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    Making; restoration; psychoacoustics; grounds and varnishes; aesthetic development of the violin family instruments form

    Studied with Karl Roy, Jim Robinson, and Zoran Stilin at UNH summer program for three years; completed studies at VMSA studying with Charles Woolf,Georg Meiwes, Sanghoon Lee, and Aubrey K. Alexander; attended 2016 and 2017 Oberlin Summer Restoration Workshop

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  1. Trade Secrets Index

    Down time while on pain meds for kidney stone, Mike. I guess I should have said passing the time.
  2. Trade Secrets Index

    The latest version of the index to include the contents of Trade Secrets 4. You can see that somehow, I never received a few of the 2017 issues as well as March 2018. Please add if you like and repost. Trade Secrets 318.xls
  3. Old "solarium" for tanning wood....

    I just leave them open and things don't seem to get too hot. Should it do so, I can always disconnect some lights which all have their own power cords. The exhaust fan is right next to the tent, so I could run some clothes dryer duct from the tent.
  4. Options for creating a darker sounding violin

    Do you have a link to Sam's article, Luis?
  5. Options for creating a darker sounding violin

    I am working on a commission for a bluegrass player who wants something with a darker sound than her Chinese instrument gives her. I am considering three options: 1. Thicker back 2. Raise the ribs by a couple of mm and use fuller cross arching or 3. Use an alternative wood for the back (I have a nice piece of birch, for example, and some willow) Would you use one of these strategies? Something else entirely?
  6. Old "solarium" for tanning wood....

    This is what I use. Light fixtures hang from the inside frame. https://smartgrowtents.com/product/vivosun-48x24x60-mylar-hydroponic-grow-tent-with-obeservation-window-and-floor-tray-for-indoor-plant-growing-2x4/ Before David Burgess weighs in, I should clarify that I use it to tan wood and cure varnish and not to grow anything...
  7. Input needed colophony + nitrocellulose?

    Your description of the smell brings to mind pine tar. If it works for Scandinavian boats, it must be a great protective. I've just never gotten a usable color out of it.
  8. Because everyone reads the Pegbox...

    You might check in with The Open String. They try to put instruments together with free music education program teaching underprivileged children around the world. They made a presentation at VSA I think three years ago. theopenstring.org
  9. Archetier in the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC area?

    David Cohen in Alexandria. Oops! I see he is now exclusively making. Harriet Vorona works with him. You might call him and see whether she can provide the services you need. She is also a player and teacher.
  10. Looking for spatula

    Garrett Wade sells very small ones.
  11. Cello Repair follow up (Pegbox crack)

    Here's another opportunity to advance my state of Enlightenment. When we use these hard materials, to what extent is the surrounding wood subjected to more stress when it expands in response to changes in humidity? Clearly, the answer is not a significant one. Otherwise, folks wouldn't be using these materials. I just want to understand the materials science. Thanks in advance.
  12. Tone change after 5 years - a datapoint

    Mae West: Why don't you come up and see... Nah, thought better of it. The forum walls have eyes.
  13. Attention to detail and stifled creativity?

    Working on one, but suspect Jeff would have to create a separate forum. Maybe Non-violin Making/Repairing/Restoring Creative Endeavors of MNers? NoMaRCEM?
  14. Attention to detail and stifled creativity?

    I am not too proud to admit that I once was enamored of the "freedom from engaging with and transcending its strictures." I soon found my work so offensive that I moved on more fully to embrace the strictures. Saved me the trouble of choosing free verse over iambic pentameter in my embryonic efforts in writing poetry.