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  1. From a guy on Ebay that I have bought wood from in the past. I have one more two piece set. You might want to check with Jesse Pherson. I recently bought several one piece sycamore backs from him. I really don't know of any of the usual wood dealers that stock it.
  2. Thanks Evan... "it's a big ol' goofey world" -John Prine
  3. lpr5184

    Eat a peach...

    Please take care, stay well
  4. lpr5184

    Eat a peach...

    Looks like this you tube video is more correct to my 13 year old memory. I seem to remember the color of their shirts. Interesting the things that stick out in memory.
  5. lpr5184

    Eat a peach...

    To John Prine...Rest in Peace,
  6. lpr5184

    Eat a peach...

    I read somewhere that John had recovered. damn sad. I'm a long time fan of John Prine.
  7. lpr5184

    Eat a peach...

    Maybe a little too much guitar for the Pegbox...felt good though finally going through the old records. I'd post an obscure fiddle LP but can't find them on Youtube. Several years ago I bought hundreds of old time fiddle and bluegrass LP's from a late collector in Tennessee and now I have no idea what to do with them.
  8. lpr5184

    Eat a peach...

    Another dusty album... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wemzb0b8y0k&list=RDWemzb0b8y0k&start_radio=1
  9. Challenging time with all going on and packing up a house. Going through the record collection and I must say it's great to see music that has been put up on the shelf and forgotten. Here's one from a long ago concert I attended with my older brothers. I think of it as an indoctrination into the inevitable of the times. Don't know about the authenticity of the video but great to see the album again. The turntable's are packed up but there's always youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ9twEldw_M&list=RDyJ9twEldw_M&start_radio=
  10. lpr5184

    Peg Ringer Tool

    This is my go to epoxy. High quality product, very easy to use and works great on the rings. http://www.glueoakandteak.com/
  11. And are you mixing pumice/POP into the varnish? Did you feel the recent earthquake? My relatives in the Boise area sure did. Great work!
  12. Just UV tanning? Very nice outline!
  13. Future project reference.... Some dimensions from the 1987 catalogue: (hopefully i'm allowed to post these) Body Length 323 Width ub 81.5 Width C 60 Width lb 103.2 Bottom block 22.1 Upper corner 21.6 Top block 21 Arch front 9 Arch back 9.6 body stop 195 Distance between upper eyes 18.8 Distance between lower eyes 48 f hole length 45 Total length of scroll 99 Width of ears 35.6 width at heel, back of scroll 24.4 Total depth of volute (front to back) 45.5 Height of first turn(top to bottom) 33.3 Narrowest point (top of scroll) 9.7 Widest point of pegbox 24.6