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  1. if you heard a player playing live, you would hear it in stereo: you have two ears. what that allows us to do is hear different sides of the instrument so to speak. just as an alcove mirror allows us to see around ourselves, and see parts of our sides all at once, hearing in stereo lets us hear different sound waves coming off of the violin, bouncing off of different surfaces in the recording room. it's a great question, sound recording is some really interesting stuff.
  2. okay, toasty said something that made a lot of sense to me: "If one is not doing well with basics - time keeping - pitch - etc : It should be obvious to the student and the teacher need hardly say anything." i think that by a teacher "working on the good stuff", they motivate the student to do better. it's the attitude of the teacher that makes or breaks the student, if a teachermakes it know to a student that they want to play a passage, not so that they can get better, but because it will make them happy, then they will work on whatever aspects necessary to get that passage, whereas when a teacher points out only the mistakes that the student is making, they show how IMPOSSIBLE it is to reach said student's goal. toasty, wanna be my new teacher?
  3. personally, i believe diffirently from my teacher on this issue, he thinks that every note should be vibrated, any style, be it baroque, classical, romantic, or modern. personally, the way i see it is that bach should have very minimal vibrato, used onrly as an embellishment on long notes, i prefer to hear the natural tone of the instrument ring out when playing bach. i think that classical era should have a bit more, but not overdone. in terms of romantic period, i think that there should be vibrato on every note that is not in a run or anything. i have heard recordings, and heard schools of thought that say EVERY note should be vibrated, i think this yet again can sound rather precotious and annoying. one person that is rather guilty of this is pinchas zucherman. now, don't get me wrong, the man is one of the most incredible players out there, but imagine how his playing would sound if he didn't have that constant vibrato going! i mean, i don't think that i have ever heard a straight tone come from any instrument that he has played. for modern music, i see a general return back almost to the baroque time (depending on the composer of course) i think that many modern pieces show a sort of flat desperation almost, and sapping them up too much with vibrato, covers over the subtelties of what the composer wanted to come through. maybe i am completely wrong though! i'm sure that no one will hold back their opinion, if i know my string players. -neuman21
  4. great maker, i know this is an old thread, but i just bought a mccluskie, and i love it. it has a nice thick sound all of the way from the c string to the upper pesitions on the a string (only diminished by my skills as a player) anyone with questions about these instruments, feel free to e-mail me, i have played on many of them, with mixed experiences (they take a couple of years to mature, i wouldn't suggest buying a brand new; freshly made one). also, anyone who might know how to contact mr mccluskie, please tell me how, i would love to pick his brain.
  5. i play a 16.5 inch (42 cm) viola. i have been playing viola for 5 years, and am currently studying viola performance in college, i played violin for 6 years before playing the viola. just a note to any high level students out there: if you are looking to buy a good viola, go for a mccluskie, they have a great sound and are amazingly smoothe, for only 7500.
  6. all y'all need to listen to the band the rachel's. really interesting stuff, kinda minimalist/impressionist/string-quartet/techno. it's really funky stuff, they have toured recently with a mainly techno band called matmos, a band know to sample many of their sounds from surgical procedures.... give it a listen -neuman21
  7. what is/should be the role of a teacher (university level), dealing with a student who wants to play professionally? should he/she try to push the student to the edge of breaking, to see if they will last in the "real world"? or should it be more nurturing?
  8. thanks for the thoughts dbaldwin!
  9. when was the last time you had the pernambuco one rehaired?
  10. one other strange thing that can make violas feel large is their eck. i had a 16.5 inch viola that felt larger than most 16.5-ers that i have played. try getting the size of the neck checked, i don't know what average size is, but check that.
  11. try strengthening your upper body, i started having problems with my left hand, and the only way a found to get rid of them was to make my upper body a little stronger, cause surprisisngly enough, a lot of the problems with our hands as players can emanate from our shoulders
  12. i find that my interpretation of many pieces differs from that of my teacher and or the original editors of the piece. is this normal? or am i just some sort of viola rogue destined for shame in my "strange ideas"?
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