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  1. i found new fact about pernambuco wood yesterday, but i don't know is it true or not. i hear pernambuco wood use for violin fitting make more round sound than other fitting made by boxwood, ebony, or rosewood. anyone can explain me this fact??
  2. i don't really know but tiger flame maple is good looking, i'm new luthier so i ask this question to you all who have experience choosing maple.
  3. if some source of tonewood ask me about this thing: average flame width: narrow, medium, wide(ave. mm), type of flames; i.e. descending, straight, mixed what the best criteria with good looking flame and nice sounding?
  4. i'm not a professional player but i hear new formula tonica sounds good, more brilliance. pirastro oliv gut string have a good reputation but most expensive string.passione gut string sounds nice but still very expensive. maybe you can try warchal string, vision solo(not vision titanium solo) has a good reputation in europe, and D'addario pro arte with reasonable price and sounds good. but at the end still up to you to choose string with your criteria sound.
  5. good idea, but i have lack source of tonewood. can you tell me where to buy maple and spruce(european tonewood)?
  6. my teacher is my grandpa but he died 6 months ago but he told me that good source of tonewood is in europe(bosnian maple and europe spruce/picea abies) and he give me violin plans copy of 1716 stradivari and lord wilton del gesu. i look bosniantonewood.com and have good maple. has anyone buy from this source? and spruce i hear swiss moonwood is good.
  7. Hi everyone, i'm new luthier in new zealand. I want to ask for you all. what's the criteria for good sounding tonewood?
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