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  1. Weird that all the auction estimates are 10-20 pounds. I guess that makes all the items "affordable".
  2. Strange "gouge" on one side of the head. I'm just a neophyte, but doesn't the wide mortice suggest (not prove) German? Wood looks nice.
  3. I glance at bows online every now and again and have made some very good purchases. Certainly one has to "work" to find potential bargains, but that's half the fun.
  4. Greg F.

    Bow id

    Looks nice, but I'm no expert. My only question is "what's with all the scratching on the head?"
  5. Greg F.


    Thanks for the expert comments. I don't have a third such bow (darn!).
  6. Greg F.


    Let me know if more pictures might help.
  7. Greg F.


    I'd forgotten that I had a second "Aug. Franz" bow. Here're a couple pictures. Do the two look like they were made by the same person or not?
  8. Greg F.


    Brad, Thanks for the info. The ad I found is a 1915 G. W. Huntley (see below). There are two Franz bows listed: one for $20.35 and the other for $29.20. In checking modern auction sales I did see that some Franz bows were only nickel mounted but the ones in the Huntley catalog are silver mounted. Greg
  9. Greg F.


    I picked up this old bow a while back. It is marked Aug. Franz Artisto on one side and Germany Tourte on the other. I located an old ad that priced Aug. Franz bows (when new) well above the average but not quite at the price of bows by, for example, A. Lamy. What I'm wondering is if Franz was a genuine maker or if it was just a brand name. Thanks in advance.
  10. Take what I say with a huge grain of salt, as I am no expert. But the brand looks suspiciously like that seen on many bows offered on ebay that are of recent Chinese manufacture, though the frog might be older than the bow proper. Perhaps one of our more knowledgeable members will chime in.
  11. I'm no expert violin wise. I'm not even a "talented" amateur violin wise. But I've been buying (and selling) on ebay since 1997. Anyone who thinks there aren't treasures to be found at both fair and ludicrously cheap prices on ebay is a person who doesn't follow the venue regularly. My best buy was a French bow for $60 that brought $8000 at auction (it sold to dealer). I still have 6 or 8 silver mounted bows in excellent condition that cost a fraction of what any shop would charge. But that's just my experience. Ebay is the greatest thing since sliced bread, collecting wise.
  12. Yikes! 7 year wait for a violin!?! Is any violin really worth such a wait? What if you don't like the finished product? If the wait time starts to approach one's expected longevity (or the luthier's) then maybe one should move on to someone else.
  13. Yes, it's possible to find a good violin at auction. Yes, it will probably cost something extra to get it setup properly. Yes, if you do your homework, it will end up costing less than if you bought the same instrument from a shop. After all, dealers are regular auction buyers (and they too have to spend time and/or money fixing it up "right") and they're in it to make a buck (or two). It all comes down to your comfort level.
  14. I knew him as a watch dealer, etc. He was often at shows put on by the NAWCC (a watch collector organization). Very knowledgeable about watches and had a large collection of horological ephemera (which is what he reproduced in his books).
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