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  1. varnish as usual

    The woodwork and especially the inlay always look so well done and your varnish is the icing on the cake. Are you selling these somewhere or is there a place I can have a better look?
  2. varnish as usual

    I've noticed you varnish a lot of these fiddles with the decorated inlaid backs. Who makes them?
  3. Perry Sultana...

    I keep checking with the tracing and continue removing material until the template matches and the outline has no kinks or flat spots.
  4. Perry Sultana...

    After the bandsaw I work on finishing the outline. I use a spindle sander for inside cbout radius' and a file on the rest.
  5. Perry Sultana...

    After cutting out the template on the band saw I blow out all the aluminum filings when finished and then wipe down the blade and wheels. The filings can become lodged into the next piece of wood you cut.
  6. Perry Sultana...

    Over the weekend I purchased two more sets of wood. I'll be using this maple and spruce on the Sultana. Harvested in northen Appalachia.
  7. MikeC's bench

    Wow nice job on the toothed blade. Ribs look good Mike.
  8. Perry Sultana...

    Evan, Thanks for that! I would definitely be interested in trying the BOB method. You can have the red maple. PM me your address and I'll drop it in the mail. I cut ribs off too so you have matching ribs. The seller replaced the back with some quilted bigleaf. As far as sharing the sultana's pattern please contact Conor. I'm not comfortable sharing it without his permission. EDIT - My apologies Evan but the billet is gone to a friend who stopped by over the weekend.
  9. Perry Sultana...

    C, I've been meaning to ask where you bought the material and how you cut it. It's great stuff and I'd like to buy more to use. I could use it for a template but I didn't want to change anything you did. I would be tempted to build one on the back with your guidance. (I'm in no hurry, I can wait)... Trying to do that on my own I'm afraid I would make a mess of things and I don't have a lot of wood to sacrifice. Is it the building method Perry used? I know you said he used corner blocks so I just figured he used an inside form but the symmetry is so close it makes me wonder...
  10. Perry Sultana...

    Back from town with more aluminum... Next I'll choose which side of the tracing to use and glue it to the aluminum plate with spray adhesive.
  11. Perry Sultana...

    Here is a piece of spruce I just acquired from Orcas Island Tonewoods. Medium density Sitka (sg.40) with medium grain spacing. It was a one piece top that I cut down to try and better match the sultana's grain spacing.
  12. Perry Sultana...

    Thanks Conor. The Oxford paper that I referred to on page one of this thread has a photo of the Sultana in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. It has nine strings.
  13. Perry Sultana...

    I'm out of aluminum so I will need to buy more. I get it from a metal fabrication shop in town. They shear it to whatever size I need.
  14. Perry Sultana...

    The same blade that I use to cut wood. Nothing special.
  15. Perry Sultana...

    I like to use 1/8" aluminum plate for the half template. It cuts easily on the bandsaw.