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  1. Do you know what his favourite beer was? I hope you enjoy the celebrations for your namesake!
  2. It is difficult to be certain from the limited photos, but the corner blocks & linings are looking like later replacements, along with the neck block. One piece tops are by no means unique, and your idea about the scroll is way, way off the mark.
  3. Eventually, all the dust, rosin dust, bits of bow hair etc will begin to gather into a clump, getting bigger as it gathers more. Over time they form a ball which can look like felt. They are very common.
  4. And you are improving or rectifying things with this nonsense, by equating an opinion on an Ebay violin with mass murderers? Seriously?
  5. I think we need to add horrid Ebay rot boxes to this list, which also sound like angels singing (but only to the ears of the winning bidder)
  6. This can always be a risk buying from photos only, just like second hand cars where photos of the good side are used. Maybe you can cut it for ribs if the figure is nice, hardly seems worth sending back at $40. Those checks in the endgrain can go in quite far, so unless it’s a really oversize wedge it’s not looking promising. Recently I bought some wood from Poland which had very nice figure, but on receiving it saw there were numerous small knots on the edges. These knots are radial, so will run right across the whole width
  7. Neither the scroll or body resemble the work of the Gagliano. I hope your friend won’t be too upset.
  8. The end button should be a good fit in the block. If it is not tight, they can pull out very easily when you try and fit the tailpiece. You may be able to hold it in place with one hand while tensioning the strings and get it to hold. If it seems very loose, have it replaced, or the hole bushed.
  9. I agree, and I'm sure it would severely upset the status quo to a great extent!
  10. That requirement would only be on the original manufacturer though, wouldn’t it? Plenty of old sliver items items over that weight are sold everyday in antique shops without hallmarks. All those hallmarks are just laughable and pointless, but in the world of the eBay buyer I’m sure it adds a feel good factor while getting fleeced.
  11. Many many moons ago I did try this out of curiosity. The results I remember were that it still played and sounded ok, not the horror show I’d anticipated. The position I chose mirrored where i’d usually set it behind the bridge.
  12. New versions of Stahlhammer do come with a plastic cone now. I assumed this was more for cost, being easier to injection mould the tapered cone, rather than turn one from an aluminium billet.