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    OK, another baffling post....
  2. (The leather mutes at Terra Nova are actually performance mutes, not practice mutes.) I should try an ebony practice mute; didn't know about that.
  3. Thank you! Out of desperation, I am ordering a metal practice mute... where is Marcel...sigh
  4. Jazz Blues Favorites Violin published by Hal Leonard.
  5. Years ago ago I got a St.-Cyr leather practice mute for my cello; it's great. Now I want one for my viola, and has disappeared. What happened? The only practice viola mute I can find locally is rubber, for both violin and viola. My viola is 16" and one size does not fit all. Help!?
  6. One Martin Swan "cursory glance" sure absorbs infinitely more detail than I even try to find...amazing. I hope MS gets a chance to see this cello in person, as I would love to read his findings after a thorough examination.
  7. Well, it was a good excuse for not practicing?
  8. As a retired proofreader, I suggest you double check your spelling before posting about what is not correct. .
  9. I have been using a stand-distance prescription for over 15 years; it works great. Best part is, this prescription continues to work great even after cataract surgery! Can you believe it? All you need is a tape measure and an understanding optician. Go for it!!
  10. Sorry I took so long to come up with this: Blues Fiddling Classics by Craig Duncan, published 1994 by Mel Bay. 25 blues classics; early version came with CD; newer version has link to online audio--very good for starting out on the blues. You can view the book here: Blues Fiddling Classics - Google Books
  11. Nathan Cole has an excellent YouTube video, How to develop a flexible, effortless violin vibrato. How to develop a flexible, effortless violin vibrato - YouTube
  12. The Fiddle Handbook by Chris Haigh, Hal Leonard, Backbeat Books. This book with 2 CDs covers cajun, bluegrass, country, jazz, blues, rock, klezmer, gypsy, irish, western swing, "and more" . [What more is there?]
  13. I have seen some exercises on line for improving mobility of that finger joint that we use for vibrato; I will find a couple and post a link. If you do not have a permanent problem bending that joint, it's a different matter...
  14. Fingers do not contain muscles (other than arrector pili). The muscles that move the finger joints are in the palm and forearm. The long tendons that deliver motion from the forearm muscles may be observed to move under the skin at the wrist and on the back of the hand.