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  1. lpr5184

    Speeding up suntanning

    Hi Julian, You can find it on Amazon. Be aware there are different parts of the plant that are available. I used Aloe Ferox Bitter Extract. Somewhere out there on the interweb is an article that explains what the different parts of the plant are and how they are used. I bought a small jar of the extract and mixed it with vodka to make a very concentrated solution. You will have to experiment with this stuff because at first it has a greenish tint. But after some time (weeks)in the sun it turns into a lovely golden brown. At least it did on the maple and spruce I tested. I applied it straight on the wood and got the best results. I also tried applying it after a light sizing with gelatin and the color did not turn like the raw wood. As I recall the bitter extract is the actual sap from the plant. I know they sell whole leaf powder and I have some of that too but haven't experimented with it. I'll post this info on the sun tanning thread for others who may want to experiment with it. Best of Luck with it! https://www.amazon.com/Aloe-Ferox-Bitter-Extract/dp/B00BEGJ91U
  2. lpr5184

    Wittner Violin Fine Tune Pegs...

    Done Gone...
  3. lpr5184

    Wittner Violin Fine Tune Pegs...

    They are the smaller ones...7.8mm at the collar
  4. I bought a set of these to try on the Sultana and I don't like them. They are cut to length but the Sultana's peg box is wide so I think they will work on a normal size violin scroll. Anyway if interested PM me your address and I'll send them to you for free.
  5. lpr5184

    Instrument varnished with my product

    Jackson, I like your technique! It's much faster than mine. Please explain further what you are using to apply and what varnish of Nunzio's you are using in the video. Are you thinning the varnish? The coats look nice and thin. What about dust? Great video Thanks for posting. E.
  6. lpr5184

    Instrument varnished with my product

    Wow, Nice!
  7. lpr5184

    There are no violins in Alaska...

    -Edited out my rambling and off topic story... Alaska is a special place with exceptionally hardy souls. I don't know about violins but there are many fiddles...
  8. lpr5184

    There are no violins in Alaska...

    Well, please excuse my previous posts...the OP said there were no violins in Alaska and perhaps she is correct from a classical perspective. Alaska is huge and southeast Alaska is just a very small part. Having lived and worked in remote Alaska for several years I can say for certain there are a lot of fiddles there. Most of the population don't know the history of fiddling in AK and few can venture out from the SE ferry stop towns to explore. IMO the real frontier of Alaska lays much further North. I'm glad to have experienced some of it 30 years ago and this thread brings back lots of good memories.
  9. lpr5184

    There are no violins in Alaska...

    The Young Native Athabascan Fiddlers with Bill Stevens came to Weiser not long ago and that was a real treat. http://www.ankn.uaf.edu/curriculum/PhD_Projects/MaryanneAllan/Allan_Maryanne_Spring_2011.pdf
  10. lpr5184

    End pin not centered.

    To keep the end pin hole centered, left to right, I like to drill the hole after the block is shaped and before gluing the block to the form. If the drill bit hits a hard grain line and wanders off a little it can still be positioned on the center line of the form. So the center of the end pin hole on my fiddles will be the true centerline of the instrument and not always the rib seam. As can be seen in the photo, the Sultana's rib seam aligned at the top but veered off at the bottom. Still the true center is the end pin hole.
  11. lpr5184

    Craig Tucker Memorial Instrument

    I would gladly volunteer to do some of the work on Craig's fiddle but our travels begin soon...Bad timing. With exception to John of OSW the last time I bought a lot of wood was in 2012. I'm now using up the last of it. I did donate a full set of wood to Mike C to build his violin and I believe the spruce was a bit on the dense side I think it was around .42 but still good I think. I'm not a big fan of light wood and I remember Craig saying he preferred denser wood too. To each his own....
  12. lpr5184

    Craig Tucker Memorial Instrument

    I looked through my wood and unfortunately I don't have any European maple or spruce that I would consider for making a good violin. I have several sets of Swiss bearclaw spruce but it's .47 density. If the group wants a set of that I would gladly donate it. I do have a two piece Slovakian maple back that I was saving for a viola. It has a rather low tap tone. I'm not sure that it would make a great sounding violin either. I'm sorry guys...I'm sure someone will come through with some adequate wood. I'm looking forward to watching the project come together.
  13. lpr5184

    Craig Tucker Memorial Instrument

    I will have to look through my wood to see if I have something light enough for a Strad or GdG model. Most of my remaining wood is on the dense side and probably too heavy to make a good violin. Let me know what density range/wood the group is looking for. I may have spoke too soon but I will check this week and see if I can come up with something to donate to the cause.
  14. lpr5184

    Perry Sultana...

    Friends, I have been fielding questions and personal emails about the Sultana which is great. Please don't be offended but most of the info can be gleaned in the building thread. Thanks for all the inquiries. E