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  1. 1727, less careful period for wood choice and craftsmanship, maybe a new apprentice?
  2. I do the tapping on the back side with the goal to put the back under tension to balance the string tension , even if I know Stradivari was doing the tapping on the top side. here are the pics of the Reynier Stradivari 1727 showing the mark left visible.
  3. It worth only if you see Strads frequently.
  4. It’s a Bois d’Harmonie rosewood tail piece. I have tried to tune the after length to a fifth but I have not seen any better sound with that. So I keep it short.
  5. The grain reversal is on the worn part. Quite normal
  6. The varnish looks just perfect.
  7. Ordinary didn't have the same meaning than today. Today, ordinaire mean not special, average, In the 18 century, it probably means "usual"
  8. Very nice violin. I don’t know this Caron. Little bit like Boquay school
  9. Visually, Montagnana, Busan etc look completely different from the cremonese , a bit more like Andrea Amati. pietro Guarneri is an exception, completely Cremona look.
  10. Ii didn’t use iron, so no darkening, but so uninteresting looking varnish
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