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  1. In the meantime you can also visit the numerous websites showing the making of a violin from the wood to the finished product. Not many makers (probably even only a handful of them) use a steaming method to make the front and back plates although someone (Don Noon?) posted here this method step by step.
  2. Reading here and there about some philosphers or thinkers' ideas concerning the difference between an artist and a craftman, I read that one thing that could differentiate them is that the "idea" is preceding the work of a craftman, while the "idea" comes to the artist during the making process or even after. Well that's not too silly an idea I would think.
  3. I wish someone could summarise what the answer to the original question is after all...
  4. robertdo

    violin id?

    Yes, I don't think one needs to be an expert to see that this is no real graft (on the first picture all the lines of the wood going down show no difference on the part below the "graft") and if you look inside the peg holes there is no cutting lines like one should see in case of a graft.
  5. Could this "bright white area" at the top of the soundpost simply be a patch or a repair?
  6. What do you think is the "extra" thickness on the ribs on the treble side?
  7. For the C# scale in 1 octave you can indeed stay in first position. But if you want a second (or a third) octave you will need to shift.
  8. I have 2 versions of this paxton book of scales and arpeggios. the first one (bought for a few £) is a the new version obviously, and the C# scales are written as "Db major (enharmonic C#)" and notes are written as so on the partition, starting with a Db, the minor scales are called C# minor melodic and C# minor harmonic. the second Paxton book (bought for £0.60 in a charity shop), is a much older version and more complete, with its C# scale written as "C# major (enharmonic Db)", with all the notes in # starting with a C#. Funny that they switched from C# to Db for the major scale. Since I never went to music school, the Db notation for the major scale is easier to read in my opinion.
  9. In my books the C# scale is called Db major (or "enharmonic C#) and starts on the G string. I always found it easier to play the major scale starting with the fourth finger on the G string, while starting with the third finger for the C# minor melodic and harmonic. On my Paxton scales and arpeggios book, the fourth finger is suggested for the D# (second note) of the melodic and harmonic scale.
  10. I believe that if you think of a painter as someone only making paintings then this painter is a craftman. If you think that a painter is trying to express something with his/her paintings then he/she is probably an artist as well. But then what is "art" since there is no universal definition of it ?
  11. Except with custom officers though...
  12. robertdo

    Center join

    Let's not forget that if a stone is flat at 2.5microns +/- (0.0001inch) it might not be the case for the micromesh paper used to flatten the sole of the plane...
  13. But if the function of the soundpost is to transmit the vibrations from the bridge/top plate to the back plate, then a "perfectly fitted" soundpost would only "perfectly" transmit these vibrations. that doesn't seem to me to equate "best sound"?
  14. the Wikipedia file suggests Ferras played 2 Stradivarius, the President and the Millanolo. On several youtube videos where you can see the violin I won't say he played a Stradivarius, but it doesn't look like a Guarnerius.
  15. I did order one E amber, so I will see how it goes as far as whistling (but the residual torsion on the string is likely the reason why these strings don't whistle because there is always someting to grab the bow hair?) and tension is concerned. By the way since you are having trouble with the E string patent, are you also having trouble selling the other strings of the set since I guess they are the usual synthetic core one wounded with a metal?
  16. robertdo

    Center join

    But it should not really matter that much if it's 88 degrees or 92 (assuming the edges and the half plates are thick enough) since you still can make the final piece of wood flat after the two halves have been glued together.
  17. Funny but on the label on the right, the accent on the "eleve" word is on the wrong orientation and one accent is missing on the "academie" word. On the violin the accent is the good one on the "eleve" word.
  18. Gitlis once commented on Milstein constantly looking for new fingering ways.
  19. Indeed it's kind of surprising that Pirastro was able to make the tonica after thomastik had created the Dominant since with a similar so "broad" and "vague" patent as the one we are discussing here, no possibility to create another synthetic core wounded string would have existed for about 20 years after...
  20. Wouldn't it be possible for you to contact a "big" string company and try to get them to sell you E string against a pourcentage on each sale? they might be able to defend the patent more easily.
  21. I wonder if I could have a patent on a device that could fit in one hand, with some kind of keyboard (with all the letters of the alphabet) someone could use to type a text that the device would be able to send to someone else without the need for a pidgeon. It could use some waves, like electromagnetic ones. the same device could be optimised to be able to send images too... then if possible, vocal messages could also be delivered in all possible languages, even extraterrestrial ones, so that aliens would not be able to battle the patent
  22. I agree with Martin Strangely the article reminds that the law divides bamboos in 2 categories, the dried one that cannot grow again, and the other kind. So I wonder if really a flute made of bamboo could regrow when planted. On the other hand I am quite certain that if you plant a violin you won't get a pine tree and a maple tree...
  23. Why would you "have" to start with a particular finger for this scale?
  24. I am a little bit surprised that thomastik would bother so much for a patent on a E string given that what people mostly buy from them is all the other strings of the set except for the E one. It's also a pity that no real European patent office really exists.
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