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  1. Yes to #8. And yes to #7 being a violist. For a clue to #6, his violin was in the news in recent years.
  2. A very good start. Thanks! 2) Szigeti 4) Kreisler 5) Heifitz ('gone native" in Mexico) 8) no, not Kubelik 10) Milstein
  3. No guesses? BTW, I screwed up on one. He's actually a violist.
  4. More pics of extinguished violinists (some of whom might also be distinguished).
  5. For inquiring minds, #3 is Albert Stoessel.
  6. Very good. Re #3, I have to admit that he is probably on no one's list of top players, but his picture was handy and it kinda serves as a red herring.
  7. Rue's thread on top 10 past soloists gave me the impetus to dig out some pictures of a few. So, here are some. All but one has been mentioned (at least once) as a potential top ten'er in Rue's thread. A couple (maybe all to those more knowledgeable than me) should be obvious. Anyway, just for fun.
  8. Now that there are a bunch of names to choose from, perhaps you could redefine the parameters of your poll(s). Some people have given a lengthy list and some only one or two. Methinks that restricting everyone to just one is too difficult, but allowing for 10 or more is too much. So what about letting each participant select only 1 to 3 names. Then some kind of consensus might emerge.
  9. So to add another, I enjoy Enrico Onofri.
  10. Paganini. No one today knows what he really sounded like, but he certainly shook up the world of his time with his playing. Since others have picked more than one, I'd like to add Vivaldi. If his music is any guide he must have been shockingly good.
  11. I don't know either, but I'm also willing to guess. Mid-range factory bow made in the 1960s or 1970s. With good hair, worth about $125.
  12. In-laws or otherwise, I've always appreciated your replies.
  13. Rue, If you heard me play you would understand (or at least sympathize). Here are the tips of 5 cheapie bows that I generally use. One is amourette and I'm pretty sure that 1 or more of the others are pernambuco. Only one has a brand (which I assume is "fake"). In my hands they produce a reasonable sound. Greg
  14. I took your advice (and didn't wait for one to come "west"). So far the results are interesting. The bow may turn out to be more valuable than a player of my limited caliber needs.
  15. If one comes near I will do so. Until then, I'll have it touched up and play with it.
  16. It's rather fun seeing what the internet has to offer on old bows and I came across a Christie's auction (4/28/10, lot 85) that has bow with similar looking frog and very similar adjuster.
  17. Here's a view I forgot to show: the weak brand. I found something reasonably similar (frog, adjuster, location of brand) on a French bow in Skinner auction #2892B, lot 239. So maybe mine is a well done copy? It is on the light side, but after cleaning the old hair (I haven't decided yet where to have it professionally rehaired) it plays well.
  18. There are a number of valuable bows in the upcoming Tarisio auction, so I checked some over for fun. I thought the head on lot #153 was somewhat close to my bow. What do the knowledgeable members think? Here's a view of mine for comparison.
  19. Colorado (also known as God's country).