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  1. I find the following link to be a more interesting currency converter:
  2. Here's another old page (from 1915). Prices go from 55 cents to $29 (the later would get you into the range of some well known French makers). One of the issues with these old catalogs is figuring out if the prices are retail, wholesale or something like "keystone" (usually twice wholesale but not always).
  3. Neat old catalog page. I find these very interesting as they give direct evidence of the bow market, prices, etc., way back when. Besides those reproduced in the Ehrhardt books there are others to be found in various places on the internet. Sometimes the period prices of "generic" silver mounted bows can approach those for makers whose bows command 5 figures today.
  4. Recently saw an old bow with few details, iffy pictures and suspect condition sell on a popular auction site for over $1500. A couple people must have noticed something interesting about it...or maybe their dinner standards are higher than most.
  5. Martin, How would you recommend cleaning the lapping on this bow? I don't want to go too crazy but it could use a little. Greg
  6. As is it weighs 52 g. So with hair it should come in at around 56-57 g. A little light but still in the range for a violin bow.
  7. Thanks for all the comments. I plan to rehair it but will leave the lapping alone as this looks like it might be original (but who knows and it certainly gives the bow "character"). I will do a minimum of cleaning and might replace the thumb leather (or I might not, I have plenty of bows for playing). The most "serious" issue is that the tip of the tip plate is missing. I really would rather not replace the entire plate. Suggestions?
  8. I vaguely recall discussion about the width of the eye screw mortice often being different for bows of different origin. Is this true?
  9. Thanks for your input. I'm just trying to learn more about old bows.
  10. Is old lapping of any use in id'ing bow origin? This one has a German looking adjuster (no pins that I can see) and ferrule (if I've followed previous discussions correctly), but the octagonal part of the stick extends beyond the lengthy lapping and the slide is neatly pinned. Any ideas?
  11. I'm guessing that this ugly bow is a bottom end from the second half of the 19th century. Any thoughts on country of origin, etc.? Generic "German"? Other?
  12. Here's a link to more pics of the second bow:
  13. Here's a pic of most of my silver mounted bows. Since I'm thinking of consigning one or two to local shop (a guitar maker who has a few violins for sale as well) I thought it might be helpful to have an approx. value, neither too high nor too low.
  14. Thank you all for the discussion. All very interesting.
  15. Ok. I did a very fast search of the latest T2 and also some recent Brompton's. Many unnamed and "stamped as" German silver mounted bows are listed. Many have minor issues (lapping, leathers), some are noted as having incorrect buttons, and some have obvious or noted damage. Minimum bids all seem to be at $200 or higher. Realized prices seem to be in the $300-600 range. Does this sound about right?
  16. Thanks for your insights. I'd be surprised if a "vintage/antique (pre-WWII) German bow of standard weight made of pernambuco with silver mounts in good condition with original parts" would turn out to be firewood, but anything is possible. I have plenty of bows so I prefer to play the auction "guessing game". It's really quite entertaining and educational. The costs are often quite low. So, $800 is or is not at the low end for such a bow?
  17. In general, what is the approx. min. value for a non-descript vintage/antique (pre-WWII) German bow of standard weight made of pernambuco with silver mounts in good condition with original parts. I'm just looking for an approx. low end. Thanks.
  18. What era would a "certain age" be?
  19. I'm no expert but my guess would be no.
  20. Greg F.

    Bow wood

    It wasn't very dirty (all things considered) and as a rule I don't polish the metal bits (some "patina" is ok by me). The hair plug at the tip had to be dug out (a really tight fit and some very old rosin). The wood, though not pernambuco, has a rather nice look to it, especially at the head (the pics above don't really show the color exactly). I'll post a fresh pic soon.