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    Professional cellist, forever attempting to learn more about the tools we use.

    I play a 2005 David Caron called “Heavenly Voice.” I have two George Dupuy bows, each by Louis Gillet. Both great bows, but extremely different. I like instruments, music, old cars, firearms(especially lever actions)and cats... I like cats a lot...if you like cats, you are my friend.

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  1. PhilipKT


    Has the varnish been stripped?
  2. When your friend takes the top off, get some detailed photographs of the inside because the experts here will almost certainly be able to identify probable place and probable era. I’m eager to hear suggestions about dealing with the varnish, but I think the violin looks very nice and is worth attempting to salvage.
  3. PhilipKT

    String tension and afterlength

    I think this is a good place to ask this question. One of the things I think I remember from school is that as a vibrating string gets shorter, it gets stiffer, so as you move up the string towards the bridge, i.e. play higher and higher pitches, the string gets stiffer and therefore needs incrementally more energy from the bow in order to maintain a given volume. It certainly seems to be true in practice, But Is that incorrect?
  4. The violin looks to be solidly made, no reason not to take the top off, considering it’s already partially off. I’d like to hear suggestions about what to do with the varnish? I guess there’s no makers label inside?
  5. PhilipKT

    Interesting cello or no?

    You have a very interesting music library.
  6. PhilipKT

    Interesting cello or no?

    I would call it more gold, maybe blonde. What do you think of it? The auction listing calls it a Birdseye maple cello, And I don’t think Birdseye maple is a tone wood.
  7. PhilipKT

    Interesting cello or no?
  8. PhilipKT

    Interesting cello or no?

    This is the only photo of this cello on offer at auction. How does it look to you folks?
  9. PhilipKT

    OMO, the Violin Making podcast

    Sounds great! I really hope you will devote large amounts of time to identifying and explaining construction methods, identifying various areas( I still can’t tell between Markneukirchen and Mittenwald) and identifyigntypes of wood. thats really hard to do on a podcast so I would hope you’d create a YouTube show where we could see what you’re describing. If I had the slightest bit of knowledge I’d have started something long ago, but I know less than nothing(Sigh)
  10. PhilipKT

    Violin Making Schools

    I share this because David got his start as an apprentice, working for free, in an established shop.
  11. PhilipKT

    Bow. Info request + worth restoring?

    Again, I know absolutely nothing, but that slide and the ferrule sure are distinctive.
  12. I have never found a carbon fiber bow that sounds good. The only one I’ve ever played that actually felt good is a Prism, And it felt quite good. It either has a wood core or a carbon fiber core, and was a pretty, dark red color. I would never buy one under any circumstances, but if you insist on carbon fiber, I would give them a look.
  13. PhilipKT

    Bow. Info request + worth restoring?

    Also, the screw and the button shaft( don’t know proper terms) seem to be iron. Doesn’t that date it to before a particular time? I don’t know exactly when makers stopped using iron and started using steel, but that was a specific decade wasn’t it?
  14. PhilipKT

    Bow. Info request + worth restoring?

    If it is Abeille, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a lower quality bow, does it? the frog heel, slide, ferrule and profile (when viewed lengthwise) make me think it could be an English bow but I know nothing. You know a lot. What do you think?
  15. PhilipKT

    Who is this Bowmaker?

    Well I wrote Mr Pelloux and this is his reply: Hello Philip, Thank you for your email and good words, it was a pleasant surprise and I am very happy that you have enjoyed my bow. The bow on the picture should be done by me. The stamp "Pierre Francois Pelloux" is one of my first stamp ,I used between the years 2002 -2010, then I had a shorter one: "P .F Pelloux" so it marks more deeply. That was for the anecdote. So I confirm, I recognize the style and timbre of this bow. Good continuation Mr Taggart If you go to France, make me sign P.F Pelloux Next time I go to France I will indeed look him up!