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  1. Very sorry to hear that.
  2. For the spruce , I have no experience, but for the maple, I have the feeling that is quite different of European maple, less nervous, more spongy . The Bernardel instruments made with this wood are not the best of this maker, even if the flames are very nice.
  3. If you want to judge a ground, look at the spruce or unflamed maple, on flamed maple, mainly American wood,everything looks good.
  4. Does the wolf note affect higher notes, D? when the B1+ mode rise to 590?
  5. French and German did that, like Bill Lacey said, with Maggini label, even if Maggini never did double scroll On Vuillaume Maggini copy, the scroll is usually simple, no extra turn.
  6. No, I clean them with mineral spirit first then with water and soap ( Marseille soap) and let it dry well before to use it again. i don’t like to keep them in solvant before to use it with my varnish.
  7. I use bee wax on the neck. Works very well, musicians doesn’t like varnished neck, with the wax, the feeling is like very smooth bare wood. I use an hair dryer for deeper penetration.
  8. What Vatelot thought me about Napolean luthiers and the supposed paper for the black is the very neat interruption of the varnish in top of the black. Bit more of what I see on your cello.
  9. Varnish, how do you like it to be In the bottle or at the end of the process, on the instrument?
  10. https://vernix.philharmoniedeparis.fr/vernix/infodoc/page-daccueil-infodoc.aspx
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