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  1. sorry i am so stupid. good thing you are smarter.
  2. NASA? Richard Branson? No, it is owned by Invision Power Services (pic below from their website)
  3. Rocket? Rank? Shield? Can we suggest some more stuff?
  4. 私はミスを犯した I made a mistake
  5. I am very happy with my Accord cello case. I don't remember where I read that Mr. Ma won't use a wheeled cello case. I feel quite guilty putting my cat into a wheeled carrier for the super-bumpy ride over 600 sidewalk cracks on the way to the vet. I guarantee that if you took a ride in a wheeled cello case, you would never put your cello in one. By now, someone's soundpost must have fallen out from the constant vibration of those (only 2!) cello case wheels...
  6. I am left-handed. I started on piano (right-handed piano) at 6. Much later in life, took up violin (played left-handed). Then took up cello (played right-handed). Then viola (left-handed). If I took up bass, I would have to play right-handed because the strings are so thick...Does that help?? /, ,\
  7. What kind of brush (brand, type of hair, size and shape of brush) should be used to transfer pigment from the palette to the saran wrap/or/final base?
  8. Choux has written: "I have a cello which I bought from a decent shop with the help of a professional cellist." That sounds like an intelligent course to follow again...n'est-ce pas?
  9. Choux, None of them. Do you have a cello now? How did you choose it?
  10. I am wondering how a bow stamp can survive in such good condition when the frog, winding, and screw etc. show so much wear and tear--can someone please explain? Thank you! I have a bow about the same age (100), and the stamp is almost illegible. Maybe this bow isn't a 100 year old Prell...
  11. Curiously, a few readers assume that hearing-impaired persons could/would/should not attempt to learn to play a musical instrument yet some DO and succeed, while a large number of persons with unimpaired hearing play their instruments very badly. Failure to play well must depend on more factors than auditory sensitivity?
  12. [I like scanning the book titles. ]
  13. NIce change from the usual strict conformity to sacred models...
  14. I think the instruments appear sooty green due to simultaneous contrast phenomena; the strong red surroundings make the enclosed violins appear to be green-ish. Maybe all that red was not such a wise choice...
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