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    Professional cellist, forever attempting to learn more about the tools we use.

    I play a 2005 David Caron called “Heavenly Voice.” I have two George Dupuy bows, each by Louis Gillet. Both great bows, but extremely different. I like instruments, music, old cars, firearms(especially lever actions)and cats... I like cats a lot...if you like cats, you are my friend.

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  1. Yes it is! What a wealth of information is shared here! And charming writing as well!
  2. Just today I had three different students play three different bows, in addition to their own bows. Two are new-to me-bows, Old factory German things, inexpensive and good for what they are. All three students correctly noticed that two of the three bows were heavy, a little bit more difficult to Control, And powerful but uninteresting sound. All three loved the third bow And even the various parents commented immediately on the difference in the sound. The third bow was one of my own very nice French sticks. I think the original question can only be answered “yes” Perhaps the why can be a subject of discussion, but the fact that the material used in the stick is significant in the sound is a given. Otherwise people would make bows out of anything.
  3. PhilipKT

    Any ideas?

    Not a Guarneri. No clue What it is, but you would need much better photographs the very least. The label is almost certainly meaningless. Look at the photo guide at the beginning of this forum
  4. I was of the impression that the Lee shop made instruments by committee, much like the old Vuilluame shop did. The master would finish an instrument, but most of the grunt work would be done by somebody else. I owned a Kiernoziak From 1995, and I thought it was a fantastic instrument I was quite happy with it until a colleague bought a Caron and I heard them side-by-side. Then I bought a Caron. One of my students has a 1993 Kiernoziak Which is incredibly beautiful and has a professional sound. I think the Lee instruments are great
  5. Richard Jewel Was an absolute hero, and for some reason he was turned into a villain. For no reason at all. I think he won a lawsuit when all was said and done, and I hope all the people who created that horrible lie are in jail.
  6. (Sigh) I recently discovered the Cello Sonata By Alfredo Casella. It is an incredible piece of music, certainly one of the very major 20th century cello sonatas, But it’s very rare nobody seems to know it. But it was commissioned by, apparently, Elizabeth Coolidge, who presumably was some relation to President Calvin Coolidge. That is what politicians should do. They should commission and encourage great music, and they should support great musicians and being any musicians. Aside from that they should basically shut up and leave us alone.
  7. I don’t understand the appeal of spending so much money on a great painting. The most impressive piece of art I can remember is either the Albrecht Dürer rabbit Or the Salvador Dali portrait of Lincoln from the five dollar bill, which is just an astonishing piece of art. But how would I ever get $1 million worth of enjoyment from having either of those original pieces? How much do I have to look at them to make it worth $1 million( or five or seven or whatever) Nah...
  8. Well what I did was get out, haha. Although when I was in, we still used the correct word.
  9. I hate the fact that people are so dense they don’t know what Caissons are, so the word got dumped in lieu of “Army” ”over hill, over dale, we will hit the dusty trail, as the CAISSONS go rolling along.” oy...
  10. Is the purfling usually on top of the glue point, or inward/outward of that point? This purfling doesn’t seem too close to the edge to me, although the middle part of the purfling seems rather wide. pretty violin, btw
  11. Yes of course, And he’s good enough to benefit from that kind of instrument but he doesn’t want to spend that much money.
  12. As a former 11-B, that made me smile very wide. I was the best cellist in my Division, and now I’m the best Infantryman in my orchestra, haha.
  13. You make a valid point, but Abhinav’s cello is just a cello found on a search of Craigslist. Cool story, but Longstoryshort, it’s just a cello without any particular emotional attachment. He had a nice W Seifert bow( well, nice for what they are, anyway) but decided he liked my Alfred Knoll better, so we traded. He doesn’t want to be profligate.
  14. There was a big scandal involving German bows that were turned into fake Sartory bows, resulting in a very angry Eugene Sartory, a lawsuit, and lots of fake Sartory bows that are really nice German bows. Find one of them, and it’s a cut above. I have no idea how effectively faked they were, though.
  15. My previous answer was incomplete. I wanted to add that anytime I see a bow that is silver mounted with what appears to be good quality Pernambuco, it is worth investigating. The additional pictures are still inadequate, but the frog has been cleaned up a bit, and the Ebony appears to be good quality,The button looks very German, so it’s probably a German factory stick of some kind, but those can be quite worthwhile.