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  1. ....oooh....aaah.... will you post some sound please....
  2. ... what kind of music requires a $20 M violin to perform? V_L_R
  3. Dear all: there was an earlier topic a few weeks (months?) back about the the Schneider bridge: maestro jezzupe's "Iburkhard" and maestro iburkard's bridge pic also got me thinking more about bridge forms. i sometimes dive into bridge shapes here: other pics here: does anyone else have other bridge websites or pictures to share? thanks V_L_R
  4. aawwessomme! waiting to hear her speak... V_L_R
  5. hello i tried unusual bass bars on a number of fiddles but could not conclude if placement or shape made any difference. one example is this below. the top was ripped off at a later date and a "regular" bass bar put in, my recordings suggests my viola sounded no better or worse. could it be i made a crappy viola anyhow? what could be the cause for the lack of difference? can anyone more experienced than myself spare a few words of wisdom? i know guitar builders are always looking for another magic bracing pattern. what are the possibilities with our instruments? thanks V_L_R
  6. heck, might as well... my first viola, its a 5 string: V_L_R
  7. hi Doug, i think here's a shot of it, about midway down the page: V_L_R
  8. looks like fun. i love it. i wasn't building anything at 15...
  9. ooops i didn't mean to suggest i invented the method. yes it's been around for a very long time. my version was stolen mainly from: Athanas Lolov ( Charles W. Gadd ( William Fulton (SCAVM also) Helen Michetschläger ( David Langsather ( thanks for the reminder GM22 V_L_R
  10. hello aconstruction wow... here's a picture of all the knives i can afford for making my small fiddles. the gouges on the left are non-specific homemade ones, but in fact their utility exceed my skill level. the set you are about to buy is like a fantastic dream to me... please share a review after you acquire them? may the gods of sharp knives smile upon you. thanks V_L_R
  11. hello wanted to share my 2 cents worth on the subject. how about this for a one piece top: 1) trace an outline onto a 1/4" thick sheet of spruce 2) cut out and soak in water for a few hours 3) clamp down the edge onto a flat form with a bunch of cloth rolled up under where the maximum arch ought to be 4) dry off with a heat gun 5) wait a couple of days 6) scrub plane, scrap etc to finish here are some pics... comments? thanks V_L_R
  12. hello like to share my lack of furniture/viola making experiences. the pictures say it all... i never learned it the "right" way so i don'r fuss over things. i'm not doing this to make money anyway. good luck, have fun, don't worry so much. V_L_R
  13. hello to all i have pics of my 3rd viola. nothing i do is original. each experiment has a specific focus, ignoring most other things. helps me define one weakness at a time. #3 was built with the same "method" pictured in #2. the end result is very raw. please comment if you wish. i have used 2 bent fronts so far. i subscribe to this school of thought. my sources of inspiration come mainly from the work and writings of: Athanas Lolov ( Charles W. Gadd ( William Fulton (SCAVM also) Helen Michetschläger ( David Langsather ( and many hours spent on Strad, Strings and Double Bassist (sob sob) at the school library. anything related to early viol making i try to read. spec's: june 2009 16 1/4" 365mm string length. approximate dimensions are based on pics of violas by Anne Cole and a friend's beautiful M. Wallin. English maker Tim Phillips and German carver Susanne Küster are my other heros. My viola teacher's Gabrielli serves as my tonal inspiration. The Hamma picture book of Italian instruments is my most prized possession. the over long f-holes and simplified bridge are to be blamed on me. the unattractive slant in the fingerboard is meant to reduce weight. every gram counts if i have to practice multiple hours on this thing. thanks V_L_R
  14. hello to one and all pics of making homemade viola. caution: apologies in advance. the lack of method here may be offensive to those who know. but as an amateur, i'm having too much fun to stop. i'm doing what appears to be "logical" to me. please comment as you like. thank you all V_L_R
  15. in reply to all thank you for all your comments so far. every comment taught me something worth learning. i will post viola #3 (with smaller pix) soon to get more of your feedback. i will also post video and audio elsewhere for our amusement (or disgust). i could go to viola making school, which i cannot afford; or i could come here. i will try to contain myself within the first 20 odd instruments! for the time being, it's noise before music- as it were. it's a good way to learn in my situation. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH. V_L_R
  16. hi folks, i'm new and wish everyone nice things. i'm a viola maker wanna be. i have no training or background in woodworking or instrument making but it has become an unexplained obsession. i've "made" 3 and i'm attaching 5 pix of #2. (#1 is at an undisclosed location. pending incineration to destroy evidence) i am "enjoying" #3 right now as i recover from stab and cut wounds from tool accidents. some details about #2: born Dec 2008. 15 7/8" back, 358mm string length. top: bent sitka neck: carved from anyhow sawn maple back: carved out of anyhow sawn poplar antiquing: all sorts of lovely chemicals, a flat head screw driver and a sharpie. finish: wipe on polyurethane (i aspire to build waterproof fiddles) tone: interesting... please comment if you like. i'm prepared for the onslaught of sharp skewers. its the only way to learn. thanks RL
  17. hmmm... my favorite instrument smashing topic. string buzzing flat fingerboard, improperly cut or worn out nut slot, tailpiece buzzing chinrest, usually quiet resident dust bunny protesting living conditions, dead string falling apart, shoulder rest buzzing back of fiddle or having fit problems. buzzing most often accompanied by mental breakdown...