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  1. Violin bridges holder ( maybe a french habit?) and a scribing point.
  2. The FF holes are a bit smaller than the violins of this period, the objective is to reduce the wolf notes often seen on Del Gésù of this post 1740 period.
  3. One of my violins in Saint Saens no3 at 21’ https://www.radioclassique.fr/replay/reecouter-un-concert/benjamin-levy-dirige-saint-saens-avec-lorchestre-de-cannes/?fbclid=IwAR32JNxY4UJZWPwlXodqseFLzJvsG9iIzz8pp-plQoas2RmUrzS9gfyuPUU
  4. Thank you, I work very hard to try to achieve an attractive look..... and sound!
  5. Actually, I never see what you want to show in your photos, or very dark, or with reflection on the surface, or with bizarre light . I think, if you try iPhone in natural light , it works well for us to understand your way of varnishing.
  6. What do you call reinforcements?
  7. Latest recording with one of my violin. Very nice from the player to say he is playing on a modern instrument and even saying who made it. https://youtu.be/aZmhvWuvBao?list=RDaZmhvWuvBao
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