous.