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  1. I used this hot plate just once to make varnish. I paid $300.00 for the HP88857104 hot plate... https://www.hogentogler.com/thermo-scientific/cimarec-plus-hotplates.asp and $50.00 for the Thermo PT1000 External Temperature Probe....https://www.hogentogler.com/thermo-scientific/cic0001448thermo-pt1000-external-temperature-probe.asp Asking $200.00 plus $35.00shipping. I have all the original boxes and packing material. See Photos. I'll list this on Ebay too. Thanks
  2. Sounds like the going rate for master cello, African (Gaboon) fingerboards ...https://www.dictum.com/en/fingerboards-jm Thanks
  3. Certainly the price of one violin would pay for the Powermatic 15". In that sense I don't think buying the best is the wrong decision for someone who is just starting out on their career.