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  1. Greg F.

    Korinthia Klein's VSA talk on discrimination

    The internet at its finest: "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing".
  2. Greg F.

    German bow

    Thanks for your thoughts.
  3. Greg F.

    German bow

    A recent addition to my "bow pile". Anything to suggest a specific maker or school? Thanks in advance.
  4. Greg F.

    Japanese violins and bows

    Is the type wood on your decent bow different than most other Nippon bows?
  5. Greg F.

    Japanese violins and bows

    What makes their bows not worth rehairing? Is it simply a matter of the wood used?
  6. Greg F.

    ID question for bow

    Wood looks good. I'd go with mid-quality German made trade bow, but I'm by no stretch of the imagination an expert.
  7. Greg F.

    Factory bow pricing/marketing: How? Why?

    Thanks. I was hoping that the inventory number, etc., might indicate the firm that marketed or made the bow. Just wishful thinking on my part.
  8. Greg F.

    Factory bow pricing/marketing: How? Why?

    Very interesting discussion. Thank you all. Re modern factory bows, does this label mean anything to anyone? It's on an unsigned modern bow that came with a small bundle of misc. bows that I bought a while back.
  9. Greg F.

    Your worst buy on Ebay

    I've bought a number of clunker violins on ebay but generally my price point is pretty low so even the worst weren't great loses. I chalk most of them up to my education. Most of the violins that I've purchased (all inexpensive and old factory instruments) have come with bows, some of which were decent (and a few worth more than the violins, from what I've been able to gather on MN and elsewhere). I avoid purchasing from obvious dealers and have learned (with help from MN'ers and elsewhere) how to suspect modern instruments/bows. I'm neither an expert nor a dealer in violins and bows. Just an interested hobbiest who enjoys tinkering with them. Ebay isn't and never was for everybody, but I have fun buying there from time to time.
  10. Greg F.

    Your best find on Ebay.

    I've been on ebay buying and selling (very little in violins but mostly another collectible area) since 1997. Best buy (profit wise) was a bow. Cost $60, sold for $8000. After expenses, etc., it covered the purchase of a modern handmade violin and then some.
  11. Greg F.

    Amazing Wood! Some Bow!

    Neat bow. Thanks for the pics.
  12. Greg F.

    Snakewood bows

    Thanks for the info. When I looked at Ben's bow it struck me as being amourette (some of your many previous posts on bow wood have greatly helped me in getting at least an inkling for identifying bow wood varieties).
  13. Greg F.

    German Bow School of?

    All finished it came in at 58.7 g. First test run was ok but it needs more rosin.
  14. Greg F.

    Merry Christmas

    Yes indeed.
  15. Greg F.

    German Bow School of?

    Rather generic, I'll assume.