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  1. I've been using a modified Venta humidifier in the winter season, and it works pretty well. Read more in my previous post from 2011.
  2. It is nearly impossible to get as "high" as 50% when it's really cold outside, even with full boost on the humidifier. It has three settings, 1-2-3, and I have to adjust it manually to stay within a certain range. If it's -15 degrees Celsius outside for many weeks, I'm happy if I manage to stay around 40%. In the coldest periods I do have some issues with condensation on the main wndow, but not on the walls. And I don't see that as a big problem. When it's around 0 degrees Celsius outside, it's easy to maintain 40 - 55%.
  3. In Norway and many other countries in the world we have cold winters. Heating is causing our indoor climate to become quite dry. Several years ago I purchased a Venta Airwasher LW 24, which humidifies and washes the air, and I've been quite happy with that. But the main problem is that during the coldest periods, the humidifier needed a refill of water almost every day. I bought some parts at a local hardware store, and added a second watertank. Instead of having a capacity of 7 liters, the total is now 57 liters, and I can be away for a week or more without having any worries about instruments cracking or glue seams open. Hope this experience is useful for some of you having the same climate challenges.
  4. Thanks for all your nice comments. I've received quite a number of orders, and start shipping this week. Some people are asking for cheaper shipping costs from Norway, but I'm already offering the cheapest option from the post office. Norway is an expensive country in general. I hope you will enjoy the catalogues!
  5. Three catalogues were made for the exhibition in Bergen 2010, including the 12 late del Gesú violins. Text in English and Norwegian. Instrument descriptions by John Dilworth. Most of the photos by Richard Valencia. Basic measurements are provided in the catalogues. I offer all three of them in one set for 10 EUR + shipping and packing. I ship to most countries worldwide. Only payments thru PayPal are accepted. For more info: http://www.vonderlippe.com/engelsk/kataloger.html
  6. Bruce, Just wanted to thank you and all the other organizers of this truly inspiring symposium and exhibition. It's always nice to come back to Cremona to meet old violins and new friends. Especially the Bergonzi cello blew me away. Modern makers should see more instruments like this in order to understand more of how they looked when new. Of course the varnish is somehow oxidised after many years, but still it has a story to tell. Jacob
  7. Attached are images from the three different catalogues we made for the exhibition in Bergen. If you want to order, please send me an e-mail thru my website. Please don't send me messages thru Maestronet Messenger.
  8. Yes, there was three catalogues made for the exhibition. One with the 25 old Dextra Musica instruments, one with the 12 late del Gesús, and a small one with the 11 modern makers involved in Dextra Musica. I sell all three of them together for 10 EUR + shipping and packing. Only payments thru PayPal are accepted.
  9. For those who are curious to see how the violin made by seven different makers turned out, I've made some quick shots. The violin was made in six weeks in April/May 2010 in Bergen, during the Ole Bull celebration. The seven makers were: Patrick Robin, Michael Stürzenhofecker, Frédéric Chaudiere, Nicolas Gilles, Andreas Hellinge, Silvio Levaggi and Jacob von der Lippe. The violin is now part of the Dextra Musica collection, and will be played by a norwegian violinist. Thanks to everybody who came to the exhibit, it was an amazing experience! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=6944...mp;id=530576744
  10. For those who still want to see the exhibition, there is time. The last day is Wednesday the 9th of June, The opening hours are 11:00 to 17:00 every day. We just had a great seminar here in the weekend with many violinmakers and leading experts. Attached are a few more photos from the exhibition. Photos by Dag Fosse.
  11. Finally I have two minutes to tell you what's going on in Bergen. We worked really hard to get the whole exhibition ready, and I'm very pleased with the result!! The way the instruments goes together with the art photos on the walls by Tom Sandberg, and the specifically designed glass cases gives a stunning result. Anyone who still has the chance to book tickets and come to Bergen should really do it. Enjoy some photos from the opening: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=1765...70&v=photos Hope to see you in Bergen, I'm here the whole time.
  12. That's correct, have a look at page 37, The Strad Feb. 2010. It shows very well the medullary rays.
  13. Sure, we are! The west coast in the spring time is really beautiful. To find cheap tickets from many destinations in Europe to Bergen, try: http://www.norwegian.no/en/ If you fly to Oslo, I can recommend a truly nice trip with the train over the mountains to Bergen (it takes approx. 8 hrs), check out the option "Minipris" on: http://www.nsb.no/?lang=en_US With "Minipris" you can pay as little as NOK 199 (ca. 25 EUR) one way.
  14. That cello has so much personality! I made a cello based on that instrument two years ago for Dextra Musica. The cello is now on display in Bergen. You can see a couple of pictures here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=1765...mp;id=530576744
  15. That's correct, the "Terminator" is the one Henning Kraggerud is playing. The back is beechwood like Melving is correctly stating. It's a stunning violin with a fantastic sound! The Bergen event and the Oslo are two different things (500 km distance Oslo-Bergen) . The Ole Celebration event in Bergen started last week with the making of a Ole Bull copy by Silvio Levaggi and me. Nicolas Gilles is there right now making the ribs. This violin will be finished on the 21th of May, involving 7 makers along the way. At the same time we're exhibiting instruments by 11 modern makers. But from 26th of May - 9th of June the main exhibition is opening (it's a part of the International Bergen Festval http://www.fib.no/en , featuring the 13 del Gesú violin, plus these instruments from the Dextra Musica collection: C. Bergonzi violin 1735 Cremona G.B. Guadagnini viola 1781 Torino M. Goffriller viola 1710 Venezia F. Ruggeri cello 1680 Cremona A. Stradivari violin 1689 Cremona G.B. Guadagnini violin 1751 Milano G. Guarneri filius Andrea violin 1703 Cremona G.B. Rogeri cello 1695 Brescia G. Da Saló bass c 1580 Brescia F. Ruggieri violin ca 1670-80 Cremona J.B. Vuillaume violin 1850 Paris G. Guarneri "del Gesú" violin 1744 Cremona Many of these instruments will be played in concerts during the Festival. The flight situation is now much better in Europe, and I hope it will stay that way. Attached are a photo from the modern instrument exhibition, and a photo of Nicolas Gilles working in the museum. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=176566343570#