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  1. That's the way they are on grands and some studio pianos. My studio piano, however, has a mute on that pedal. Inside the piano there is a large piece of felt that is lowered when you press the piano. It makes it extremely quiet, though on mine, the F that is top line of treble is right where one piece of felt ends, so that one note is really loud! Still, a good feature for practicing late at night, especially if you live in an apartment building.
  2. alemap- I just realized that your "name" is just "Pamela" backwards. I hope someone else didn't get that either. Congratulations Anastasia! and Good luck!
  3. I am officially a Piano Performance major. I enrolled today. I wasn't planning on majoring in Performance, but an unexpected and sort of complicated turn of events pushed me that way. I'm glad though. I'm really looking forward to next year. Especially studying music in college and being able to walk 5 minutes to my lessons, instead of driving 30 minutes like I am now!! Anyway, just though I'd let everyone know. Aaron
  4. semitone = half step (in case you learned it as whole steps and half steps, as I did) Aaron
  5. The ringing in my ears has been going on since I guess 4th grade. That's when I noticed it, at least. I'm a senior now, so I guess I've had it for 8 years? Not fun. In my case, it wasn't loud concerts or anything, just Tinnitus. I hope your ringing stops, as most everyone has said it will. Aaron
  6. It is not that difficult at all. I believe it was written as a short study piece, so the difficulty level is low. (Well, the difficulty level is relative to how well you play, so I can't honestly tell you how hard it will be for you) But please, for the sake of all pianists out there, LEARN IT BY READING THE MUSIC, NOT BY EAR. I hate it when people try and play it by ear. If you know it from music, and can play it well, that's a different story. (Not to mention that using music will make it easier). Actually, I hate the piece period, whether someone learns it correctly or not, but if you really want to play it, don't pick it out by ear.
  7. Pictures at an Exhibition? NEVER would have guessed that one!!
  8. My old piano was a Stark, I believe. I asked someone about it once, I think on this board. The basic information about the company was that Stark was, at one time, a very good company producing quality pianos. Once Stark Sr. died, however, it was taken over by his children. The quality dropped as they didn't know how to handle things, and eventually they went out of production. I think that is what I heard, but I could be wrong. (I also believe mine was a Starck, with a "c", so it might be a different company, might not.) Of course, playing it and having your teacher look at it is the best idea. Worrying about whether it is an early Stark or a later Stark is pretty trivial, as the sound, feel, and action should tell you your answer. Good luck, and let us know what the piano is like! Aaron (sorry if my response is a little vague. I've been sneezing all day and I'm on this allergy medicine that's making me groggy)
  9. $11? Is this a mistake? Or is this not a good instrument at all?
  10. I bought some new music yesterday, and one of the markings says "Zart und mit Ausdruck." I tried an online translator system and came up with "Tenderly and with printout." Somehow that doesn't seem quite right. All of the other markings made sense, but not this one. Thanks! Aaron
  11. Aaron

    March 1

    Today is an exciting day! It's the birthday of my favorite composer, Chopin!! It's also my little sister's birthday! She has finally reached the double digits! (she's 10). We're having a party for her tonight, which I probably will not attend for three reasons: 1) it's a swimming party. I'm just not a big fan of swimming. 2) I really don't feel like hanging out with a bunch of 9-year olds all evening. 3) I am scheduled to work. She'll have fun though, it's a Sponge Bob Square Pants theme. She's a big fan. Aaron
  12. Thank you very much GypsyFiddler. I knew my post would not go unnoticed, whether by people agreeing, or, as one has said, thinking what I said was the stupidest thing he has read. Diversity makes the world go around, I suppose. Just another one of my touchy issues. I'm developing more and more of those..... Aaron
  13. oh gosh. I hate the screamings of minorities. How long can minorities complain? They already have pretty much more rights than the white men who took those rights away to begin with! It's my firm belief that the group most discriminated against are not black, not hispanic, not woman, but white males. First off, about scholarships to minorities, there are enough of these!!! Honestly! I'm applying for colleges and searching for scholarships and all I've found is hundreds of scholarships for minorities. They're everywhere! Leaving people like me, white male non-valedictorians, pretty much screwed as far as college funds, but what the heck, let's start some minority-only music scholarships as well, just to get the minorities interested in music. gag. Second, I believe that whoever does the job best, or in this case, whoever plays best, should get the spot in the orchestra. Have more auditions behind screens. This whole thing is stupid. I never thought that this would infiltrate into the gorgeous world of music. Makes everything sour to me now. Aaron (I edited this message because after I re-read it, I caught something that could be interpretted as a racial slur or an attack against African Americans. This is not my intention at all, so I found a better adjective. I apologize) [This message has been edited by Aaron (edited 02-26-2002).]
  14. Thanks!! I LOVE the people at OBU, they're so nice. I visited the campus in October and everyone I talked to was friendly and cheerful, and most of them didn't even know it was a special preview day for the school. (Surely, at other less-friendly schools, the students act nice to the visitors to influence college decisions, one would think.) Anyway, I'm excited about being there next year. I'm bound and determined to be in the Concerto-Aria concert! I'll post back to tell you all how horribly my cello audition goes! (I haven't practiced as much as I should) Aaron
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