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    Professional cellist, forever attempting to learn more about the tools we use.
    2005 David Caron called “Heavenly Voice.”

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  1. I don’t really have anything to offer, although if you think the sound as is isn’t as desirable, you might consider trying to change the set up to be a little more gentle and warm. I frequently encounter instruments that are deliberately set up to be as bright and penetrating as possible, which is a sound I don’t care for. Just maybe you could make your instrument a little bit more desirable if you would change the set up a bit?
  2. What is a tete-beche? A name, concept, method, or something else?
  3. I don’t understand it but it’s pretty
  4. I would very much like to read that story. Do you have a link to an article somewhere?I would very much like to read that story. Do you have a link to an article somewhere?
  5. Well I am a little disappointed, I thought the F holes looked kind of neatly done.
  6. I wish I could get closer. The brown strip looks like leather but I can’t think why anyone would go to the trouble of cutting thin leather strips and then alternating it with simple string, when metal wire of some kind would be far quicker.
  7. I have a couple students at MIT and at Yale, and one of them is still hunting a nice cello. I told him to look her up.
  8. Seriously? oh wait ...ein Witz,ja?
  9. This is an Albert Schubert cello bow. I’ve never heard the name and can’t find any reference to it in my Erhardt books, nor anything meaningful online. My shop friend thought I had asked for it and wondered why because he didn’t think much of it at all. I was referring to a different bow, but he gave this one to me anyway. Turns out to be a very nice bow! I know weight is less important than feel, but it does feel a wee bit light at 77g, but it is better than almost any of my other old German sticks. my question is about the lapping: it looks like simple string, intertwined with a strip of very thin leather and wrapped tight around the stick without any adhesive. its actually fairly appealing, but it looks like a lot of work where silver, tinsel, or copper would be more easily applied. what is it and why? And does this perhaps help discern when and where it originated? thanks!
  10. This bow sold for $1100.00. someone must have thought it was worth it despite weighing only 51 G
  11. Hundreds? From start to finish? edit; 130 cellos. A Completely believable number. Thanks for sharing the info. I’d like to play one.
  12. I bet if somebody would post photographs of the entire instrument the discussion would be resolved. Right now I am slightly reminded of the blind men and the elephant.
  13. Well she’s not local, although I would be delighted If someone local bought it,so that I can try it out. But I do understand her point, actually. When you have a cello, you get used to it, all the virtues and flaws, And you’re not interested in owning another one. I almost never play as well on a student’s instrument as I do on my own. My cello is my cello. I love playing instruments, but I have no serious desire to own another one.
  14. No, it’s one of hers. I have one cello. When I broached the subject of getting another one to my wife, she gave me a hard look and said, “do you want two wives?” So I have one cello… If she doesn’t sell it before then, I will see it when I visit David in April, And I’m excited about playing it. The top is from the same log from whence came my own top, but the back is sourced from Germany. It will be fascinating to compare.