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  1. Perry Sultana...

    Here is the finished scheme and how I plan to start the graduations. I got this out of the Derber book and what I like is that it allows you to adjust to the different types of common graduation patterns on the fly, as you go, by flexing and weighing the plates.Brian explains it in much further detail in his book...The Manual of Violin Making. I was surprised how everything transferred over despite the Sultana's different shape and dimensions from a violin.
  2. Always wanted to make a cello size fiddle. A viola da gamba would be even cooler. Unfortunately my body says NO....
  3. I have not but will check into it as well. I hope Ben will chime in.
  4. Good to hear the plans have everything needed...and that includes arching templates? I do like the Henry Jaye.
  5. I guess I didn't read enough of the site info. I thought RWC meant Renaissance Workshop Company's price. In fact I have never heard of real world currency before. Thanks. I wonder why the plans are so expensive. They sell premade kits as well.
  6. I looked at the GAL site and that is an option too. Have you ever seen the RWC plans and can comment on why they are so expensive?
  7. I'm looking at the 6 string treble viol...P-VITR. Price is 81.66 euro plus 30 euro for shipping. I'm getting where it is hard on my neck and shoulders to hold a fiddle under my chin. A viol looks like it would be easier on the body to play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kB_CIIHAuX4&list=PL8518aP86dZOxigKZDdiLdJd59WJQDnn5 Hopefully someone on MN has some experience with these drawings and can comment.
  8. Are their technical plans for building instruments any good? Their prices are about three times the price of a poster from The Strad.
  9. Perry Sultana...

    Conor provided thickness measurements but for now I'm starting off heavy and then will adjust the thicknesses as I go by flexing the plate and checking weight.
  10. Neck Overstand

    This is my thought as well. The Sultana's front arch is high around 20mm but the C bouts are wide at 128mm and the length is 360mm. So I can use a 46mm wide viola bridge and I think this will provide some compensation for a higher overstand if necessary.
  11. Brian Derber Book Question...

    I certainly will Thank you again.
  12. Brian Derber Book Question...

    Yes, Thank you. Narrowing in the c bout area is clear. I especially liked reading about the breakpoint concept.
  13. Brian Derber Book Question...

    So the thin spot runs around the entire length and not just two small areas of the top and bottom bouts as illustrated in the drawing. So far I'm enjoying the book very much. Thanks for the explanation.