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  1. I'm that case I would say 3mm.
  2. Thanks for that advice. I'll take it to a professional to try out.
  3. From the centre of the foot to the center of the post is 6mm. I'm assuming the post is straight - the instrument looks well setup.
  4. I put a ruler on it and it's fine.
  5. Thanks. It's a 19th century instrument and is very light. I' m guessing an over-the-top re graduating was done at some time - it has a very powerful sound.
  6. I tried the rubber/eraser on the bass f hole with some success but it works best on the treble one. Also, without the rubber/eraser the G on the A string is also unstable - but not as bad as on the E. Now I'm off to amazon to buy some grommets
  7. I figured to mute a bit of the body somehow but I think what it did was breakup some of the sound exiting that f hole. Not sure if it works in the other f hole . I'll give it a go.
  8. Went out and bought 2. Not counting the new dominant I'd just fitted . Also same effect with a gut E.
  9. Yes, that's the note. The bridge is very well fitted as is the sound post . I'm guessing in the past it was regraded with the weird response on G the result. Otherwise it has a fantastic sound. It's had a neck graft
  10. It's the lower G - 1st position, finger 2.
  11. Just the E string. When I lowered the pitch of the strings to a = 415 the problem shifted to A.
  12. The G was all kind of garbled and stood out. Now it's just as smooth as the other notes.
  13. I know the sound post encourages up and down movement of the sound waves. I think I disrupted some unwanted extra motion.
  14. Bought this violin for a fair sum years ago. Just started using it and found it had a G (finger 2) on the E string that wasn't very stable - it kinda fluttered. I tried a few things but found this bit of eraser (see below) worked. What have I done? Anyone grasp a rational here? Thanks.
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