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  1. Too kind, Thanks...it's definitely time consuming, the way I do it. With files that is instead of a knife.
  2. You're welcome to stop by anytime you're in town Jackson. I rarely leave the county anymore, just message me.
  3. Me too,....I leave the corners long and then finish them and the edges once the box is closed.
  4. Thanks. Even though I used the Vieuxtemps outline I'm not trying to copy anything about it. I did make a new scroll template for this model which is not like the original, just a scroll I happen to like. But...on this one I'm re-using a scroll that came off one of my early fiddles that I was not happy with. I think I carved it about 7 or 8 years ago and it has been sitting on a shelf since then. I figured I'd use it on this first model. It's not a great job of carving so I guess that fits the Guarneri(ish) variant... Finishing the edges and corners today... I want this fiddle to be strung up by the first of June. I'm sure someone will notice that I ended the purfling at the button. It's the first time I did this and don't know if I'll continue doing it this way but I think it adds strength to that area. Once varnished I think it will be less noticeable.
  5. I liked Addie's label so much that I had James " Iron Mike" Jones make a sign of it. I'm very fortunate to have had both of these guys do these projects for me.
  6. Will be closing the box today. I've applied Davide's casein sealer to the inside which worked nicely and a photo of the label Addie made for me.
  7. Lost Secrets of Flemish Painting is a great book with recipes. "explores in detail the ways of preparing the various amber and non-amber varnishes listed in the ancient texts" https://www.alchemistmediums.com/products_book.php
  8. American Sycamore, Quilted Big Leaf and European Shell Maple
  9. One of the rare Saturdays where all the yard work was done, phone didn't ring and I could relax and concentrate on the task at hand...
  10. Figured as much...would love to see the project
  11. OK...I didn't think the color was your product but one never knows...I see that dyed look on solid body electric guitars built from bigleaf maple and electric violins are colorful but I've never seen someone do that to a bench made instrument. Must not have been one of hers.