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  1. I bought some of this, but have yet to find the right firmness of brush bristle with which to remove chalk from the stick. The dust has been too coarse with the brushes I have tried to date. Still, the stuff comes highly recommended in restoration circles. https://www.eternityarts.com/chalk-drawing-supplies/fluorescent-chalk/
  2. I have used dewaxed shellac as a filler and then put the seedlac-based 1704 recipe over it without any adhesion problems. That said, I have read (caution: reading can be harmful to your making) that adhesion is aided by two coats containing some quantity of the same ingredient. If I am not mistaken, this was in reference to using propolis in both the ground and the varnish. But then propolis itself is a somewhat controversial substance and I don't know in the above instance whether the propolis was dewaxed before use. Perhaps it was wax-to-wax adhesion to which the book was referring -- which was written by a German and the Germans had notoriously bad experience with propolis. Even dewaxed propolis -- like dewaxed shellac -- still has some wax remaining. But now I ramble...
  3. Especially the grain (wood?) on the top and the integral bassbar. Funky pegs too.
  4. thanks a LOT, Jeff. Now you've got me wanting one! and since every day is christmas at CV, I don't think this will be under the tree. Unless I sell some wood...
  5. I suspect you never will disappoint me, Jeff. Of course, now that I've said that, I can expect some response proving otherwise at Oberlin...those of us relatively new to the trade still use some of what we were taught in school when it comes to jigs.
  6. big Fry, you are living proof that it pays to take ones time in building a shop. Looks great1
  7. I just went on a tear. Maybe I need to check where I land on the gender divide!
  8. Ill post a pic of mine -- different kinds for violin and cello though I suspect one could duplicate the cello design for violin.
  9. nifty little book on the restoration of the Countess of Stanlein: The Countess of Stanlein Restored; A History of the Countess of Stanlein ex Paganini Stradivarius Cello of 1701, by nicholas Delbanco
  10. Oops! I was thinking of his twin sister, Melvina. Sorry, Melvin!
  11. Saw this handsome rascal at the Lie-Nielsen tool show in Austin last weekend. https://www.lie-nielsen.com/products/Model Maker's Block Plane They also make a convex sole version. I'd buy it if I didn't already have the compact pocket plane. The other issue to consider on the bridge work is building the right jig.
  12. Ute Zahn, Sofia Vettori, Alina Kostina, Philip Ihle, Gabor Draskoczy, and many more... Check the award winners listed on the VSA website: https://www.vsaweb.org/2018-Competition-Results. You can also find the results for previous competitions there.
  13. And his productivity when at Salt Lake made him the stuff of legend there legend that endures to this day.
  14. She is also multilingual! Oh, be still my German and (a little rusty) Russian speaking heart!
  15. Fjodor, how have these turned out in terms of ease of use? Seems to have the advantage of letting you shape to your specs rather than having to live with what the manufacturer has determined to be appropriate, e.g. Corene. That's not a criticism of Corene. Just an observation. Maybe it's not an issue if specs of the options they offer are spaced sufficiently to allow for customization. But there is no way their spec options can accommodate all of the possible variables.