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  1. I have an old Stainer copy, and it sounds great! Especially with a Baroque bow...if yours sounds as good, it would be worth fixing up, IMHO.
  2. Frank, did you try the Krentz modulator? It is the only wolf eliminator that works on my cellos.

    1. Frank Nichols

      Frank Nichols

      I didn't buy one, it is a bit out of my price range - but I made one almost exactly like it. And tried several variations of it. I found that it "moved" the wolf, but did not eliminate it. Did you find thew of is gone, or if you hunt around for it, can you still find it in between notes someplace?

      It is possible mine did not work as well as the original, but it did seem to work exactly as he described. I found I could "tune" the C siring tone, which I liked a lot, but I could not do that without affecting the tone of the A string. 

      So, I ended up with a bunch of magnetic on my white board :) 

      I did find that "tuning" my after length seems to help more than anything, but if I searched long enough I would still find remnants of it in-between a pair of notes.

    2. Frank Nichols

      Frank Nichols

      I am not saying it doesn't work - I was not able to give it a fair test, since I had to make one. I have read unpaid testimonials from people that I expect know a lot more than I did that swear by it, and say in decades of playing they have always just worked around that fingering. People that are leads in major orchestras. 

      So, my guess is it was a combination of me being a noob, my cello was an "expensive" student cello ($5K) so not the best, and setup. If the cello I am making ends up with a wolf, I expect I am going to be very tempted to spend the $100 bucks or whatever it is to get one and try "the real thing" :)


  3. We are happy to hear you have become so interested that you want to purchase you own instrument! I strongly advise you to rent. As you have probably discovered, you have embarked on a long learning curve, starting with the issue of choosing an instrument. The advantage of renting is you get time to learn more about violins, to try a dozen or hopefully more, and also to try bows before you make the plunge. I was given this advice when I started, and it was the best advice! At our local shop, all of the rental applies to purchase of any instrument in the shop. I rented for a year and a half. Please slow down and get referrals from local players about where to shop and rent; I wish you best of luck!
  4. I got the same message; I deleted my Maestronet bookmark, re-bookmarked MN, and no more warnings.
  5. I am happy for your son.
  6. Wonderful insight into the trying and buying pitfalls. But looking back, I don't see that the son is being overlooked in the search and trials...Violin_mom posted earlier: " We are currently trialing a 1926 (1946?), F & R Enders "made in Germany" labelled violin. It is being offered for $6000. We've compared it to a dozen others (newer and older) and my son continues to choose it as his favorite."
  7. Where have you been all my life, FiddleDoug? I could spend $1200 on all that without "other tweaks."
  8. Well you are just getting started...wait until you try a baroque bow, a whole nother experience. Then you will be selling your modern bows....
  9. Speaking of proofreaders...why does it say "Members" under each poster's icon?? And Bill, your knowledge of traffic in the women's bathroom is noteworthy....
  10. thirteenthsteph, Getting back to your what is the correct relative humidity question, I offer David Burgess's classic article here (but bear in mind that crazy spring weather can and will affect instruments adversely in spite of our best efforts):
  11. Yes, erratic weather and March cold bugs wreak havoc, as the clichè goes, with my violin, my bow, and my motivation. This too shall pass. Just push through it all....
  12. Got this result: This video has been removed by the user. Sorry about that.
  13. Brings back memories of Friday afternoons at Mills Music Hall 1959.
  14. email yesterday from the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra: Just announced! Detains on our 2017.18 Classics Season Looks like the proofreader has already been deported?