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  1. Ken, I just brought the schweistzer home a few minutes ago. It surprised me. It does have a two piece back, shows some signs of age and wear but no cracks or repairs. Sounds nice with it's deep tones.
  2. Reese, I just brought the violin home a few minutes ago. It has a two piece back, no cracks anywhere, straight finger board, tuning pegs fit as they should and it sounds very nice. Has a rather deep tone to it. I hope I made a good deal. anyway, I'm satisfied. George
  3. Robertdo, I have several new violins, yes they are nice but now and then (myself) would like to have an old hand made violin be it real or a good sounding fake. Machine made violins are so impersonable. I like to hold a little history in my hands.
  4. I tried to attach a photo but I can't figure out how to do it. I really hope this one sounds decent. I've tried to find information about J. B. Schweitzer and his original violins but haven't found much so far. Any suggestions where to look? George
  5. I just found out this morning that one of our local Luthiers did the set up on this violin. I have'nt talked with him yet but at least I have a contact on the actual condition of the instrument. Thank you so much for the picture of an original label. I plan to pick it up tomorrow evening. George
  6. Reese, I can let you know more about it on wednesday or thursday. Thank you for the information. It does look like a one piece back.
  7. I am thinking about purchasing an old Jon Bapt. Schweitzer Violin. It looks old, smells old but is it? The label inside has three lines of information. The 1st line: Jon Bapt. Schweitzer fecit at Forman. The 2nd reads: Heronymi Amati 1820. 3rd line is the date: The 18 is printed but the 20 is written. On the back near the neck button the name Schweitzer is stamped into the wood. I've been told that dates of 1813 and 1814 are mostly fake. Does anyone know about the 1820 series? It is a beautiful violin even if it's not 190 years old. It has been offered to me for $350.00. Does this seem to be a fair price to pay even if it is a fake? Any information would be appreciated before I part with the dollars. George
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