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  1. It was up and playing when I handed it over so it was really just cosmetic stuff. I should have spent the money on a new set of pegs which was all it really needed.
  2. You're forgetting the commission and tax.
  3. For those who are interested I went to see lot 37 and 39 after starting this thread. Both have a Sears and Roebuck type 'Conservatory Violin' on the back of the scroll like the one below.
  4. Ya know Mr Shelbow, you should pick out what's good or interesting about items at auction and go into detail rather than scattershot the whole thing.
  5. It was (is?) English with a beech back. Still crap in my opinion.
  6. Yes, only 3 photos but also a condition report which I find always very accurate. thanks for the replies, I'm genuinely interested in learning. Edit: there's a 360 image viewer
  7. Anybody want to offer their opinion on the difference between these two? https://app.amati.com/en/auction/1093-single-owner-collection-the-makers-sale-24th-25th-august/37-a-violin-labelled-antonius-stradiuarius?page=1&listView=1 https://app.amati.com/en/auction/1093-single-owner-collection-the-makers-sale-24th-25th-august/39-a-violin-labelled-antonius-stradiuarius?page=1&listView=1
  8. It seems an unusually high graft. It cuts right into the G and E peg holes.
  9. Thanks. So I may have a good scroll?
  10. I paid £170 to a luthier to 'tart it up'. she didn't re-varnish but did clean it. She fitted a new bridge which I found awful and I had to tweek it so I could play it. Also she improved the fit of the pegs. She came highly recommended but it was mostly a waste of money as I need the new bridge replaced. i don't think the pegbox has been blackened, I think it's dirt.
  11. These pics I've not reduced so much.
  12. I'll go back and read the pinnedthread. Meanwhile here are the f holes.
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