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  1. Lol...Look at that pile of wood you're standing on. Now that's wild man!! I bet you and Elias had the time of your life. Doing fine, Thx. No new nest yet, searching for land but it's hard to find acres of spruce and flamed The market is still moving fast. Things are selling the same week that they are listed. Hardware Sales will always be close enough so I can get anything you'd like. Good to hear from you and say hi to everyone!
  2. I've bought a few backs from them and had no problem. Very easy transaction and beautiful wood. Catalin was very is his contact info.
  3. OK. I've heard of people sealing with pumice or one of the hardware store pore fillers. I was just curious about how it was done, having never had to do it. I'm curious what the big guitar companies use on their exotic woods because their finishes are very transparent.
  4. I finally spoke to a Fed Ex agent who explained what the problem is. It seems the discrepancy was listed by Cremona Tools as 73,150.00 Euro instead of 73.15.... The agent said it happens quite often so they needed to verify the correct amount from me for their paperwork to be accurate.
  5. Very cool, what are you going to use to fill the pores?
  6. Nice clean craftsmanship! What are using to varnish?
  7. Right. I said my peace. I'll remove my posts to preserve the thead.
  8. I like to hollow the pegbox with a flat chisel and small gouge.
  9. What a freaking mess...even the flies are tired of hangin' around, but gettin' it done....
  10. Thanks Ken. The Pechar rasps leave a smooth surface and are awesome for scroll work. I have two and they're still sharp even after using them on a couple of bubinga guitar necks. And this is the first time using the new set of Karlsson gouges. They seem to be a bit better than the Dastra gouges from Diefenbacher.
  11. Received a response this morning...I never had this problem before with CT. Dear Ernest Martell, we solved the customs problem. From tomorrow I hope you can follow the expedition. Hope you can receive the goods soon.
  12. Seems there is a problem with my order from Cremona Tools. The tracking number says: Clearance delay - Import MEMPHIS US Shipment documentation indicates value discrepancy. Correct value of shipment is required. Cremona Tools responded to my email: "the invoices that we have attached to the package are € 73.15 and correspond to the amount you paid us. Please help us understand what you mean by amount discrepancy." I responded and asked them to please look at the tracking number. They have not responded back and the package is not moving. Should I ask for a refund at this point or give it more time?
  13. The sycamore tends to tearout a bit more than flamed maple. As long as I keep the tool edges razor sharp and take smaller bites when chiseling and gouging there's no real problem. I'll post a few photos along the way since It's the first sycamore scroll I've carved.