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  1. Very sorry to hear this news, He is such a giver. We all wish the best and a speedy recovery; he is needed. Homey
  2. Grasshopper, Yes I would lie 5 sets or so How about you? Homey
  3. Howdy, Good looking wood. Do you have sets of rib and neck wood to match? Homey
  4. thanks Tim, Inside of violin with the soft lights shining through f holes is like being in a a cathedral Homey
  5. In my vast experience I find that all chocolate cakes are great. Manfio you hit the nail on the head, one has to play, listen, and see, Most of us are blind and deaf, but not you.
  6. Joe, Wow! what a background you have with instrument making, you could teach us all a few tricks. Have you ever applied colored spray lacquer, like from Stu Mac on violins? Homey
  7. Thin with water and heat wood with heat gun or lamp probably the best bet. Or work faster
  8. Salt in portland cement will extend curing time. Also salt in beer is fun to watch.
  9. Great sound. I bee loving it. Keep it up Mariakis. All of your creations are appreciated.
  10. The customer is the customer, go for it. But try to find quilted cedar or redwood. Ms Kimmi will play it for us.
  11. Mariakis I wish I understood Greek, I'm sure it had glowing terms about your efforts, keep it up. Your comment was well said and polite.
  12. It was a pleasure talking with you. The bass wood is on it's way. Let us know how it works out. Homey
  13. that's because it is tradtional and reversible. You are a fantastic experimenter and me thinks you can do whatever you desire, but others should have same respect. When you discover more wonders of the world let me know. I like thinking about other methods and their results.