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  1. Christian Bayon´s bench

    Saturday, no dust in the workshop, varnish time. And a good memory, 5 years ago, Brahms concerto on my violin, Alina Pogotskina.
  2. Steve Rodriguez's Bench

    Very nice for a first one!
  3. turpentine

    In Portugal we have the trees ( Pistacia therebentus) but they are quite small and I can´t collect the sap.
  4. 5 String small Widhalm viola

    I made the same question to myself for this Tecchler cello.
  5. Christian Bayon's Bass Bar In the Feb. 18 Strad

    I made many with 6 cm, they work weel, I´m still not able to tell witch measurment work better.
  6. Christian Bayon's Bass Bar In the Feb. 18 Strad

    Thanks, I´m still working on the experimentations for the lengh of the "bridges", for exemple, my latest violin (I´ll set the strings tomorrow) have only 4 centimeter lenght contact (3,5 mm wide) on the place between the FF´s and bridges are 90mm and 70mm. Surprisingly, the biggest change was between V shape bar and normal bar, not between V shape and V shape with bridges. Unfortunatly, my bass bar does not help the wolf notes (normal since the wolf point is more free!)
  7. Scroll Quiz

    Degani, De Zorzi.
  8. How to improve strangled B

    It´s wolf note.
  9. what determines the sound a luthier aims at?

    A very large part of the great instruments have wolf notes, more than the average violins!
  10. Manfio's Bench; My latest instrument...

    Your scroll looks like to be made with European wood? Not like the back?
  11. what determines the sound a luthier aims at?

  12. Do you build Bergonzi?

  13. what determines the sound a luthier aims at?

    I agree 100%
  14. Do you build Bergonzi?

    Almost finished the viola in the style of Nicola Bergonzi "ex Amadeus Quartet"
  15. Selling in a saturated market

    You don´t "target " people, the musicians find you, not the oposite!