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  1. christian bayon

    Tapered soundpost.

    It is not so stupid, my experience is, the less you join the spruce fiber together, with a sound-post, with a cleat or with the bass-bar the freest is the sound.
  2. christian bayon

    Christian Bayon´s bench

    Testore viola.
  3. christian bayon

    Colophony as Coloured Sealer before ground and varnish

    I have been varnishing with Fulton varnish for years and even if the varnish is ok, I was never able to have a vibrant look. Always a bit greenish and cold looking.
  4. christian bayon

    Do you build Bergonzi?

    Almost ready my attempt of interpretation of the "Segelman" Carlo Bergonzi 1736. I hope the player of the original enjoy it!
  5. christian bayon

    Violin top too thin in one spot

    Not that sure about the wolf note at this place!
  6. christian bayon

    Light color varnish examples?

    Old yellow instruments are nice because the wear and patina, very difficult to make a new one attractive.
  7. christian bayon

    Pressed wood recognition?

    Actually they are more easy to recognize by the style examination (arching for example) than by technicals details. The cheapest one are easy but some high quality violins called “repris à la main” (hand retouched) are way more difficult to identify. Not always 1 piece top or back, they was able to bent them with the joint glued, I have seen some with newspapers glued along the central joint, on both side. I don’t know what was the technique. I have bought when I was young a lot of back and top from Laberte, 5mm thick. Very useful for restoring.
  8. christian bayon

    Melvin Goldsmith bench

    Very convincing Melvin!
  9. christian bayon

    Christian Bayon´s bench

    Thanks Andreas!
  10. christian bayon

    Dropped neck angle on a new instrument.

    Usualy, all the problems of neck projection come from a déformation of the top, sometime subtle and difficult to see.
  11. christian bayon

    Do you build Bergonzi?

    Thanks, It’s two different makers, the violin is Carlo copy and the viola is Nicola copy.
  12. christian bayon

    Do you build Bergonzi?

    Work in progress, the "Segelman"
  13. christian bayon

    Christian Bayon´s bench

    Will be my pleasure Tets! i like very much your work.
  14. christian bayon

    Instrument Photography Tent?

    Same for me and my Mamiya!
  15. christian bayon

    Christian Bayon´s bench

    Back in business!