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  1. True enough, Paganini "gave" Sivori the Vuillaume on the condition that Vuillaume would be paid for the violin as it was given not to Sivori but to Paganini.
  2. More info. Stanhope lens and Vuillaume picture bows by Philip Kass for Strad Magazine
  3. Here's the 'Chardon' 1735 from above in reflected light. You can see the gouge cuts.
  4. I do know him. His name is Christian Zens but he has always been difficult to contact. I haven't seen him for some time now (2 years?). I will see if I can find any other contact information besides that on the website.
  5. This small violin is the equivalent of the 'Messiah' for Guarneri 'del Gesù'. It even surpasses the 'Messiah' in that the fittings, tailpiece, lower saddle, 3 pegs (at least), fingerboard are all original and the neck is still nailed in its original position with four nails. It is fully varnished including the neck. The only Stradivari in this condition, and one better, with the original bridge is the Tenor in Florence at the Accademia.
  6. There is a Martinus Kaiser violin in Venice with the purfling center that appears to have been pewter or similar metal. In time it has corroded but it shows up as metal in the x-ray. Normally purfling is almost invisible or with far less contrast. Bruce
  7. Hi Peter, The image that you are using of "il Cannone" is a drawing and not a photograph introducing a further possibility for error. One can read on pages vii and viii of the Preface to the Hill book on the Guarneri Family: "We succeeded in obtaining permission to make a drawing of Paganini's famed Guarneri violin, thanks to old friends, M. Camille Barrère, the ex -French Ambassador to Italy, and Signor Robert Foltzer of Genoa, both lovers of our subject; nor should we omit to thank Mr. Harry Currie for the drawings which he did at Genoa in 1925." The 'Cannone' has been somewhat idealized in these drawings. The other instruments illustrated in the book are 'photgravure', black and white and color plates derived from photographs. Photogravure process The 'Lady Blunt' currently has a neckset that reflects what J.B. Vuillaume and many other French violin makers were doing at that time which is characterised by a steeper neck (more back slant) and a lower 'overstand' or 'appui' than we would normally do today. In many ways it is more similar to the neck reset on the Messiah Stradivari of 1716 in Oxford, also done by J.B. Vuillaume. Bruce
  8. David, I have changed that rule which the museum evidently got elsewhere, a little led light is fine. You can also take photographs. No tripods. Any UV light source is obviously not allowed. Sorry you had trouble. If you're nearby make a second trip. Bruce
  9. No, only Columbus, as it is part of the sister city cultural exchange program. Then it goes back to Genoa.
  10. Looking forward to seeing you David. Hope you make it. Must be over three hours from Ann Arbor for a normal auto but if yours is as fast as it looks the Ohio State Highway Patrol might not even see you!!
  11. I have yet to see the toenail but who knows, maybe it's a surprise. That's funny. We used to say "where the hell is Brienz?"
  12. Usually on 27 October (Paganini's birth date) there is a concert in the Carlo Felice theatre in Genoa. This year Francesca Dego plays. She has recorded for Deutsche Grammophon.
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm kicking this back to the top just in case someone didn't see it. The only other way is to see the Guarneri 'del Gesù' that was played by Paganini is to travel to Genoa. I can't imagine anyone is going to fly in from Seattle but when I was back in Michigan a five hour drive Chicago for Kenneth Warren or a ten hour drive to New York to go to Wurlitzers was not unusual. I'll be there as well and would enjoy meeting any violinmakers or musicians who have come to visit. The first post has a link to information about the Columbus event. Bruce
  14. See you there. You can get tickets online. There is a link from the video I first posted. Ticket sales - Ohio Theatre