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  1. I think to judge we'd require pics of you in your apron - body, front and back.
  2. Like Martin I won't consider anything without a play so I usually go to Wales for the preview but as I couldn't this time I ignored the auction. Yes, prices are hard to understand! I hope James is doing OK in the present climate.
  3. Know it well. Long before the Olympics ruined it I spent most Saturdays there. There was a pub that served great Guinness and muscles! Definitely those were the days! For those who don 't know there's a guy buried upside down there.
  4. I've a reproduction baroque oboe of boxwood and an 1850's? 5 keyed clarinet of same. It's a lovely wood!
  5. Thanks Woodie, just what I thought. They get instantly pressed into uselessness.
  6. Are there 'boxwood' pegs that aren't really? I've a violin with what are probably cheap ebay buys. They seem to fit but slip like no one's business. I've tried ebony and they're fine. Thanks.
  7. 1/4 sounds good. It's real handsome - all luthiered up and ready to go. Got it at Amati's affordable. Would easily pass Martin's 10sec test.
  8. Oh, I agree. I just think it's worth distinguishing between damaging something (to modernise its sound) and fixing beaver wood. Here's mine (and it does have a superior sound - maybe a regraduation? Loads of good work done on it but the new pegs very poorly fitted which is weird):
  9. I do know what it means and it tends to ruin the instrument (you can't put it back). I think there's a need for a new name for tidying beaver wood.
  10. I got one of those. Can I get $1400 for it?
  11. Pardon my ignorance but when you say 'graduated the top' do you mean carved out some of the inside? Is that not an evil thing to do?