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  1. Sorry, Story, I was just joking.
  2. Or perhaps the mysoginist experts were having trouble justifying Del Gesus relatively poor workmanship compared to many of his colleagues, so they decided to blame a woman!!!
  3. In the clavichord business, its done like this, calculate the actual hours spent building(not researching, marketing, etc etc) times that by your minimum wage. Then calculate how much below that figure you are willing to go to get an order, and compete with the other clavichord makers who all seem to work for much less than minimum wage!! Many of them seem to be independently wealthy, which really helps take the realism out of the prices. For instance at David Burgess' hourly rate a $5,000 clavichord that takes 3 months to make might sell for $60,000. Not going to happen in the clavichord world, Ah but its a small tight knit community of player and makers, we all love each other, so different from the violin world.......
  4. lyndon

    Bausch Bow

    The solvent for the glue will probably strip the finish on the bow, wouldn't it??
  5. Nice looking violin, but thats a nasty crack to repair, right on the bass bar, not a job for amateurs. I'm no expert but I don't see any glaring reasons it couldn't be a 100?? year old Pfretzchner production instrument. But some one more knowledgable than me might see glaring flaws.....
  6. Paul, be careful to put on your shark repellant, it can get pretty rough around here!! Welcome, cheers. We can certainly appreciate your contributing.
  7. Actually full retail the price wouldn't be so outrageous at all, if it didn't have that horrible, presumably unpatched soundpost crack, which drops it down to about $100, this seller and I go back I think, not sure if he bought from me or vice versa. Yeah I think this is the guy I bought a potential $6000 english baroque fiddle with screwed on neck for $300 and wholesaled it, it needed a lot of work, for $1400.Can't talk bad about that!! just checked my ebay feedback, and I bought from him, not sure which great baroque violin, though as I bought two, one from texadman
  8. don't try this at home!!! or anywhere for that matter......
  9. So now were going to have another blind test, overpriced top moderns vs cheap Chinese ones and the Chinese are going to win?? I can see where this is all going, down the tubes for the violin industry!!
  10. Actually there was a time, around when this violin was made, when Czechoslovakia was a part of Germany, say from around 1939-1945!!
  11. With all their troubles with English, it makes you wonder how many mistakes they made translating violin making books??????
  12. lyndon

    Bausch Bow

    I think it had some kind of grip tape on it in the first pictures.
  13. lyndon

    Bausch Bow

    No of course not, New means bad if it has an old stamp Like L Bausch but is brand new, then its a forgery, usually quite cheap, and probably made in China, not as it appears in this case from the input we're getting.
  14. lyndon

    Bausch Bow

    See, there's one of them experts already, thanks Bruce.
  15. lyndon

    Bausch Bow

    I'm not very knowledgable on bows, but I think the better Bausch go for $2000 and up, just a guess though, It doesn't look like the cheap production "bausch" which aren't worth much, but I'm telling you, if it is new, its going to be Chinese, I don't think there's any Bausch still in business in Germany, but I'm not even sure of that. We have quite a few bow experts here on this forum, so please wait patiently for some response, and don't take my musing too seriously!!
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