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  1. the point A is the end of the fingerboard (or the back of the nut). On the C&J book the distance from this point to the end of the neck is to be 136mm so that once the neck is morticed into the belly the distance between A and the belly edge is 130mm which is a standard measurement.
  2. On the other hand I think it can hardly be otherwise. Checking someone background thoroughly would require means that no professional association can have or should have I would say. Maybe you've heard that recently the french budget minister (the same who was supposed to deal with tax evasion) had to resign because it appears that he had an unlawful bank account in Switzerland! And it was only discovered through some strange ways (wrong phone number, recording tape being handled to reporters, etc...) It's only, if I believe what I read, when you wish to become a minister at the white house, or a supreme court judge that secret services enter the game...
  3. Well if you've eaten enough beetroots you know that it doesn't only happens to rabbits Even if one is aware of this, it's kind of scary when it happens. then you remember what you've eaten the day before and relax a little bit...
  4. In waiting for the spider web protein fibers...
  5. What you can also do is to draw the outline of the plate on the side you already put the linings. Cut the plate and finish it (arching hollowing, F-holes if it's the front plate etc...).then you take the garland off and glue the plate. When this is done you can put the linings on the other side and go on with the other plate.
  6. what about the E string peg? Should it be left more sticky than the others?
  7. I would think that dendrochronology has brought some information about the wood used by the Cremonese. Of course it's not a chemical analysis, but it's still valuable. And who knows, someone might have some pieces of furniture or unexpensive wood work that were done with the same trees and would be willing to give some sample for further detailed studies
  8. the red color is probably due to the thickness of the piece of resin you showed. It is not surprising it goes yellow when dissolved in a larger volume of solvent. this is often the frustrating part of varnish. You get a real nice colour in the pot that you really like just to find out that the 2 or 3 layers on the violin are nowhere near what you were expecting...
  9. I was under the impression that the graduation punch was used near the last step of graduation since a screws with let's say 1mm per turn would allow easily a very precise thicknessing. today I guess we have thicknessing gauges precise enough to do this job but if I believe the picture of the ones Stradivarius was using I would think they were made for the rough hollowing and his graduation punch was used last before the scrapers.
  10. I think it reads "due piccolo squadre", 2 little squares
  11. Now, how did they know what it was when all these tools were found? Was there any indications or was it just guess work?
  12. It's not the grim reaper. Although the comic book was dark/grim, the hero was a positive one, even though looking the way it looked might not have been easy in the everyday life. I wish I could remember or find one of the small books. Maybe it was in the same books as the metal men or the original Doom patrol.
  13. Of course the size of the piece of wood is not given. It probably makes a difference if it 3 cm long or 15 cm long
  14. I would swear that when I was a kid I was reading some black and white superhero dark comics (probably american) where the central hero looked like this (like one arm was a bird of prey arm, etc..) and he could transform into each of the animal featured by each of his limbs. Can't remember the name though .
  15. On the screen I measured155 degree for the angle. Is it not near of what the strings angle above the bridge should be or should have been in 1600-1700 ?
  16. Maybe the curve after the notch was actually important. Or maybe it's just the effect of many uses of the square? If someone can measure the angle we might get some idea of the use of the larger square (assuming of course that it was used for violin making... )
  17. In Wikipedia they say that "... Larsen was attempting to create a formula to prevent corrosion in nuclear missiles..." that is a very unusual reason to mix oils. Was there no corrosion on the other missiles? ....
  18. It's a very old DVD player or a mobile phone where you only say honest things...
  19. Believe me most of the francophone would not be able to tell if it's an "accent grave" or an "accent aigu"....: And we learn very quickly to forget about accent when we type on a british keyboard...
  20. Kimmo89 is the name of the poster (#35)
  21. Don' t they make soap out of it?
  22. I think Kimmo was the one asking how to remove the garland...
  23. But one can't deny the fact that a movie is much more intriguing when the hero, in order to save the world, has to sneak into a book library and tear off one page of a secret manuscript while preventing to cough, rather than simply download the page from wikipedia...
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