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    Making; restoration; psychoacoustics; grounds and varnishes; aesthetic development of the violin family instruments form

    Studied with Karl Roy, Jim Robinson, and Zoran Stilin at UNH summer program for three years; completed studies at VMSA studying with Charles Woolf,Georg Meiwes, Sanghoon Lee, and Aubrey K. Alexander; attended 2016 and 2017 Oberlin Summer Restoration Workshop

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  1. Julian Cossmann Cooke

    Pecan husk pigment versus walnut husk

    Bottom is walnut husk pigment, top is pecan husk. The only difference in processing is using grapevine ash in lieu of potassium carbonate to leach the dye. The pecan looks to light to really color varnish, but maybe it will just create a less red brown than the walnut. Will try it on one of my Chinese charitable giving fiddles and post results here.
  2. Julian Cossmann Cooke

    Fustic as a stain

    Plain fustic; lac plus fustic, each with four coats varn Plain propolis plus varnish; propolis plus lac varnishFustic plus lac plus four coats local pine resin varnish (no pigments) s)Aloe plus lac plus four coats of varnish; bare wood plus varnishLac plus four coats varnish
  3. Julian Cossmann Cooke

    Julian Cossmann Cooke's bench

    My bad on the pencil lines, Mike. I guess I got so used to seeing the differences that I thought they would be visible to everyone else. Button lac does have wax in it. Enough that it formed a paste when reduced in boiling alcohol -- thick enough to apply with the fingers. It will be interesting to see how it interacts with spirit varnish. May depend on how thin the lac is in its application. Maybe someone here will spare me an expensive failure. But absent that lifeline, I will post the results of the next phase which is adding the local pine resin varnish.
  4. Julian Cossmann Cooke

    Julian Cossmann Cooke's bench

    From bottom: sealer of button lac; lac over fustic stain; fustic stain; lac over propolis alcohol tincture; propolis alcohol tincture.
  5. Julian Cossmann Cooke

    Serious sale at Woodcraft

  6. Julian Cossmann Cooke

    VSA marketing presentation by the Huthmakers

    Probably not. My American grandfather added the "e" to his name because he thought it made him sound more sophisticated. Spinning in his grave, no doubt, at the thought of his grandson being a "lowly craftsman".
  7. Julian Cossmann Cooke

    VSA marketing presentation by the Huthmakers

    Not based on the research I've done. Schade! That would be great pedigree, though I am happy with the one I have.
  8. Julian Cossmann Cooke

    Fustic as a stain

    More fustic. 1. Water to raise the grain and inhibit burning, fustic stain, shellac 2. Same as 1 plus propolis tincture 3. Same as 2 with one coat of pine resin spirit varnish
  9. Julian Cossmann Cooke

    VSA marketing presentation by the Huthmakers

    Actually, the framing of the shot spared folks seeing the unpleasant effect of Dunlop's Disease. As in "My belly done lopped over my belt."
  10. Julian Cossmann Cooke

    VSA marketing presentation by the Huthmakers

    Here is the PowerPoint of the first-rate presentation on marketing done by Dixie and Anna Huthmaker. The live delivery was entertaining and informative. Please ignore the guy on the cover slide. They DID ask in advance whether they could use one of my Instagram posts. They DID not tell me it would be on the first slide. Grrrrrrr! https://www.vsaweb.org/resources/Documents/Huthmaker Marketing PP VSA.pdf
  11. Julian Cossmann Cooke

    Julian Cossmann Cooke's bench

    Working on the da Salo scroll. Converting to a uni-flute to reduce weight. Also cut back the width at the ears and will widen the pegbox mortise a bit. The tapered chamfer on the bass profile is an artifact of narrowing the first turn -- also a weight-saving device. (Note to self: Experiment with tapered chamfer with tapering in different relationships to width of volute fluting...) Probably would have been easier to downsize the scroll when outlining it. But then I wouldn't have had the fun of experimenting with the uni-flute which is featured in the Liutai in Brescia book on a Francesco da Salo viola and a Maggini double bass.
  12. Julian Cossmann Cooke

    Korinthia Klein's VSA talk on discrimination

    Agreed. Drum roll. Ladies and gentlemen, the Jeffrey Holmes of the United States!
  13. Julian Cossmann Cooke

    Korinthia Klein's VSA talk on discrimination

    Hm. Even psychiatrists worth their salt will not offer diagnoses without personally spending some time with the individual. I've spent some time with Korinthia and I can say I don't see a lack of confidence or a dark view of the world. On the contrary. But then you may know her better than I do, Bill. I can't really tell.
  14. Julian Cossmann Cooke

    Power Sharpeners

    I think if you check with a retailer like woodcraft, the tormeks do come with a few of the jigs. Mine did.
  15. Julian Cossmann Cooke

    Korinthia Klein's VSA talk on discrimination

    I appreciate the clarification of the "play the game" phrase. Taken out of context, her statement about the danger associated with men might rankle. But as part of her larger discussion, it was not troubling to me. Bill, respectfully, I have to take issue with this. I am sure you didn't mean "play the game" in a pejorative sense. I attended Korinthia's panel -- Marilyn Wallin and Robyn Sullivan also participated -- and I suspect her leisure time was in the evening or on the weekend when she chose to prepare a valuable contribution to an essential dialogue when she could have been spending time with her family. As for slamming, if documenting specific abuses of power in the workplace qualifies, then I am at a loss as to how to characterize your comment. I would be glad to learn that I have misunderstood your intent in some way.