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  1. If you ask me the shoulders are too rounded for a hopf.
  2. Earlier in the thread I was encouraged to look under the fingerboard - surely enough there was another peg.
  3. Thanks, the best option I'm sure but if the most it could be worth is £100?
  4. I've done a better picture of the hand drawn purfling. It's obvious that a mechanical scribe of some sort followed the edge of both back and belly but here there was no edge to follow here so it had to be hand drawn. The sides may be maple. It's really light and makes a warmer sound than my maple back violins. It's also the lightest violin of all 15 or so I have.
  5. As far as I'm concerned it's repaired.
  6. I assumed you introduce it sideways.
  7. Presumably you could fit a cleat through the button hole?
  8. Now that you say it, I think I can just make out a top pin. Thanks. Always rewarding this forum!
  9. Thanks. Yes, the saddle. There are no pins anywhere else.
  10. Just gave one away. Weirdly the label was Medio-Fino but stamped on the back HOPF.
  11. At first I thought this was an open crack (as the condition report stated) but on closer inspection it's been repaired. There's glue in the crack and I assume the pin stops it spreading? There's no movement with pressure applied. I assume there are no cleats. Thanks so much.
  12. I suppose a really long drill bit and screw driver is the only cheap option ( one I still have I suppose).
  13. But again, surely if Stradivari didn't reply solely on hide glue for the neck no point me trying it. What it really requires is shim out and a proper neck graft but that's far more than it's commercial value.