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  1. i think i might just do that... however much i adore this viola, though, i'm trying to sell it to buy a cembalo, which is more pressing to own!!! and costs upwards of 15k! this is why i'm really trying to figure out what to do with this instrument and get the most for it
  2. that's what i TOTALLY thought too, because kathy rappaport helped me pick out this viola (i used to play for her viola students) and she tried it herself and loved it for what it was...thought it was a steal too but then i brought it to a dealer in NYC who thought the violin neck was neither well-crafted nor desirable. she's a violin expert though i think hmmmmm...
  3. apparantly, when he was starting to make violas or just even instruments in general, he wanted to go by another name that sounded more marketable and buyer-friendly
  4. Ok, so maybe I should try contacting JVK and get him to buy it back and replace the neck? How else would I be able to fix the neck situation? I suppose it's great for young musicians with smaller hands who want a good viola sound
  5. hello, yes i have asked to meet with j van k but he is extremely busy at the moment and he is a couple of states away from me. he has asked to see it in person to verify its craft and worth. he is pretty sure it is one of his, made under his pseudonym of jonathan connover. but until then, i'm trying to seek advice from all string players!
  6. format of pictures are now .jpg j van k thinks that his violas sell for up to 18 these days, but it's been 10 years since he made mine. i recently took it to a shop near juilliard and the person in charge told me that she wasn't crazy about the violin neck and thought it decreased the value of it. she pegged it closer to 5. however, she wasn't terribly familiar with his instruments and she didn't really play it so i'm not sure what to think.
  7. hi everyone, i am a very amateur violist i stumbled on this site while researching the maker of my viola, and, interestingly enough, i am from toronto (so a big canadian YAY for this!) i noticed this section of the forum, and i figured, if ANYONE has any questions about keyboards and teaching and playing, i would be the person of all members to ask on here! i play piano, fortepiano, harpsichord, synthesizer, and celeste...the only thing i don't play is pipe organ i teach piano to children 10 and under privately and i also give group lessons to underprivileged children. i also spend considerable amounts of time working with string players on a sonata level so i am well versed in the repertoire if you have questions about piano aspects or scores etc. so what are you waiting for? ask away! i am here to help you in any way i can... p.s. i live in nyc now so i am well aware of things above and below the border
  8. i own a kouwenhoven '98 viola with a violin neck....and i bought it in toronto shar and no one knew who the maker was back then and thought it was just some noname viola i recently contacted the maker by fluke through another violist friend of my teacher in nyc 11 years since its birth and he told me that his instruments nowaday sell for 18k easily if you know the right people. i bought it for a FRACTION of the price and it seemed almost too good to be true, even for a non-violist as of date, no one seems to be able to give me an accurate pricing...i don't think going back to shar will help much...any thoughts or insights on how i can figure out how much it's worth? it has a rich clear tone for its size (under 16) and i'm super super curious now that i made contact with the maker himself, and it might inspire me to actually get proper lessons any help would be appreciated, as i am not a real violist! thank you!