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  1. Hi dear Tony, everything looks good on flamed maple, can you post some sample on carved spruce?
  2. One of my cellos in Korngold Concerto.
  3. Santiago Canon Valencia, 2d price at the Tchaikovsky Competion 2019
  4. This violin have been sold by Stainer to a convent near Munich. In the XIX century, Hamma bought it from the convent and consider "the wearing of the finger board is consistent with the wearing of the violin"
  5. The finger-board is original, so, pretty much the same of what we have today, or at least not very different!
  6. In this 1668 violin, it does not seem that set the neck with angle was the fashion of the time.
  7. Today, yes, but in the XVII century, if you want an higher bridge, you´ll have an enormous fingerboard at the neck-root. Not nice for the player.
  8. One of the advantage to taper the belly side on the upper part is to have a sharper angle of the strings at the bridge (imagine the upper nut 2 mm lower) and to rise the pressure on the bridge. A kind of "renversement avant la lettre"
  9. It´s , for me, the height at the top block (30mm), running parallel of the back, but going to far on the ribs, it´s why it´s still visible. After 1725, the instruments are not as well finished than before.
  10. For support the Roger Hardgrave theorie on the Biddulph book about Del Gésù, here is a pic of the Stradivari 1727 "Reynier" with the mark of the taper on the top side. (please don´t publish it on internet without my credit) I do it myself on the back side, I don´t feel we should do the same than the classical Cremonese makers! For have recently removed the top on one of my viola after 6 month, I can say the tension of the back on the ribs..... and neck, is still very strong.
  11. Thanks. No it’s not the Alard, it’s a “grand patern”
  12. Yes, it’s her only violin, after she gave back a Del Gesù.
  13. He plays on my instrument since 15 years, after few years playing the "Reynier" Stradivari , he is back playing my violin............. but I´m not one of the most expensive maker!