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  1. Nagyvari was a local VM who came up with a method of aging the wood. It supposedly worked well but I haven’t heard anything more from him for years.
  2. Do those pins indicate that future repair or adjustment of the neck would be, if not impossible, extremely awkward? I would think that the neck black would be small enough that the pins would have to be closer in order to be able to even reach it.
  3. What do these pins signify? I have never seen anything like them before. the pin below the button is lower than I’ve seen before. The neck has obviously come off, so the pins are probably related to the repair, but I can’t think what must have been done. and a couple other photos just for fun. The cello is said to be French. If it’s interesting enough for other photos I’ll be happy to share.
  4. So Paulo’s comment is a reference to the lucchi Meter reading of the bow stick? I think that identifies bow stiffness right? And if that’s true, why would the age of the bow make a difference?
  5. “After eighty years the sound of this bow has a speed superior to 5500 m/s; a miracle to a bow from 1930.” This quote Is about a Sartory bow. I have no idea what this quote means, and I hope someone can explain it. What does Paulo mean by referring to the bow speed? Sound projection would be more a function of the instrument wouldn’t it? BTW, I love Paulo’s blog, Although he kind of pooh-poohs Gillet. But that’s OK…
  6. I have thought a lot about how much of our reaction to a sound is determined by our mood at the time. The meaningful reactions are the lasting ones. Some instruments have to earn our love over time, and others, reaction is immediate. When I first played my cello, I got an impression of something deep and meaningful, but I was not thunderstruck. Over time it grew on me, but if I had had a chance to play it for only 10 minutes at the shop I don’t think I would have been overly impressed. My bow, on the other hand, I held it in my hand and I was thunderstruck, I love playing with that bow and always will. the point is that the feeling at the moment is less important than the feeling over time.
  7. And what beautiful bows they were, just gorgeous, I think I would spend more time looking at them and playing them. And using a high-powered loupe, too. Gorgeous bows, every one.
  8. The name is apparently misspelled: it should perhaps be Hufenreuther. That’s what my reference book says. I’m not the least bit interested in bidding on this instrument, it is in Germany, and I have sworn off Violins for the duration. But I just think this is a lovely Violin. The wood looks nice, the varnish looks nice, the pattern looks nice, and I just share it because I just think it looks pretty. This was the only photograph on the auction site worth sharing, so I don’t have any others. It is really quite surprising how rarely an auction house will provide worthwhile photographs of an instrument. Anyway, I share because I hope somebody will agree with me and say yes it’s lovely.
  9. BTW Wasn’t Hanibel(sp) Fagnola a very Major 20th Century maker?
  10. Fascinating! so what reference work DO you recommend? I have several and it seems they are all poor
  11. If I read that correctly you’re saying that Del Jesu did make a cello?
  12. Martin I’m very sorry you’re not closer. I would visit often. Knowledgeable people in the trade are common, but knowledgeable people who don’t take advantage of customer ignorance are not. And as it turns out, I’m looking for another hangout.
  13. I agree. I was lucky. A short time later, another Gillet showed up at Tarisio. I didn’t play it so can’t compare, but it sold for about 60% more than mine.
  14. That exactly happened to me. I found my first Gillet at Tarisio and got it for a very good price. I was happy, the bow is great. I bought it because the one I wanted wasn’t for sale, but a year or so later I was able to acquire that one as well. and everything is peachy.