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  1. Thanks as ever Jacob! I'll investigate.
  2. How do I tell if my Medio-Fino is a pressed top? Thanks folks!
  3. Thanks. I guess that's what I need to know.
  4. No. The fiddle definitely Lincoln, UK. The luthier was not impressed .
  5. It's an amateur thing. I wonder if the maker was buying new head/necks or used.
  6. Can anything be said about this head? The fluting goes way up into the throat (nearly 9 o'clock). A luthier told me it was German and fine. Maybe a date? It's stuck on an English 1880's violin. Thanks so much folks!
  7. Thanks for the link. Pics attached. I may wish to sell (for not much on Gumtree), a country of origin would help. Ta again.
  8. And I thought you folks knew everything! Still, it would take all the fun out of your lives.:)
  9. Surely someone knows? Thanks folks.
  10. I can tell it's a cheap student instrument. Thanks.
  11. Next week I'll take it along to some auction previews and see how the sound compares with other violas. It's much better than the 3 I've already got at home. It did cost a lot of dough considering.
  12. The bass bar is there though you've got to wonder how well installed it is.
  13. They do move at a tremendous speed - really eery.
  14. F holes, spot the difference Also, it's not unthinkable that a job like this could be done without taking the top off. A real amateur may have worked that way. There isn't the slightest attempt of even fake purfling.