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  1. My experience with planes and joints is very different to what you describe.
  2. From the crisp condition of the brands, and the absence of general wear, it seems to me this bow was never used much. I would ignore the comments about the bow needing bushed, it won’t. Take it to someone for a re-hair, and call it a day.
  3. Much better pictures, and ones that are in focus are needed. No point to speculate, when the extent of the damage can’t be seen clearly.
  4. EBay has given rise to sellers who can easily exploit this, opening up an international arena of people who should know better. There is a big difference between someone not knowing much about violins, and being overly optimistic when selling, compared to those who know a lot, and pretend they don’t. The latter seem to be very clever in providing enough to hook people in, while at the same time, distancing themselves just enough to avoid any come back. There seems to be a type of addict who just trawls through eBay with every spare minute, hoping to buy the sleeper of a lifetime. T
  5. Hard to play piano, with such short arms and only three claws.
  6. This highlights problems which can arise, when using only photos vs having an instrument in hand. Did Florian make any comments on the brand, or about the scroll, which you mentioned previously may not be original?
  7. Not quite crustaceans, but some historical documents mention powdered cuttlefish bone, to burnish the wood before varnishing.
  8. No, not at all. It bent fine, and planed up ok with a very sharp plane. The only major difference came when scraping the back. Due to the differing grain directions, some part was always catching against the scraper and going fuzzy. It took a long time with super sharp scrapers, and a light touch, but I got there in the end. At least now I know this, I’ll be better prepared for the next quilted one.
  9. It’s hard to know if this is serious question, or you just like to take the piss. The book is the catalogue of an exhibition, which was held to celebrate 400 years of making in Britain. Featuring violins, violas, cellos, basses, viols and bows from the 1660s onwards, along with a selection of contemporary makers. 416 pages in all. It includes biographies of the makers represented, along with information about London in the past, supported by documents, old maps and historical context. There are notes on construction techniques, even details of period set-up, neck lengths and bass bar
  10. That isn’t a straight forward open seam. The ribs have become distorted, probably the back and belly too, to an extent. It can be sorted out, but your quote of $15 seems rather low for a good job
  11. White glue never seems to dry hard and glassy, like hide glue will.
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