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  1. Thanks for sharing your feelings, very similar to my own experience!
  2. Beautiful Michael! another Rogeri , very carefully scribed
  3. Tecchler "ex Romberg" bench copy almost finished !
  4. Is this kind of stamp not in the Makneukirchen style?
  5. As always, very interesting. curious to know how it will works for the playability, alignment of the fifths. Different of the usual for the player. The edge of the fingerboard being a reference for the hand, the fifths won’t be at 90 degrees of that.
  6. Ulmia workbench, old Mirecourt thumb plane and a good knife.
  7. I don’t size the maple, only the spruce. i have tried but it was looking too "flat" and boring.
  8. It dépend on the wood, the flame are not burned as you see at the same instrument with the varnish concluded. on the cello back the ground is the same but the wood( poplar) is different.
  9. Corene is well resistant to wear and can be quite light ( depending on the model)
  10. Same as you. Rubio was a very quick worker with a quite average varnish.
  11. Thanks Jim. Here one of my violins (made in 2015) in Sibelius Violin Concerto with Tedi Papavrami (at 30´) https://youtu.be/NaqQS55BIwc
  12. Trying a new model, Pietro Guarneri, violinist in Mantova. Varnish not conclued.
  13. Congratulations, you built an very efficient acoustic system.
  14. Works well but kill a lot of interesting harmonics.
  15. The head could be consistent with Vuillaume, body much less.
  16. I think the first person who had this idea was Jerome Dariel in Tokyo, and ask to Eric Fouilhé to make them, good results on some instruments, mainly G string
  17. Yes, with similar material, like Dominant or Olive, they differ mainly by the length If your Passion string is 17, you will have a little bit more tension than a passion violin G string
  18. No problem, Anne Sophie Mutter was used to use a A Dominant viola on her violin. i use often à A Larsen viola on violins too. the tension is less than a violin string , the diameter is thinner for the Dominant. 17 is probably the diameter, G violin pirastro strings are around 16 3/4
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