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    Learning violin with my daughter, repairing the equipment we have, and toying with the idea of making a violin
  1. Just a followup. I found this today in an English version... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7p4KU3GPnM Somebody uploaded it for us.
  2. Christmas Greetings from Kazakhstan! Aren't we all glad the world didn't end a couple days ago! Blessings!
  3. Ben, Thanks! I saw all the clips I could find on YouTube, but I apparently wasn't clever enough to look on Facebook. Thanks again! Blessings.
  4. Ben Would it be possible to see better pictures of that cello made from the car bonnet? Thanks!
  5. Would the dye from black walnut hulls work? I always had trouble washing hands after hulling walnuts.
  6. Michael, I can't help on the other questions, but I saw a webpage of errata last week. http://kigiri.free.f...e20/page20.html jonathan
  7. Here it is http://www.tvzavr.ru/Vizit-k-Minotavru Edit: I couldn't get it to save with Flashgot's Mozilla plugin, but it did stream ok. Found another: first part only http://www.youtube.c...QbVVAIkLw?rel=0 Yet a better option: search for Визит к Минотавру (paste into search line) on YouTube. The top five hits are the five parts. Each link opens a page and then click on the "Watch now" button. They are downloadable both with Flashgot, and with the youtube video downloader addon...
  8. My daughter's teacher (Russian bow hold, for what it's worth) had her rotate the whole bow so the hair across the ribbon would lower toward the scroll. I would imagine that having a slight 'twist' might be ergonomic, and perhaps even tonally advantageous, but like anything it would take practice and familiarity.
  9. Why post on Maestronet? I want to say first, on Maestronet, I lurk to learn. Although I have occasionaly asked a question, I usually only post if I have something to contribute. An abject newbie like me doesn't have much. Thanks for the lessons!
  10. I've only been a buyer from both firms and Joe's statement goes for me too.
  11. It looks like the link got pasted funny... Here is what worked for me. link Edit: Good job Rebecca!
  12. Mike, I was there a couple/three years ago, for far too little time (family in tow, appointments in Yankton and Norfolk...).. As far as a catalog goes, on their website gift shop it appears that they have topical catalogs. I imagine that they get sold out and aren't reprinted, but rather new variants are published. The ones listed now seem different than my imperfect memory can recall. National Music Museum Gift Shop edit: Oh a link to the expansion (I think it is good that they didn't ask me... blessings, jonathan
  13. Likely you have already read about his patent for some special coating... (number 228) I also saw that the Music Trade Review from Feb. 1921 said "SEE RUIN IN OHLHAVER INVENTION" a pdf link. I haven't run into anything that mentions anything much after that point yet.
  14. Good job! Ravenmad / Adrian You did your research / homework plus learned some of the jargon, then did the best you could. You didn't ruin anybody's property, learned on a cello that isn't worth the moon, and at least temporarily have your partner back to the sweet tones of the cello. I like the idea of fixing something that might otherwise be a write-off. Careful where this leads as it can be habit forming. Like Jacob said, you might be fixing it again or something else...
  15. Like Robertdo says there is the Urhu in China, and in Kazakhstan the Kobyz (the picture is not mine, but from: flickr