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  1. Mr. Lyndon...........Mr Holmes stated nothing at all as to the Juzek Master Art looking like a Barnabetti violin. It seems that you have a reading comprehension issue. Everyone that knows anything about violins agrees here that the label is genuine and the violin is exactly as it is listed, A John Juzek Master art . Although as with EH Roth violins, W E Hill bows, Collin-Mezin violins, Ford Motorcars, most Tiffany jewlery, etc, It was not made by the person whose name is on the company masthead. As to your other accusation, I am not an associate of Mr Hound, but I would certainly rathe
  2. Sorry about the "clueless blogger " comment. "Uninformed", bloggers would have been more respectful and appropriate. "Clueless" does have a name calling element to it and I apologize. Thank you for weighing in on the similarities between E H Roth and Juzek Master Arts. At the end of the day, It isn't a very significant topic in the world of great violins as they are both commercial shop violins. Although each are at the upper end of commercial violin ranges. They can be a nice alternitave to handmade master violins that cost well outside of many people's budgets. I know perso
  3. It seems that we have found Scotland's answer to Lyndon. Jealous and mean spirited responses, name calling, verbal equilivents of sticking out your tongue, All from completely clueless bloggers! If you look closely at Juzek Master Arts, they are virtual copies of E H Roth violins with different varnish. That is a fact! And none of this has anything at all to do with JTL trade names!
  4. It appears that you have some personal problem with Mr. Hound , Lyndon. Frankly it sounds like you are jealous of him or his success as a violin seller on Ebay. Any violin dealer, including even novice dealers can easily deduce that this violin is indeed an original, properly labelled John Juzek Master Art violin. Your comments always seem to fall into one or both of two catergories; either very naieve or mean spirited and jealous. Perhaps your time would be better spent beating the bushes or developing contacts like Mr Hound has done . If you changed your tact you might begin to acq
  6. Sorry to have to give you bad news, Bonnie. You sold that nice promising high school student a fake Chinese violin that is worth next to nothing. If you have the student take it to any reputable violin shop , they will give them the sad news. Unfortunately, that violin has never been to Italy or even near Italy. Perhaps you could write back and explain why you would expect to buy a valuable old Italian violin for a fraction of it's value on Ebay? Do you also have a Rolex watch that you bought on Ebay for $50? If you do, I am also sorry to have to inform you that it is a fake, to
  7. MON DIEU!!!!!! Philip has discovered that auctions on Ebay are manipulated!!! He seems to spend countless hours investigating this outrage! Hey Philip, When you get finished with Ebay, Here is a list of other shocking truths that you can investigate. 1: All auctions, Everywhere are manipulated! 2: People who work in Government hire all of there relatives to no show, or no work jobs! 3: The Easter Bunny doesn't exist! 4: Politicians lie!!! 5:Catholic Priests are mostly homosexual and here in the USA, spend lots of their time molesting young boys! 6: Some women don't re
  8. Gee! I hate to have to use the "M" word , again, But , are you a MORON? Or are you involved someway in trying to con a stupid Ebayer into buying a Romainian $100 violin for a few thousand? Alex! What do you think about this wonderful "ITALIAN" violin?
  9. Sorry , I was at a loss for words. After trying to digest the enormity of the idiocy of the Maestronet Auction Scroll population in general. and the even greater moronic capacity of the Ebay population, I am ready to throw in the towel , much like you all throw in your money and "intellectual" muses , into the never ending pile of worthless , trash , masquerading as violins , here and on Ebay! Go Ahead!!! Keep dreaming that some fool , living in a trailer, Sorry, I meant" mobile home", would even ever have a rare old Italian violin that he found at the dump or at a tag sale. And furthe
  10. Just because you haven't spotted them doesn't mean they are not there.Actually.If I haven't spotted them, It does mean that they are not there !!! I'm not just running off at the mouth like you are. I and many other people can actually tell Italian violins from non Italian violins.
  11. Why isn't anyone weighing in on this violin? Every time bestviolins , or any of the hundreds of other con artists on Ebay, lists a Chinese or Romainian , "Italian Labeled " violin, You all start fantasizing about winning the lottery with your brilliant discovery. On and on you all proselytize about the wondrous Italian violin that has miraculously appeared on Ebay. Speculation abounds that the "Chinese" violin exhibits the characteristics of the Cremonese masters! Many Maestronet experts see the hand of various Amati's or other Italian icons in made yesterday junk worth between $50
  12. My heart almost stopped when I gazed on your pictures! I thought to myself, "This person doesn't know what he's got!!" The elegant chamferring of the scroll edges, The clean outline, The precise ff's showing distinctive Millenese charm, The widening of the grain on the top plate, expanding towards the flanks, The shimmering vibrance of the finely applied oil varnish, clearly showing it's connection to the old Cremonese masters. This violin SCREAMS , ITALY!!!!!! Several "tells" point to this being a very rare and valuable POS violin. I believe that it was possibly made circa 1820 in Milan
  13. I am sorry if I have made you angry, Mr. Beresnitsky. I respect what you are doing on EBAY. Anyone that spends thousands of dollars on EBAY for fake Rare Italian or French violins , made yesterday in Romania or China , Gets exactly what they deserve! And bestviolins deserves every cent that it receives from these "Fantacy Island" violin connisseur's. Don't give up yet, Mr Beresnitsky, Check out the other threads in The Auction Scroll. There are numerous others wondering every day if the "POGGI", or "FINOLLI", or hundreds of others show , "The hand of Millenese makers" , or "Exhibit
  14. Are all of you violin experts BRAIN DEAD? bestviolins is a CON MAN!!!!!! It's what he does for living. He doesn't try to hide being a con man at all!! I actually applaud him for doing such a fine job serving capitalism over here in America. Alexander, You may not know it, But you are a vital part of Joey Darwin's "Theory of Financial Selectivity" Which is: People who are too stupid to have money should be fleeced by people smarter than them. Alexander, I would love to meet you and buy you a drink. You are helping America get rid of the "stupider end of the intelligence scale"!! Is