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  1. Tool Marks on Scroll

    Do these tool marks on the scroll tell me anything about an 1880's German factory violin? The head is otherwise very neat, also it has a great sound - the best violin out of my 10! Thanks.
  2. Has anyone been by Bromptons for this latest auction?

    'n it didn't sell! Now's your chance Dwight.
  3. Has anyone been by Bromptons for this latest auction?

    I thought 152 was especially nice (I looked at the estimate after). On the topic of sound posts what do you think the message is when nearly half of a preview's violins have their soundpost rattling around inside?
  4. Has anyone been by Bromptons for this latest auction?

    151A is as described. I thought it sounded a bit nasally. I liked it's neighbours better. The guitar I'll be interested in should it turn up in the aftersale.
  5. Has anyone been by Bromptons for this latest auction?

    Sure, but I'm only really OK with comparing the tone of violins. Any pointers?
  6. Has anyone been by Bromptons for this latest auction?

    I may pop in tomorrow to check out the guitars.
  7. fingerboard not flush

    The pros who had a go on it didn't really notice. It's when you play F's on the E string that you notice the 'cliff'.
  8. fingerboard not flush

    Thanks for your concern! No, it's not new, it's a c1900 I picked it up at auction. It's got a fantastic sound - the pros who've played it have been impressed. At some point an amateur has renewed the fingerboard. I take it deepening the grooves on the nut's a no, no?
  9. fingerboard not flush

    Thanks. Also, the action on the E string is 1.1mm high at the nut. Is there any excuse for that?
  10. UK Luthiers?

    Rob Bray will re-hair while you wait. I know of a number of satisfied customers. Tour Charlton House while you're there.
  11. fingerboard not flush

    Thanks again. What I'm saying is that on my other violins you can't tell by your thumb whether you're on the neck or the fingerboard. This recent instrument you feel a distinct edge.
  12. Breathing Rosin dust

    The root of my problem is probably too much black bile, as Galen would have put it. My internal fluids are just too viscous to do their job - like carrying rosin away. Lately I've been discovering things in my diet that were dehydrating me.
  13. Breathing Rosin dust

    There is relation between pine resin and non-hodgkins lymphoma (what grandad died of) discovered in sawmill workers. I still practice with my nose/mouth covered. I'm trying Melos dark at the moment in the hope it makes less dust. A proper study would find rosin inhaling a health risk for string players, I'm sure. There's a type of resin they use in car carpeting which gives me an instant rash should I touch it and don't get me started on Xmas trees!
  14. fingerboard not flush

    Thanks. On both sides the fingerboard is wider. You can't see it, it's something you feel.
  15. fingerboard not flush

    On my latest acquisition the fingerboard has been badly replaced. It's not flush with the neck - it overhangs ever so slightly. Is this an easy fix?