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  1. i found ep too metallic and harsh for my taste, but my teacher loved it. i guess what i hear from my own ears and what people from a distance hear are not the same. since i am not performing for other people, i opted for obligato which my ears like.
  2. I like Kleiber's recroding from the 70's(?)-the one from DG. Nobody has mentioned this, but I think Abbado's relatively recent recording is very good. It doesn't quite have the thoroughly luxurious, modern sound like Karajan's 60's recording, but not really period style recording either. Then, there's Pletnev's recording. Truely odd recording.
  3. Did any people NY get to try this strad? If I am not mistaken, the auction houses allow people to view/try the instrument.
  4. I have tried uploading my person icon, but it doesn't seem to work.
  5. Good job. Everybody makes mistakes and I make even more mistakes. Thanks for the midi file information. I will try that soon. I like Grumiaux's recording. I like most of Menuhin's recordings, but I wasn't too impressed by the recording included in EMI's Great Recordings of the Century series.
  6. I think there have been good advices, but without seeing the problem, the advices we can give is limited. Unless it's obvious or really severe, I can guess what your physician might prescribe if he or she does. It will most likely go away without a treatment, but it's always a good idea to get a second opinion from someone who can examine your problem. Here are some "minor" to "urgent" reasons why you have to see your doctor for your problem. If any one of these applies to you, I suggest that you make an appointment now. See your doctor soon. 1. You are diabetic or taking medications that suppress your immune system. 2. You have had the problem for more than 2 weeks and it doesn't seem to be getting better. 3. It's getting bigger or more servere (pain, swelling, etc.) 4. Coloured exudation (oozing). 5. Develop moderate to high fever.
  7. This is a more reasonable starting price. 1722 Strad
  8. Sell it to that expert at the half the starting price. It would be a great deal for both of them.
  9. Ysaye was much younger than Joachim or Sarasate when he made the recordings. I believe Joachim and Sarasate made recordings when they were into the 70's and 80's. Most violinists in that age group (54) would not be considered "old." For example, Perlman is 60 and recordings he made a few years ago show no technical problem. Even at the age of 70, Milstein was in a good shape. Shumsky was 65 when he made his Ysaye sonata recording. However, Ysaye had developed technical problems probably due to his health condition. At age 54, he had passed the prime of his career as a concert violinist.
  10. Done that already. I don't suspect that speedy-88 is behind this. I wonder how that crook got his user ID and password.
  11. I got an email from the "seller" through eBay's mail forwarding system. The "seller" was offering me a second chance even though my bid was less than half of the final price and far below the reserve price. What's odd about this is that the User ID of the person who offered me the second chance doesn't match. Speedy-88 appears to be a fairly reputable eBay buyer/seller based in Germany, but the forwarded email came though eBay Malaysia!
  12. Doesn't the bow hair get oily and slippery if you put oil on your string?
  13. I had a Maestro model for awhile. The wood used for the back was very beautiful. My violin was based on the Strad pattern. I don't think it is particularly well made. Everything about the original set up was wrong. Be prepared to spend some money and time to have it adjusted. After the adjustment, it became slightly more playable, but the sound has not change in any meaningful way. I didn't realize just how bad the sound was until I played other instruments.
  14. Yes, it's possible to buy a violin entirely made by Zheng, but I think you might have to wait a few years to get one. Don't think that his violins are cheap because he is a Chinese violin maker. I was told that he charges over $10,000 for his violin. One of my friends is a violin dealer who goes to China a few times a year to buy violins in several grades. He played two violins by Zheng. The first one was an exceptional violin, but the second one was not good. He suspects that it could not have been made by Zheng and it might have been a violin made by his student and finished by Zheng. I am not sure whether or not this is a common practice, but if you were to buy a violin from him, I suggest that you tell him that you want to violin entirely made by Zheng.
  15. I believe that the US dealer/importer has an arrangement with Zheng Quan to sell his workshop violins under Cremona label. These are not violins made by Zheng Quan who claims that he only makes about 4 violins a year.
  16. He teaches violing making in Beijing. You can read about him here. It's in Chinese. I have very primitive understanding of Chinese characters which I picked up when I was studying Japanese, so this article is too difficult for me.
  17. Well, I was totally wrong about this violin. I don't think this violin would reach that kind of price, but it did. The final price is $4,349. I thought only upper reproduction series violins command prices in that range on eBay.
  18. I thought that this thread is about the questionable violin seller on eBay not about one of our members who shares his knowledge with us. Unlike premiereviolin, Jesse has not listed any questionable violins with no reserve at one dollar with deceptive descriptions. Sometimes non-reserve auctions invite more interested potential buyers than reserve auctions. His feedback record shows that he is an honest seller. I would not feel uncomfortable in bidding any one of his violins. But then, he could be a truly evil genius... Just kidding.
  19. I haven't been to this forum recently, so I am not familiar with that unfortunate bidder. It is possible that he is paying too much for being well known, but that doesn't explain why sellers block the ID. If people are actually following certain bidders, why would the sellers block the IDs? Don't you think the seller would want to get the most out of their listings? I agree with you on bidders blocking their IDs, but it's not likely to happen. eBay also benefits from high winning bids.
  20. "Premiere Violins shall have no responsibility for any error or omission."
  21. I have never been comfortable with sellers who block the IDs of their bidders. You can't get the email addresses of the bidders from eBay, so protecting the privacy of a bidder doesn't really make any sense. I need to see the numbers of feedbacks of the participating bidders. If they all have zero or one feedback, then I would get suspicious. This seller provides no certificate and no refund. Under the terms and conditions, they stated "Premiere Violins shall have no responsibility for any error or omission. The absence of a condition statement does not imply that the item is in perfect condition." If you are a bidder, you will have to determine whether or not the descriptions are correct by looking at their "incredibly detailed" picture. I don't remember reading something like that on the Tarisio or Sotheby's web sites. Their "Voirin bow" is offered without a reserve price at one dollar! Give me a break!
  22. I don't have any doubt. The seller informed me that the reserve price is almost $3,000. I don't think there has been a Roth violin on eBay which demanded that kind of price. I am quite fond of pre-WWII Roth violins. The ones that I have tried are very nice instruments and the prices were reasonable. By the way, does any one know which Roth model this is?
  23. It's a pretty violin for sure. Something tells me that this violin won't get sold. In my opinion, the reserve price is too high for most people to buy a violin without trying it.
  24. This is a question which I have had for sometime about graduation. I hope Beni doesn't mind me asking to experts in this thread. Wood shrinks as it looses the moisture. As a result, the thickness of the top and the bottom plates of an old violin will be different from the original thickness. This will change the density and hence the acoustic properties of the violin. If a violin maker makes a copy, does he estimates the original thickness or does he follow the published data?
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