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  1. New Fingerboard

    Thanks Joe. I appreciate the health warning. And Brad, I'll read that first! Woody, it has some historical interest but as a violin not much.
  2. New Fingerboard

    It's either me doing it or the bin as the instrument's just not worth spending any money on. Belt sander here I come! But thanks as always folks, it's all interesting.
  3. New Fingerboard

    The new board is much thicker. Should I put it on a belt sander or fit as is? Thanks yet again.
  4. removing fingerboard

    Wow! Thanks folks. The lamp loosened the glue on the nut which came off easily and then most of the board levered off from there. Now just sand?
  5. removing fingerboard

    I have some pure alcohol so that may come in useful.
  6. removing fingerboard

    Thanks again duane. I'm trying that. It's just a cheap Medio-Fino 3/4 but I think it seems to sound better than a cheap Chinese so worth a little effort.
  7. removing fingerboard

    Thanks. I'll have to look into getting a plane.
  8. removing fingerboard

    I was recently given this 'as is'. Any tips on removing the fingerboard? Thanks folks.
  9. Get This!

    @Delabo - Amati's latest auction is up online and with estimates.
  10. 'Ascribed to Guarneri' at Tarisio

    Am I missing something?
  11. Side Chisel regrind

    Supersharp in Mitcham if anyone needs to know. I felt a bit silly having to say they haven't been reground in over 40 years.
  12. How to judge violin sound ?

    Great is all very well, just good would do.
  13. How to judge violin sound ?

    Speaking as a near total ignoramus, I know the top isn't everything but shouldn't makers take them off, throw them away, and do another if the tone isn't really good? I remember hearing that a well known clavichord/harpsichord maker was often swapping/replacing soundboards.
  14. How to judge violin sound ?

    My limited experience says the same. I think punters are often persuaded to buy something a little bit better which is still poor - is that what you're saying Bill? Question is, why, after 100's of years of making, are a large majority of violins so poor?
  15. Why purfling has a different contour

    @ Cleflover - It's not something I've looked at before but out of 5 violins here at home all have the treble bout corner matching back with front (measured by tracing) with uncanny accuracy.