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    George Quick

    Quick and dirty scan of the scroll
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    George Quick

    Thanks for the replies. As for the bass bar, it is stamped on both sides in three lines (the lowest or third line is only partial): "George W. Quick, Violin Maker, Repairer and Dealer In". I know very little about violins, but to my very untrained eyes the scroll looks hand made. I will try to post a picture of it if anyone is interested.
  3. Greg F.

    George Quick

    Hi, Can anyone provide info on violins by George Quick? I've read what little Henley has to say, but wonder if anyone can provide more. The violin I have has his name on the bass bar, but no label (a labeled was removed at some time in the past). Since he did repairs is it possible that the marked bass bar is simply a repair of his and not indicative of one of his violins? Thanks in advance, Greg