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  1. Massimo Quarta is my favorite for paganini! I have Quartas 24 caprices and he played them amazing! And he knows how to get a beautiful sound from paganini's violin!
  2. Massimo Quarta is my favorite violinist for paganini! His 24 caprices are amazing!
  3. I have one more question: Would you consider Ysaye old in 1912? Because i was on another forum talking about Ysaye and explaining he was born in 1858 and by the time he recorded in 1912 he was already old, and the poster responded "He would have been 54 in 1912. That is not old". So, i didn't know how to respond. What do you think? Thanks.
  4. Shirl-i just read my july post and i didn't see your name on it, unless you were curious and read my post about ysaye then i guess i did enourage you about Ysaye. Yes it is wonderful! I hope you enjoy listening to Ysaye as much as i do! I listen to it all the time!
  5. Hi, i posted in july about Ysaye, and i finally bought Ysaye's complete recordings. I love it! He was amazing on the violin that he plays poetically! He was a big man, but it's interesting how delicate and melancholy he was on the violin! The record label is symposium. I also have bought a biography about him! It says he was the last romantic from the Great Romantic era! I also have the Sarasate recording too! They were amazing back then that i wish i could hang out with them. Old fashion violinists seemed to take more risks and be more different than a modern violinist.
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    Hi, it's been a long while since i ever posted here. I would like to know more about Ysaye. Was he from the 19th-century? Was his playing different from how they play today? Did they ever make a movie about him? I'm interested in him.
  7. Did Franz Liszt ever meet Sarasate? If so, what did Franz Liszt think about Sarasate's Violin Playing? I know that Liszt loved Paganini's Violin Playing and i was just curious. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I live in Phoenix, Arizona and it surprised me to find out HKV lives here, also. Is there a way i can meet him since i live in the same city as he does? judging from reading his posts, he seems really nice and knowledgable about the violin! And it would be cool to meet someone from maestronet! Thanks.
  9. I finally have the Joachim and Sarasate recordings from opal 9851. They had amazing style and technique. I love Sarasate's playing the best!!! He really kicked butt on his Violin pieces!!! His Zigeunerweisen i thought was incredible!!! His speed and very Gypsy sounding was awe inspiring!!! And Joachim was different. He was much more "classical" than Sarasate! And he didn't use hardly any vibrato! Sarasate's vibrato was more passionate!!! btw, i have on CD old Cylinder recordings from 1888-1894!!! This is the web site i got it from:
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    Thanks! I will look for the sarasate recordings! Thats amazing that there is a recording of an 19th-century violin player! The recording probably will be at hope), so i will order it there, and i will post back when i get it and listen to it! One more question: Is there a biography of sarasate? Thanks.
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    Was Sarasate a good violin player? Was he as good as Paganini? I don't know anything about Sarasate. Was he from the 19th-century? What are his famous works? Thanks.
  12. Is it true that when Paganini composed Concerto #5, that he never performed the Concerto in public? If so, why didn't he perform it? And when was it first performed and who was the violinist? Concerto #6 was composed before Concerto #1, why do they call it Concerto #6 when it should be called Concerto #1? Can someone answer these questions for me? Thanks.
  13. Yes they are the same. I just want to know why Paganini's Violin has such a powerful voice. Is it just the way it's built? Thanks.
  14. I have a question. Why does Paganini's Violin have a big, robust sound? I have a recording of salvatore accardo playing Paganini's Violin, and it seems to have a very sonorious, booming Tone. Thanks.