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    Cellos?<br />I play a magnificent 2005 David Caron. I have a Paul Martin Siefried/A C Schuster/Hubert Chanon/H R Knopf bow, all of which I love, though I play the Chanon and Knopf most.<br /><br />I like instruments, music, old cars, firearms(especially lever actions)<br />and cats... I like cats a lot...

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  1. I’ve been trying for years to learn about how to identify violins. I have lots of reference books, I’ve read a whole lot of history, and I’ve asked everybody who will stand still long enough, and if I know one percent of the information available, it’s because I’m rounding up too far. A video would help, because it would help me see what is merely being described. But a search on YouTube turns out many thousands of videos, and so far all the ones I’ve seen have been pretty useless. Can someone recommend some good clean videos about identifying violins? Not necessarily by specific maker, although that would be great, but mainly by country or area of origin. Thank you very much in advance.
  2. I would very much like to see pictures please. I also own a Squire, but it is not one of his better ones. I’m pretty sure everybody else would love to see them as well. Skinners is also be a good choice if you decide to auction it off. I wonder if American made violins are sought after in England or in Europe, but if so, you might consider contacting Brompton’s.
  3. The slide is very wide, does that indicate anything? Also, the middle ring of the button is very narrow, and I’ve seen that on a lot of German sticks, but nothing indicates that the button has been replaced. Is that narrow middle ring just random? Or does it indicate anything also?
  4. I am fascinated by questions and sometimes I have to accept that I cannot know WHY something is, I can only accept that it IS. Just three days ago I was teaching a dear young girl about bows. I had her play a passage on my AC Schuster. Then I gave her my “unknown maker” Dupuy. the difference was astounding! Her father bucked up his head from his phone and was himself shocked at the difference. I myself was shocked at the difference. then I gave her my “Gillet” Dupuy. The difference was equally astonishing. The two Dupuy bows were almost as different from each other as they were different from the Schuster. why? I don’t know. But that the difference is real, repeatable and pronounced is undeniable.
  5. PhilipKT

    (More pics)Violin bow info requested

    A final note on this bow and violin combo. They sold for $5500.
  6. PhilipKT

    A look inside an unusual American antique violin

    What’s the point of two bass bars? Wouldn’t two create two strong and conflicting resonances, resulting in a weaker sound?
  7. Story: I once played a gig with a local music dealer who had a cello for sale. He claimed it was a Guseppi Testori. It was an ugly thing and he was selling it for 80k. I asked,” does it have papers?” He said, “ oh sure I’ll give you papers.” I asked,” does it have reputable papers?” He blinked, and after a moment said,” I can get you some.” Yeah, right no thanks. A lot depends on who is providing the papers.
  8. The bow spinners look like plastic which is a bit odd for a 1920s case.
  9. PhilipKT

    Bottom of Cello

    What kind of cello is it?
  10. PhilipKT

    Misleading News Article?

    If you can’t play a scale on it it doesn’t count. The triangle is how you call the hands to dinner.
  11. PhilipKT

    Guadagnini violin, ca 1781

  12. PhilipKT

    Misleading News Article?

    The cello is the most ergonomic instrument in the orchestra. The viola is probably the least ergonomic, but the violin would run a close second, I think.
  13. PhilipKT

    Wood ID

    I know nothing about violin making but if it’s extremely dense, couldn’t you compensate with slightly different graduations? Maybe a bit thinner? Or experiment with the arching? It looks very attractive so well worth using, IMHO
  14. PhilipKT

    Who can read and recognize this NAME?

    What is the “delta”?
  15. PhilipKT

    More pics of “C Mennegand” violin and here’s the original auction listing.