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  1. F holes, spot the difference Also, it's not unthinkable that a job like this could be done without taking the top off. A real amateur may have worked that way. There isn't the slightest attempt of even fake purfling.
  2. The difference in grain can't be original. The way the finish has been destroyed is also noticeable. The top was taken off and put back on with some skill though.
  3. Hey, thanks folks. Obviously some weird physics going on there!
  4. What would a fur ball be doing in my violin? I got it out and it's matted stuff. a fur
  5. It's definitely inserted. The grain is wildly coarser.
  6. Thanks David. I bought it recently and am very much in love with it's sound and setup (for the price). I'm just wondering what the repair must have been about. So maybe not a bass bar problem?
  7. It's certainly not a good repair. Not sure about the Ronseal.
  8. What kind of major bass bar problem would have required the replacing of a 38mm wide strip of the entire top? It's a Neuner and Hornsteiner viola c.1870 by the way. Thanks so much in anticipation folks!
  9. On closer inspection, yes. It's a 37mm wide strip of crude? spruce along the entire front. No beauty this one!
  10. It's Neuner & Hornsteiner. 80% anyway :)
  11. I think Jacob is right it's not a crack but a parting of the ways - harder to fix I'd think. The bigger picture attached. The 'parting is only the bottom 4 inches or so. And thanks for all the comments!
  12. My guess is the crack's 100 years old. I very much doubt it'll get worse. Thanks David, that's interesting.
  13. I gave him a minor violin crack to sort about 3 months ago. Not heard a word. I suppose I'm asking does it affect the sound much, if any?
  14. and just leave it? It's a newly bought viola of mine that sounds great. Should I get something done? You can get a business card through the crack. Thanks very much folks!
  15. I like that it's adjustable.