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  1. Paul Knorr or similar?

    Does not look like Knorr or Markneukirchen area fiddle. The corner overhangs point to inside form and in does not strike me as a Mittenwald instrument. Its confusing to me but I'm sure someone will recognize it right off. antiquing reminds me a little of Juzek labeled violins, but they shouldn't have corner overhangs like that. I would be shocked if it were French. Where was it purchased? Any chance it could be American, Boston school.?
  2. Bow ID?

    Just for discussion purposes, I do see a pin in the adjuster ,I think, in photo 2. I dont think screws are unheard of on french underslides. If it is chinese I'm impressed by the taper and quality of the shell in the pearl slide.
  3. Thoughts on Unlabeled Violin

    Oh. Brobst shop would attribute it if it were possible. You should visit it and play it if you can get there. I like wide grain spruce also. good luck. Let us know if you see it or buy it.
  4. Thoughts on Unlabeled Violin

    I thought it could be something like a Paul Knorr at first but that wide grain spruce would be unusual most everybody. the scroll seems particularly nice to me. The shading/antiquing still looks 20's or 30's German. If they send you more pictures it would be interesting to see them.
  5. interesting violin

    I love the picture of the Amati scroll by the way. Hard to find such candid photography.
  6. interesting violin

    interesting violin. I looks like a del gesu model made in Paris around 1825. I would think Vuillaume had a hand in it but it would have been well labeled and numbered? please let us know if you find any information.
  7. I took a photograph of a scroll - Life Changing

    i'll bite. my immediate thought was Amati but I'll go with Andrea Guarneri as a guess. thanks for the pictures.
  8. "Stepped" Saddle ?

    I would suggest posting some pictures if you can. I for one am having some trouble visualizing the saddle, but would love to see pictures of the instrument. no such thing as dumb questions. Right? I think Saturday night is a slow time here on MN so dont get discouraged, post some pictures and you'll get lots of response.
  9. Violin I/d

    I can see the Saxon qualities but my first guess would have been Caussin school. the overhangs at the corners and edgework looks distinct and the scooped corner blocks sound kind of French? note, I have had a saxon violin before that I thought might be Caussin related but it had rib corners extending out to or past plate corners, and fake or missing corner blocks. the scroll is pretty rough but I like it, the fluting on the f-hole wings looks nice. ??
  10. string grooves position at nut

    not that any violin player would actually bend a note
  11. string grooves position at nut

    sorry to bring guitars into this but there is and always has been a clear and deliberate rule to leave a little extra space on the treble side. This is because of the curl of the fingers and weight of the hand wanting to favor that direction. It has always made sense to me and makes sense for violin family instruments as well.
  12. American Maple on Mittenwalder?

    Hi Maestro Slobodkin, I am delivering artwork to Bangor on Monday afternoon and may try to visit you if it works out. I would be interested to see the violin in question, and maybe we could take pictures and post some. I also have a cool Batchelder violin to show you .
  13. Bow ID and is this an unusual repair

    The last picture does look like a scarf joint. I would guess someone was experimenting with technique in making bows. I dont think it is a repair but a method of building out of short pieces??? more photos of areas in question would help.
  14. Old repairs

    Wow. Interesting. I know Henning was supposed to be a good maker, but this restoration seems over the top and a bit kooky. What does the violin look like from the outside?
  15. Mortises in plates for ribs?

    I dont think its a bad idea to groove the back if your building off the back. I have an old French violin that was built that way and I see no negative side effects, even has original one piece lower rib. However I dont think most would have been grooving in the top plate, that seems like a bad idea and I have not seen any examples. Is it really a thing? heres a snap shop of groovy back, any other examples ? The corner in the picture is worn down to expose the inset ribs.