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  1. It’s a small Montagnana model played by S. Isserlis. You can find it on Strad poster.
  2. Violin I made two years ago, in my studio for check up.
  3. Yes it match, you force a little bit the ribs and you put tension in the back when you glue the belly, its exactly where is the interest of this tension.
  4. No, it’s in a Guarneri book but he is talking about Stradivari.
  5. Even if I think Strad did it on top side (see the Reynier violin) I do it on the back side , where It make sens for me. i make the taper round in the upper part of the ribs structure, having the back making tension on the upper block, counterbalancing the string tension and helping the neck projection to not drop down. The Reynier:
  6. Very happy of the Anthony Marwood concert’s review in London, with the LPO at Royal Festival Hall under Andrew Manze. Anthony was playing on the Carlo Bergonzi I made for him.
  7. Hi dear Tony, everything looks good on flamed maple, can you post some sample on carved spruce?
  8. One of my cellos in Korngold Concerto.
  9. Santiago Canon Valencia, 2d price at the Tchaikovsky Competion 2019
  10. This violin have been sold by Stainer to a convent near Munich. In the XIX century, Hamma bought it from the convent and consider "the wearing of the finger board is consistent with the wearing of the violin"