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  1. Today, because of better pedogogy and better instruments, our young artists, particularly our young pianists, are getting better and better. I can remember when the name "Horowitz" made the hair on your neck stand on end. No more though. And even Martha Argerich has been eclipsed by the likes of Valentina Lisitsa and Lang Lang. The Byron Janises and the Gary Graffmans of yesterday are no more than relics, nonetheless beautiful, for us to remember. The piano competitions are getting more and more stringent and the contestants are under more and more pressure. Santiago Rodriquez said of his last competition: "No more for me. This is it. There is too much pressure." And where does it all lead and is it all worth it? Who wins? The luckiest contestant? I'd be interested in hearing from the Mastronet members about this.
  2. Dear Richard: My favorite piano piece is "Harmonies du Soir" (Evening Harmonies) by Franz Liszt. It is #11 in the set of Transcendental Etudes so I doubt you'd want to try this piece. It's one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever heard. I also play it. How about Rachmaninov's Prelude #4 in D, opus 23? There's another hauntingly beautiful piece,very reminiscent of the 18th Variation from his Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini.
  3. Sergeij Rahkmaninov

    The Future

    The future of today's young pianists as they attempt to enter a field that is getting so tight that almost no one, no matter how good, can get in.
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