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  1. And his productivity when at Salt Lake made him the stuff of legend there legend that endures to this day.
  2. She is also multilingual! Oh, be still my German and (a little rusty) Russian speaking heart!
  3. Fjodor, how have these turned out in terms of ease of use? Seems to have the advantage of letting you shape to your specs rather than having to live with what the manufacturer has determined to be appropriate, e.g. Corene. That's not a criticism of Corene. Just an observation. Maybe it's not an issue if specs of the options they offer are spaced sufficiently to allow for customization. But there is no way their spec options can accommodate all of the possible variables.
  4. (Sorry, the gland is working overtime today. Then again, I'm always gland to share.) When you've finished a new instrument, do you experiment with different brands of strings to see what seems to sound best with that fiddle, etc? Or do you put on a generally good set, e.g. Dominants maybe with a Pirastro gold E, and wait to experiment based on the customer's preferred label? Weights of fixtures are relatively easy to adjust and see what works best, but strings would be pretty time-consuming and one would have to keep other variables equal (see: placement of the bridge). Then again, keeping other variables equal would be necessary in the case of experimenting with fixtures as well. And then there is the issue of various combinations, but that is going a bit far perhaps, for limited returns?
  5. 1704 IS hard to beat -- in its results and its straightforward recipe. Which recipe do you use, Andreas? In fact, if folks have 1704 recipes they would like to share, it might be interesting to see how they vary.
  6. After years of pursuing my dream to be a pirate, I took off the patch and -- voila! -- I saw my instruments in a whole new light. (Does this mean, David, that we should declare Oberllin "Restore Like a Pirate Week"?)
  7. The ground option HAD occurred to me as well. Wouldn't be the first protein ground of course. Maybe I should test it for lightfastness. Calling Brigitte Brandmair: could it have been Marmite? Now that I am a vegetarian, Marmite is verboten. I'll have to check the Vegemite contents. No gelatin, I hope!
  8. I saw the topic -- Viomate -- and it brought this to mind. https://www.thekitchn.com/what-is-marmite-and-why-is-it-so-good-240563
  9. With propolis tincture. Local pine resin/seedlac/elemi spirit varnish.
  10. I did have one of these and sold it to a classmate. May be a case of not having given it a chance to succeed.
  11. Last question first: yes, to reach the inner strip. This is the round model that to which I could not get accustomed. https://www.touchstonetonewoods.co.uk/products/tools/purfling-tools/purfling-cutter-deluxe-model-brass-small-diameter-9839s1425638502/ It's also a bit pricey for folks making their first instruments. But I am glad you have found one you like. If you can find a link to a picture, I would be interested in seeing it. Or hire a hand model to hold one and take your own picture.
  12. An instrument I bought in the white and will varnish and set up for sale at a lower price than my own instruments. Experimenting with offering something less expensive as a way of establishing customer relationships and hoping they will choose to trade up at some point. May or may not work. If not, I'll donate it to a local school music program.