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  1. Christian Bayon´s bench

    These pegs are super nice!...Are they bois de rose?
  2. Saving the mold

    Splitting the corner blocks like Davide mentioned and trimming the inner edges of the linings helps a lot.
  3. Beady eyes... extreme version of fisheye

    Why so secretive about a solvent? I think it would be valuable to know the name of this solvent.
  4. Applying Vernice Bianca

    ...haven't tried the zinc rosinate but your other varnishes are very tasty...
  5. Custom suction rib system, save 80 % of time…

  6. Joe Robson's Balsam Ground 3

    Color looks better.
  7. Bright Sound Tone

    Nathan, can you expand your thoughts a little more about Sitka and why it would generally sound as the OP describes.
  8. Bright Sound Tone

    I think the wood properties of the individual plates as it relates to stiffness plays an important role. I've made fiddles with both thick and thin plates. Some were bright while others were not. I've experimented with different models and arching. So I think it comes down to type of arching, flexibility and stiffness of the wood itself. After that I that I would say how much damping is done to the wood in the finishing stage. Joe...Just some thoughts.... Do you make more than one model? and have you experimented with different arching? Do you measure wood properties for stiffness/density? have you experimented with different graduations as it relates to stiffness and flexibility?
  9. Joe Robson's Balsam Ground 3

    Agreed Thanks Christian!!
  10. Joe Robson's Balsam Ground 3

    Mike Aloe is Vera is different... Aloe Ferox or Cape Aloe grows in South Africa and can be bought on Amazon. Look for aloe ferox bitter extract. It comes in powder form which can then be dissolved in vodka. DISCLAIMER------WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T DRINK, ALOE FEROX IS A POWERFUL COLON CLEANSER
  11. Joe Robson's Balsam Ground 3

    Thanks Christian. I'm experimenting with the ingredients you mentioned in your bench thread. Do you think it needs more yellow?...maybe add some gamboge to the aloe?
  12. Joe Robson's Balsam Ground 3

    It does look very pale and I doubt you will get any more color into the wood now that it is sealed with BG3. Here is one coat of cape aloe on unsealed white wood left in the sun for two weeks to fade and then two coats of water thin clear copal varnish applied to seal the color.
  13. Perry Sultana...

    Experimenting with ground color on this wood. This is aloe ferox bitter extract dissolved in 90 proof vodka applied straight on the wood. At first the aloe is a greenish yellow but after some UV exposure it fades to a nice yellow brown. Then two water thin coats of Nunzios copal varnish to seal. I'm still experimenting with this ingredient after reading about it on Christian's bench thread.
  14. Perry Sultana...

    Some more...
  15. Perry Sultana...