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  1. Well a good sound on 2 strings anyway
  2. Thanks for the advice . I got to play it before bidding. It's a good sound.
  3. I take it you didn't play it?
  4. I'm off to the luthier's in a couple of weeks. Hopefully that's no prpblem for him.
  5. Here's a better pic of the crack from outside. Thankfully not gone through! The bridge is quite plain. Made by Ronald Harding (of Hill and Son?)
  6. Thanks for spotting that. I'll show it to my luthier. String length seems to be 395mm.
  7. https://app.amati.com/en/auction/1080-amati-affordable-28th-july/19-a-viola-unlabelled Anyone want to comment on this 430mm viola what I bought? Thanks folks.
  8. Didn't it go for $800? Or am I missing something? https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2199502848&cpid=3744530432
  9. I'm that case I would say 3mm.
  10. Thanks for that advice. I'll take it to a professional to try out.
  11. From the centre of the foot to the center of the post is 6mm. I'm assuming the post is straight - the instrument looks well setup.
  12. I put a ruler on it and it's fine.
  13. Thanks. It's a 19th century instrument and is very light. I' m guessing an over-the-top re graduating was done at some time - it has a very powerful sound.
  14. I tried the rubber/eraser on the bass f hole with some success but it works best on the treble one. Also, without the rubber/eraser the G on the A string is also unstable - but not as bad as on the E. Now I'm off to amazon to buy some grommets
  15. I figured to mute a bit of the body somehow but I think what it did was breakup some of the sound exiting that f hole. Not sure if it works in the other f hole . I'll give it a go.
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