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  1. Camphor works well, is not as pungent as moth balls and can be found at CVS pharmacy for about $1.00.
  2. Looks a lot like the Howard Core HC 1700 Hellier to me. About $2300.00
  3. Anyone know anything about these? Thanks BP
  4. What kind of soda is used for softening bone bow tips to form them to the contour of the bow tip? Don
  5. How do you tell if there are new posts to a thread since your last visit? What do the new icons mean? TKS, Don
  6. I've been around & played & listened to a lot of fiddles in my life and recently bought a hand made master Chinese fiddle. It gets raves and envious looks everywhere I play until I reveal that it was made in China. I don't care if it was made on the moon by an alien, it's the best fiddle I ever owned!! Some players still have a thing about pedigree. Don Don
  7. Slow Down Moses will do what you want, it's free. Don
  8. Has anyone tried the HC model 2001 violin that retails around $2400.00? Are they any good. They are advertised as being entirely hand made by a master. Thanks for any info. Don
  9. The 1912 J. W. Jenkins & Sons catalog lists genuine Friedrich August Heberlin violins from $70.00 to $250.00 The 1977 value of these fiddles was $800.00 to $2,500.00. Would be quite a bit more now! Don
  10. Hello all, does anyone have an opinion on the quality of these violins? They are advertised as master made violins. How does the tone compare with simular priced violins? Thanks, Don
  11. Does anyone know anything about a maker from Liepzig around 1900(?) named Franz Meuller? I may can buy this violin, but know nothing about him. Thanks