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  1. I have noticed that A( open string)is the frequency of the vibration of the head in viola and cello. The open A string is always a little bit ugly, but if the neck is too thin, it’s a desastre. this doesn’t happen so many in the violin because the neck is shorter in relation to his thickness.
  2. French cellist Maurice Gendron was smoking all the time and the ashes was falling on his Stradivari cello trough the FF holes. He was used to say: "I have the most expensive ashtray in the world "
  3. Actually, I’m not trying to convince anyone. I think there is many ways to make a good instrument, what work for me maybe won’t for you.
  4. You are absolutely right, the triangular shape is way more important than the gaps. Yes I have tried, the cello you can hear in the Piatti doesn’t have gaps.
  5. Yes, I made this cello with a normal bass bar and I changed it for the new one, so I have seen the evolution.
  6. And very good réponse of the bow by Edwin Clement!
  7. Here you can have a glimpse about the speed of the answer of this cello ( one of the first I made with this bass bar 5 years ago)
  8. Thanks, yes, I’m recovering and work very well!
  9. A violin I made some years ago
  10. It’s a small Montagnana model played by S. Isserlis. You can find it on Strad poster.