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  1. Not my personal choice of color, but otherwise I like it. Congrats.
  2. Is the wood sealed? Maybe it just soaked. In some of my first violins I used thin shellac as a ground. I takes several layers until it begins to show up. Maybe this is happening to you. Anyway it is preferable, in my opinion, more thin layers than less thick ones.
  3. That’s great, a Spaniard teaching English to an American! (now waiting for any UK-er for a joke about American English )
  4. Old Cremona wood treatment Always the same old story…..
  5. Wow! What a first post! It seems you have arrived here to make new friends, don’t you?
  6. As David Burgess already said, take into account that stripping and revarnishing can change completely the way the instrument sounds, and if you like the way it sings now you might regret the decision. This cannot be undone.
  7. Nicolas Temino


    Definitely not the best example of Spanish violin making.
  8. Which one sounds best to you? Which one feels more comfortable/easy to play? I would never choose an instrument only by its look.
  9. I use that one too. Works fine but you must be careful with the end pins with pins.
  10. Nick, not in italy but in Spain (Zaragoza province). Original Painting was by Elias Garcia circa 1930 and had almost no artistic value. But after “restoration” by Cecilia Giménez, an amateur painter, it has become a touristic success and has generated more than 50,000€ on donations to a local charity only the first year after the restoration, and has increased the number of visitors from 6,000 to near 200,000.
  11. Not really. Song’s workshop violins have completely different varnishes and shape.
  12. If the violin has been identifiedI would tell the buyer that the label is fake and ask him weather he wants to keep the label or have it removed.
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