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  1. Hey Joe. Is it ok to use the Gold aged wood coloring during any stage of the 4 stage process, and can it be added to the final Balsam ground varnish? Just curious.
  2. Always enjoy your posts Joe. Would love to be able to varnish an instrument like that. I'm finishing up No# 5 and need little direction on varnishing it. On the first 4 I used varnish from the supplier from Baltimore, not happy with any of them. Actually they were atrocious. No# 5 turned out really well and sounds great so i want to put a really nice varnish on it. I've been to your web site, but I'm a little indecisive as to what approach to take. Any help would be appreciated. Hope the pictures help. Thanks
  3. Having made only 4 violins, I can see your point. My first two were Amati, snapped quite a few sides in the bending process, the third was a Strad same thing, the forth was the Alard Guarnerius . It was the easiest of the four. the bending process went very smoothly, no problems. I imagine the Maggini would be very easy to deal with