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    2005 David Caron called “Heavenly Voice.”

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  1. All right, that’s exactly what I thought, but I wanted to make sure I understood correctly, thank you very much don
  2. Are you saying that the tailpiece itself doesn’t vibrate? Or that it doesn’t resonate? I should understand that comment, but I don’t.
  3. If you’re wanting to add a little bit of mass, Could you put the boxwood back on and just add fine tuners?
  4. That’s a really terrific simile, I can imagine when I’d be able to use it, but boy that’s a great simile
  5. Your original set up was a boxwood tailpiece and a nylon tailgut correct? And the new tailpiece is made of Pernambuco? And not Ebony? I am constantly telling my students to investigate an Ebony Tailpiece, and I think the tail gut is either Kevlar or silk, I think Kevlar most of the time. The sound is always better then the previous tailpiece which invariably is either plastic or incredibly cheap carbon fiber or even pot metal, it seems. I have used boxwood before, but that doesn’t seem to have enough mass. However, a titanium tailgut. might be worth a try. But pernambuco For the tailpiece? Tell me more.
  6. Is that from the Morris book? I am not near mine, so I cannot check, but that is my favorite reference book. He wrote with such charm and love and came across like such a wonderful person. I love that book.
  7. That’s not a Mittenwald notch ”? I do not know if two piece ribs even needed a notch, but that’s what it looked like.
  8. PhilipKT


    Mr Potter, You have done yeoman duty, and have earned congratulations! As Dean’s says, it is always possible to find a better deal, But there comes a time when you just have to say what you’ve got gives what you want now and in the future and then you just stop. Congratulations. Now for a bow! Also, as a teacher myself, with a very strong interest in good music that is off the beaten path, I hope you will encourage your teacher to look for fresh repertoire. There is a tremendous amount of excellent music that is never played only because it is never played, And your daughter has seven relatively free years in which to expand her repertoire freely. Once she gets to college she will have much less freedom. blessings!
  9. I am aware of makers who stamped both sides, but I don’t know of any who regularly stamped on the audience side, but I wonder if that’s because most makers are right handed and it’s easier to stamp on the left side of the bow.
  10. PhilipKT


    Don’t be rude. Your charm extends only so far and you crossed the border a time ago.
  11. PhilipKT


    I’ve noticed that I spend a lot of time talking about bows and trading bows back-and-forth. Fortunately in the orchestra I play and win not doing opera, I get to sit in the back, and I play some really nice bows-and junk- every night at rehearsal.
  12. PhilipKT


    There is a large number of bow experts here. You can get excellent and quite specific advice about bows. The sister of one of my students recently ended a two-year search for a violin and bow, And the bow is an amazing stick for a 15-year-old girl, a Lamy with some repaired damage( not sure what) and a replaced button. It was surprisingly inexpensive. I was flabbergasted, but it’s genuine and comes from a reputable shop. wishing you as much success!
  13. Dallas is an excellent choice. Should be here always.
  14. PhilipKT


    @Potter Mr Potter, you realize, of course, that having chosen a violin, you have to go through the same process for a bow? What fun!
  15. PhilipKT


    Where’s the eye-roll emoji?