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  1. Could anybody tell me if one can found this technique in any book? Thanks,
  2. Do you change the clamp's holes position depending on the corners are square or not?
  3. I would say it is a factory one, made in Mirecourt
  4. Yes one can modify it as we want but I won't be interested in selling it.
  5. It takes hours to draw a violin but surely less to someone it is his job. With LibreCAD you can draw as precise as you want, you really don't need AutoCAD for that. A sample of my drawing which was not yet finished but I wanted to see the result on an A3 paper:
  6. I use Librecad which is a 2D software. I've tried several ones and it's the one I prefer. I've already drawn two violins with it
  7. I am looking for some sound samples of any DG Alard copy. Does anybody have one?
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