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  1. I come from a long and ancient line of goblet makers. Which is why I have claimed this impressive crest my own. Not because it necessarily has anything to do with goblets, but because as the Urban Dictionary says, "To be 'koss' is to be outrageously attractive and wanted by many." (Full disclosure: someone at some point misheard goblet as goblin and took a detour into making lawn ornaments.)
  2. FWIW, I seem to remember some reference in one of the standard works on Stainer that his father or someone else in the family was involved in the salt mining of the time in the area. Correct at will, please, Jacob (Saunders).
  3. I use these too. I find that with the temples, they are a bit heavy. Have not tried the strap but probably will this week. Otherwise, I like the lens options and the light is a nifty addition, though I could live without it. Price is hard to beat. Like Harbor Freight tools. When they fall apart, just throw them out and buy new.
  4. To the original post, I found a good way to reproduce the uneven block and rib heights. A piece of lining stock set under the side ready for final sanding down creates a tilt, shallow or steep depending on where the strip is placed.
  5. Ha! I always that it was rett up. What kind of a PA boy AM I anyway?! And no, I do need to do that before I leave tomorrow. After I make a cast and finish a rib garland. And finish packing. Maybe Maya will rett up for me...
  6. My cocktail of choice is a good rah. You know...rah. Rah! Rah! Rah! Rahms with mah. As in "Mah favrit rah is Dayed's Hayet -- that there's from Pennsylvania."
  7. It's the wasp waist, David. In when the bras were. Before Madonna tried to initiate a comeback for them.
  8. Urushi lacquer (think tx drawl)? That's nothin'! Ah love her!
  9. Maybe it's time to go visit family in MD and make a detour to Boiling Springs. Do I have enough tools? Wait. Let me ask my wife.
  10. I like the idea of a spherical surfaced sanding board, edi. I think we could all agree that it would result in an instrument with a round sound.
  11. From the foregoing discussion, it sounds as though flexing the bassbar would offset any benefits accruing from the plate flexing because the latter would be stabilized. Am I thinking about the physics correctly?
  12. ...uneven heights. The Vieuxtemps has corner blocks that are higher than the upper and lower blocks -- the biggest difference being between the upper and upper corners (2.5) and then 1mm between the lower corners and the lower block, according to the poster, and even more pronounced on the upper end in the del Gesu books measurements. I am in the habit of having uniform heights across the board. But I am wondering whether there is any trick to getting the top plate to be flush to the garland all the way around given the height differences, particularly in this case on the upper end. Seems like a lot to be accommodated just by plate flex. Obviously it can be done, but again, is there a method to it?
  13. Grüß Dich, Michael! I highly recommend this book as it has detailed recipes for several ways of extracting color from cochineal bugs, many of which I have tried. You will find that varying the chemicals, temperatures, and the order of operations will give you different shades of resulting pigment. The book has the added advantage of similarly treating a host of other organic materials, many of which have been/are used in our trade. Finally, all of the recipes have been tested in the laboratory so that, unlike the recipes which we find in old manuscripts, we know the meaning of modern terminology used in referring to both in materials and measurement. https://www.amazon.com/Natural-Colorants-Dyeing-Lake-Pigments/dp/1909492159 As to trying in varnish, I am afraid my attention has been diverted by other projects. But I am sure I will get back to that! Good luck and please let us know how your experimentation goes.