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    Studied with Karl Roy, Jim Robinson, and Zoran Stilin at UNH summer program for three years; completed studies at VMSA studying with Charles Woolf,Georg Meiwes, Sanghoon Lee, and Aubrey K. Alexander; attended 2016 and 2017 Oberlin Summer Restoration Workshop

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  1. Conforming f-hole templates to arching between c-bouts

    Sounds like I may be focusing on the backside of a gnat here. Thanks, Marty.
  2. Conforming f-hole templates to arching between c-bouts

    I have lots of f-hole template resources, Carl, but applying them to the surface of the plate does not compensate for the distortion created by head-on photography. I have a book of templates similar to the one you posted, but I suspect they were not done by doing a rubbing of the original f-holes -- the only way I know to get a true template when the instrument is in hand. Short of the camera lucida, I may be left to do the adjustment by eye. Not the worst thing in the world. Given the role the area of the f-holes appears to play, it is interesting (disheartening?) to contemplate what instruments might sound like if made with f-holes conforming to something closer to the 3D reality of the original -- assuming of course that we got the arching right.
  3. VSA Preconvention session

    And contrary to your modest statement, these are wonderful photos! Bravo!
  4. VSA Preconvention session

    Would you mind going back and labeling these, Roderick? That would be very helpful!
  5. Conforming f-hole templates to arching between c-bouts

    I was getting at the challenge of using a one-dimensional photo of a 3-dimensional subject -- so getting from the photo to 3-D rather than the other way around. But maybe I am not understanding your suggestion, Mason.
  6. Conforming f-hole templates to arching between c-bouts

    Interesting idea, Frank. That is the kind of thing i meant. I may even have a projector -- it's an old 1960's model...but I might have to have a slide made...I clearly need to noodle around with this some more!
  7. Violin geometry references

    Another reference related to the issue of geometry: Shapes-of-the-Baroque_Monical.pdf My point being that, looking at Baroque instruments might stimulate thinking about how geometric design approaches themselves might have evolved. If we take one of the approaches under discussion here and assumed it was used (recognizing not everyone buys into this assumption), how would that approach have looked in the Baroque period? Just simpler (at the very least, fewer steps in the absence of most if not all recurves)? Or would it have had some different components. While there may not be a straight evolutionary line between Baroque instruments and the violin family, that doesn't necessarily exclude one between geometric design approaches, does it?
  8. VSA Preconvention session

    I am sure it would be of interest to the group at large to see the pics of the instruments folks took at the Library and the Smithsonian. I've set up an public album titled VSA tours in Photobucket, but I don't know how to make that available to others. If anyone can fill in that gap in my knowledge, I'd appreciate it. Would participants be willing to share their photos? I saw you snapping away, Roderick... But others took lots of pics as well. I confess my self-interest here because I decided to focus on seeing the instruments rather than photographing them and that my only contribution here is to set up the album.
  9. Working from a "live" instrument as a source of data for making creates the opportunity to make f-hole templates that follow the arching between the c-bouts in a way that working from a photograph does not. Has anyone developed a way of doing this from a poster --- capture the three-dimensional?
  10. Lots of Books at T2

    There may be a Dover edition of Doring now, Lawrence. I'm not where I could double check my library, but I know I have a copy of Doring and I don't think I paid much for it.
  11. VSA Preconvention session

    Probably in the lobby inside security, but confirmation is forthcoming I am sure.
  12. Trade Secrets Index

    Thanks for finishing it, Jim!
  13. VSA Preconvention session

    VSA is sending out an email today, I have been told.
  14. I took a photograph of a scroll - Life Changing

    I think it's a matter of the individual taste of the maker/player rather than indicative of a particular style. I just learned of one place where you can buy ornamental peg caps of various kinds. I had been pretty dismissive of bling on pegs and tailpieces, but I now see there are some very elegant, understated ones -- for short-haired people anyway.
  15. Brescian Viola Thickness

    The "large and flat surface" as described by John Dilworth may have been for tonal, rather than structural reasons -- a point John may have made. I am not where I can check my copy.