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  1. christian bayon

    Flatening a plane

    Don´t make it flat, for working well, a plane need to be slightly hollow in le length direction.
  2. christian bayon

    Christian Bayon´s bench

    I bought it 15 years ago and I don´t know the new product. I´ll check if it´s different.
  3. christian bayon

    f hole cutting with a knife?

    Yes, and I did it myself. Of course it´s only for "open" the FF, like you do with a saw, after, you cut them normally, only with knives.
  4. christian bayon

    f hole cutting with a knife?

    In Mirecourt. First half of the XX century, the old guys cut very deeply with a knife, before carving the inside of the top. You need good muscle and a good hand! Fast and clean. Mirecourt way!
  5. christian bayon

    Don Noon's bench

    Nice varnish so far.
  6. christian bayon

    F- hole region - most sensitive spot on the violin?

    Last but not least I remember having read an article which focused on the importance of the thickness around the f holes. It is known that if the area below the treble side f hole is too thin a wolf note can come out. treble side?
  7. christian bayon

    Christian Bayon´s bench

    Searching for light "craquelé" GDG mood.
  8. christian bayon

    Christian Bayon's Bass Bar In the Feb. 18 Strad

    After to glue it, only the height can be adjusted, at the centre and at the ends. Narrower?, why not? 6 or 7 gr, 2 more than my "normal" bar. For the taper, the bar follow the shape of the top.
  9. christian bayon

    Tapering the Ribs

    It lowered the nut since it lowered the neck.
  10. christian bayon

    Tapering the Ribs

    One of the effect of tapering the ribs on the belly side is to increase the string s angle at the bridge, maybe it was the purpose since , in the XVII century, with the baroque neck, it was difficult to add pressure on the bridge.
  11. christian bayon

    Tapering the Ribs

    It s why I said "for me"
  12. christian bayon

    Tapering the Ribs

    It s more logical for me, the ribs are under tension since the back is forced and they force the neck to the opposite direction from the strings tension.
  13. christian bayon

    Tapering the Ribs

    It seems, like said Roger, Stradivari tapered the belly side. Here id the "Reynier " Strad, 1727, you can see the scribe line marking it. I do it on the back side.
  14. christian bayon

    Indianapolis Violin Making Competition

    This two sentence does not work very well together ! Usually the best makers does not have violin available for sale!
  15. christian bayon

    Christian Bayon´s bench

    Experimentation of a new varnish.