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About Me

Violinmaker, restorer in Cremona Italy originally from Lake Fenton, Michigan.

Graduate of the International School of Violinmaking, Cremona.

Studied with Hans Weisshaar in Los Angeles 1974 - 1977.

Assistant to Charles Beare and member of the Scientific Committee for the Cremona Exhibition of 1987 commemorating the 250th anniversary of the death of Antonio Stradivari and the publication of the commemorative catalogue.

Workmanship judge at the VSA, Minneapolis St. Paul, in 1988, Manchester Cello Festival and the Triennale in Cremona.

Participation in the organisation of numerous instrument expositions held in Cremona and in the publication of the exhibition catalogues.

Nominated by the City of Genoa, in the year 2000, curator / violinmaker for their small but important collection of violins including the Paganini "Cannone" by Giuseppe Guarneri 'del Gesù' 1743 and the Guarneri copy made for Niccolò Paganini by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume which later became the property of Camillo Sivori, student of Paganini.

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