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  1. The button looks really weird to me. The stamp is not quite what I expected. I own an Andre Vigneron and have seen lots of others. The pics doesn't look like the Vignerons I know.
  2. It looks really nice. Can you post sound clips of your instrument?
  3. My instrument-shopping pal told me to always trust me 1st impression. If your gut says otherwise, then back out of the the deal. Even if the paperwork and the instrument check out, you are always going to have that doubt. Would a paper from Charles Beare make you feel much comfortable such that you would want to buy that instrument willingly and whole heartedly? In additional, why would you want to pay for an instrument doesn't have much originality left? Revarnished, lots repairs, and odd scroll graft? And a dealer with bad business manners? I believe you can always get a refund on the deposit if you are not going through with the deal... I hope you have a receipt though! I think in your situation, it's not so much that have you been scammed. It's whether you will let yourself get scammed?!
  4. I think looks and sound are independant. I remember playing a very ugly violin by Nicolas Vuillaume at Tarisio a couple years back. I didn't want to believe the violin sounded good, but it was much better sounding than most other instruments. Maggini, Da Salo, and Gagliano family all used much plainer backs. However, you don't find many peopel disputing the sound of instruments made by these makers. Don't let your eyes fool your ears. Don't let your eyes fool your heart either.
  5. Hi Yuen, Although I'd like to find out who made your violin but I won't ask... My experience with my owm commissioned violin is that, after owming it for almost 4 yrs, the sound got better. The power is still the same but the sound has matured. You should bring the violin back to the luthier and have him take a look. I know fingerboard projection usually changes after a year. I am not this change would cause your violin to "lose" its sound.
  6. My personal favourites are... Andrew Manze Hilary Hahn... don't forget... Christian Tetzlaff!
  7. I agree with your interpretation... cus the tone improved like day and night. More isn't better, for once.
  8. I took my bow for rehair yesterday. While the hair was being removed from the frog, there was a piece of paper in the mortise... It reads "on ne parle pas la bouche pleine". I think I know what that means but the French experts, please chime in! The hair on my bow, before the rehair, was very very full. And someone used some superglue to make the hair stay in place. The bowmaker had to remove some ebony when he was only aiming at removing the hair. So I certainly "couldn't speak with a mouthfull" because I was unhappy with the previous rehair, whom I have no clue that person is. Anyway, do rehair experts like to stick pieces of paper in the frog for the next person?
  9. THE HAIR!!! For the first time I realize how much difference good hair makes. When I first got one of my bows, the bow plaed okay and sounded okay. After a rehair, things complete changed. I did not know the bow hair makes such a huge effect on the tone. The playability is before and after this amazing rehair was similar but the tone is very different. After the good rehair, the tone is more intense and focused. HAIR HAIR HAIR!
  10. I am not sure how accurately you can judge an instrument/bow from just the pictures. I've seen many very nice pictures of instruments/bows over the internet and when I have them in hands, they were rather disappointing, and vice versa. Instruments appeared crappy doesn't mean it'll sound bad and vice versa. Depending on whether you are a collector and/or player, the appearance may not mean as much as the sound. Paganini's Cannone looked really "roughed-up" back at the turn of last century. In fact it may have sounded bad at that time. The very same instrument appears to be different today, tonally and aesthetically. My point is, pictures may not always be able to support a conclusion. But again, opinions are personal and everyoen is entitled to their own despite their credential.
  11. Just to let everyone know... I posted a couple of things over www.netinstruments.com and www.usedviolins.com. I get about 5-10 scam mails everyday very similar to the one you described. So if anyone who wants to post their item on either of those sites, think 3 times. You'll be annoyed with these mails very soon. These sites are free to post but will cost you to remove your posting. After months of posting, I have not received any "real" inquiries. So leave these sites alone.
  12. looks like you need to bring that to a shop and have them take a look. It's hard to see whats the issue but the bar doesn't appear to be glued to the table.
  13. Couple musician friends of mine got violins from Sam Z. They said there disappointed.
  14. The best instrument I've ever played was a Maggini violin.
  15. regardless of if the items is what the seller says is and despite the authenticity of the certificate, I think it's always very risky to spend a big chunk of dough on intruments over eBay without seeing it in person.
  16. Hello Everyone, Thank you all for your offers. I was able to get my matter resolved. But now I know who to look up if I need future help!
  17. Very nice! I know comments from pro's like Tree means a lot. Did he leave any feed back on the possible grounds of improvement?
  18. aaa... sorry... you were talking about luthiers who strictly devote themsevles into new making and this making new instruments was their fulltime job.
  19. You should find how much it will cost. Since you are a player, you then can decide if the sound is worth the money. If you don't know the sound of this instrument already, the you are taking a risk. But is this risk a $500 risk or a $5000 risk?! Is the risk worth taking? You may want to talk a expert about this. They may be able to tell you more about the intrsument. Pictures can only go so far. As a player, you should think as a player.
  20. How about Nicolas Bergonzi? Was he prolific or did he have a small output? I mentioned his name because I recently met someone who owned one of his instrument. hmm... such gorgeous looking and sounding instrument!
  21. I would like my baby to get a nice tan! But you are right, I've heard people say leavning instruments under the sun is damaging to the varnish.
  22. I will agree with you on the Tarisio to a certain point. The good stuff always sell for at least the lower reserve price during the "1st round". This is case with other auction houses as well. When Tarisio lower their reserve for the "2nd round", i don't think they lower it that much. I think you get a little break, probably around 10 % or so. If the item is good and the price is reasonable, there's no point to risk that 10%. With that said, I spotted a few bargain items. I am not sure what the market looks like because I am just an amateur player who like to own instruments/bows that plays. With living making continously making and selling instruments at a rising price, the market shouldn't be too bad. As to Da Salo's attractions of high end bidders, I really don't know what's going on. You are right, currency is not good for Americans. $1 Euro is trading at about USD $1.23. That means if you pay american dollars, you'll tag on additional 30% for currency exchange. However, you tag on this 30% after you also pay the commission and international shipping. International shipping is not cheap! When I got a bow directly from a maker in France, the shipping was $150 Euro. Currency is certainly towards our disadvantage... Over all, I am not comfortable with their pricing. To me, as a player, their estimates are too high. Before I bid on an item, I always ask my ask myself. If I was to sell this item with a dealer, how much can I get for it? If I can recover my cost and the consignment fee, then it's a green light. If not, I leave the item alone. In Da Salo's case, you are pushing the envelope. I am not sure if you can recover your cost. I am not a dealer and i don't know much about the market so I do my estimate from researching dealers asking price. The whole concept of "buying something cheap but genuine at an auction" with out any expertise, like what I am doing, is interesting.
  23. Yup... i tried couple of online translators, they are no good.
  24. Any French speakers on here who could help me decipher some violin related language encrypted in French?
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