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  1. Hello Jim, I regularly use pear. In a finished instrument there isn't a huge difference really, it's just a bit darker than a maple or poplar equivalent. Have a look in the contemporary makers forum for my work.
  2. English is indeed my first language, being both English, and living in England. Presumably for your friend to collect their Testore from the workshop, it will inevitably involve some human contact.
  3. Maybe the shop owner doesn't want to risk their life, and the lives of their family by continuing to meet clients? It's not hard to understand why there are restrictions in place, if you care to look around at what is currently happening all around the world.
  4. I would agree with this. With a new instrument, you get what you are paying for. No condition issues to worry about, and most makers are very invested in having happy and satisfied customers. After all, the instrument itself becomes their main form of advertising. That level of back up counts for a lot, with many offering free adjustments & servicing too. Sadly true, and in many cases the teacher in question has probably never played on a good contemporary instrument. It's just an ingrained bias, based on nonsense they were fed as a student.
  5. Before the lid went onto the pie...
  6. Thanks, Jim. A long time ago, I managed to get five pieces all from the same tree. This was the least figured out of the five, and really looks stunning when you turn it through the light. Can't wait to use the others in the future
  7. I am also an offender when it comes to gouges, but in a different way. I have a large roll of very nice Addis gouges which I never really use for scrolls, preferring Ashley Iles block cutters instead. Not only are they cheaper than gouges, but the length is perfect for scrolls, they are also light, but well-balanced. I would be ashamed to admit how many gouges I own
  8. Now the UK has an enforced lockdown for at least three weeks, but probably more. Everyone has watched these measures take place across Europe, and other parts of the world. Still a shock that it has finally happened, although I felt it was inevitable given the situation.
  9. I don't think you will find many English makers were using beech.
  10. It is worth adding a temporary mass to the underside of the fingerboard, and moving it around to see if it will stop. Something like blu tack, or blu tack and a small coin is a good starting point. Given the value of the instrument, I doubt either the strings or set up will be good, so you may need to look at a range of other factors too.
  11. A pity that someone used a crowbar to prise off the top and split it.
  12. Will be useful to know the "overstand" measurement too.