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  1. @keyboardclass, did you ever finish your 'cello da spalla conversion? How did it turn out? Where there any pitfalls? Did you need to reset the neck after all? If it's feasible, I am extremely interested in performing a similar conversion.
  2. Benam

    Ornamental rose

    Thank you, Chris! I'll look into that article.
  3. Benam

    Ornamental rose

    Hello Michael. Thanks for the information. I'll contact Mr. Batov (amazing work!!!) and see if I can pick his brain a little bit.
  4. How were decorative rosettes for viols and violins made? Over the past week or so I have scoured the internet for information on this subject, but found nothing. I know the ornamental parchment roses on early guitars and lutes are made separately and installed later. On violin and viol family instruments (I'm thinking about bass instruments in particular) were they carved directly into the plate or were they a separate piece that was inlaid into a simple hole cut into the top? I have found several lovely examples on viols on I very much appreciate any insight anyone could
  5. Benam

    Carved heads

    Thanks, but I was thinking more along these lines: (click to enlarge)
  6. Benam

    Carved heads

    I'm doing a little research into the range of heads used on stringed instruments up until the standard scroll became, well, standard. Does anyone know a good source for images of original (or modern!) heads or have any images they would like to share of unusual heads? Traditional scrolls are, of course, lovely, but I think figural heads can be a lot of fun too.