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  1. Thank you!...Any chance for a body outline of the front or back?
  2. Nick, Stay away from spongy low density wood and try some stiffer spruce in the medium density range. As mentioned, spruce with narrow late wood grain spacing. And don't fear the reaper of these number guys...find your way...even the number guys are shooting in the dark. My favorite quote from many top violinmakers goes something like this... "You never know what it will sound like until you string it up" Look at the wide late grain on the video. The number guys say that is a negative...yet Melvin uses this. What do you make of that? Melvin also states he likes denser wood...what do you think about that?
  3. Huslar's the shit and I envy his hand but....the Strad "Clapisson" apeals to me more for a one off build...but, ..Thank you!!
  4. Do you still have photos/info of the Clapisson to share, so I can build one? That would be a real fun project!
  5. Five sets of medium density Englemann spruce violin tops. These tops I will not be using so you pay the shipping cost of $19.95, USPS Priority Mail. FREE!
  6. If you seriously would like to sell those low-density tops then list them on the Luthiers Exchange. I'm sure they would sell in a NY minute. I'm with you and prefer medium density spruce in the .38 -.42 density range.
  7. Seriously,...I'd find another occupation..
  8. Pinhole with tape... I wonder if the same described implosion could happen to a fat oil varnish left unchecked for years? I keep oil in glass but keep cracking the lids as preventative maintenance.