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  1. Very good sounding instrument, great unusual look, made by Andrea Guarneri with a top from his son, Joseph filius.
  2. New project, copy of the Pinchas Zukerman’s composite viola.
  3. Very sad to know the loss of Philippe Dupuy, violin maker for many years rue de Rome in Paris, son of Georges Dupuy and grandson of Eugene Sartory. A gentleman with huge culture and very refined humour.
  4. Yes! With a 1995 Port wine! In this very difficult times, some hope for the future is welcome.
  5. Great weekend, many of my instruments played by soloist these two days!
  6. It’s tapered too, but the opposite way, narrower at the contact point with the top and wider on the free side. Different goal.
  7. Vuillaume seems to have be interested by the research of Mailland but nothing proved he used it.
  8. First one in Amsterdam, first violin at Concert-Gebouw Orchestra ( where I have already a viola)
  9. No, when I met him, he was already playing on the Milanollo, great sounding instruments, like most of the 1727 period (Kreutzer, Reynier.......) Vatelot liked very much the President, but I never saw it.
  10. Yes, very much, very musical city. i will share my time between Lisbon an Amsterdam.
  11. It can be a wolf note, are the C sensitive on A and D strings too?
  12. Ferras played the Stradivari "le President" and, after, until his tragic death, the "Milanollo" He was our client at Vatelot and I remember this very sad day when the violin came in the workshop after he committed suicide.