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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies. I purchased it mainly because it belonged to the artist, since I purchased his palette at the same auction. I figured due to the design on the back that it was most likely a 19th century instrument, however once I read the book and saw the information about the violin listed in the book I began to second guess myself and thought just maybe I had beaten the 0% odds of finding an original 16th century violin. Anyways it added some excitement around here for a couple days. I am glad I consulted with you guys before listing it on eBay! I am still a little confused as to the information you have given me on the maker, hopefully someone can clear that up a little bit for me! Thanks again for all of your help
  2. Hi everyone, I am an antique dealer from rural Upstate NY and yesterday at auction I picked up a very unusual violin belonging to a listed American Folk Artist from Maine. I was trying to do some research on the piece and came across your site. I was hoping to share my violin with you and seewhat you guys thought of it (I.E. age, possible resale value, etc.) I will give you as many details of the violin and although the back story is a little lengthy, I think it will help to explain the violin. I have also included a link where I created a photo album with many different views of the violin. This violin came up to auction last night as a violin belonging to Jonathan Adams Bartlett, listed folk painter from Rumford Me. Included in the lot were his violin, his artist's palette, and a book detailing his life. Bartlett was born in 1817 and died in 1902. When I was reading through his book this morning, I found a picture of his violin in the book and this excerpt from the book: "Bartlett was a talented musician and adept at playing a variety of instruments including his favorites, the violin and clarinet. The latter instruments, which belonged to him personally, still exist and are pictures on plates 23 and 24. His violin (Plate 23) is of Italian origin and signed by the master Violin maker, Gasperd Daffio Prugger. William Adams Bartlett placed the activity of this craftsman in the mid 16th century and Florin I, a daughter of the artist allegedly found a mate to it in the British Museum. London England. It was originally purchased for Jonathan in Italy by his brother Joseph on one of their many trips abroad." Now I do not know alot about violins, I thought this one had some great designs on it. When I purchased this I originally thought the bridge was not original to the piece due to its lightness, however after viewing some others, it appears it could be original: it is marked Hubert. Now the inside tag is all handwritten and is very hard to read, but from what I can read I decipher: Godpord Duffo Prugger Borsnienfis Annolis (possibly Annoris). Here is the link to the photos: http://community.webshots.com/album/573093950DuSeIE Thanks for your time, Brandon
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