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  1. Sigh....so beautiful.. when can i play like that? maybe years or decades... sounds very professional thanks for sharing with us!
  2. Hi guys I have a question about the 2nd position, 3rd position and so on. As I am a begineer, I can only play on the first position only. However, why is there the existence of higher positions? Do we really need them? I am a bit lost here. What is the significance of the higher positions? (scratching my head and being puzzled) From what i know, the 1st position starts on the low G and ends in a high G # ( or something like that) Isn't that enough? please advise me on this Thank you! [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 08-12-2001).]
  3. Err yes deStaunton...what is occidental extraction? Is it of mixed heritage/blood/? Nope I will not be in Tokyo. =) I will be somewhere else practicing hard on my violin because i love the instrument. Nah, I am just a begineer for the violin. So I am a small fry compared to others [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 08-12-2001).]
  4. Hi Crystal Is the scottish tunes book recommended for beginners, or must I be an advanced student to start playing those tunes? quote: Originally posted by crystal: I have many scottish and irish tune books. My favorite is a book called Scottish Fiddlers' Session Tune Book. It is published by Ho-Ro Gheallaidh. And the one book has Volumes 1 and 2 in it. I got my book from Shar music. Since you are in Italy, there may be a better source for you to order from. If not, www.sharmusic.com . I think it was about $20, but I'm not sure. It's a great book. I looked on the site, and it's $22.95. It is item number 0326 022. [This message has been edited by crystal (edited 08-07-2001).]
  5. Sigh, I will try to find out the song name and the composer. I must remember to ask my teacher because she was the one who played a cd containing the "haunting" music for me. quote: Originally posted by ckrupsha: Cerulean, I think that it is darn near impossible to tell the style of music you purchased based on the info you posted. I can think of three different violin works off the top of my head that evoke those images for me -- and they aren't Celtic or Scottish, or even fiddle music. Perhaps give us some more specifics on what you were listening to: CD title, performer, etc...
  6. So I am right after all! It is scottish music! Crystal, is there a music book you can recommend that has Scottish tunes (for beginners =)? ( P.S So am I right in saying that scottish music brings images of old castles, hills, mountains, dark clouds, camp fire, villages?) [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 08-07-2001).]
  7. Hi guys Recently I got to hear violin playing from a cd. The tune is a haunting one. It immediately brings you images of hills, mountains, villages, rural areas, people playing their instruments around the fire in the evenings (Sort of like Scottish music, correct me if I am wrong) I was of course, enchanted, charmed and entranced by the music. I simply love it. Anybody else likes "haunting" music? Besides classical that I am exposed to (Mendelssohn, Bach etc. etc) and the "haunting" music that I recently heard, I would like to know what other kinds of music are there for the violin? Any favorite kinds? Sorry I am ignorant about such things as I just started on the instrument.
  8. Hi there people! Just wondering where does each and everyone of you hail from? Who is from the US? Who is from Europe? Who is from Asia? I travel to and fro from the US and Asia so I am not in a fixed place all the time [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 08-05-2001).]
  9. Hello people I am sure each and everyone one of you truly love your violins. I am no exception. However, I was wondering how can I take pictures of my violins professionally? (ie. like those seen in Strad magazines?) I am sure just taking pictures with an ordinary camera would not produce a nice looking violin picture. So Maestronetters, has anyone taken ordinary/professional pictures of their violins and are satisfied with it? By the way, Andrew Victor, thanks for your earlier posting to my question on rosin use.
  10. Hello Fellow Maestronet-ters/Maestronetizens This is probably a silly question to the experts but since I am a begineer, I would like to know how often do you rosin your bow? (Assuming that I play everyday for an hour or two) And, what is the purpose of "rosining" our bow hair? I remember being told that rosining the bow helps to "produce" tiny hooks on the bow hair. Am I right? I also have the feeling that too much rosin on the bow produces a "buzzing sound" on the strings Thanks [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 07-29-2001).]
  11. Yes I understand what you mean by the "buzzing sound" I occasionally get that too. As I am new to the instrument, I cannot offer much or good advice. I think it is due to too much rosin. I am not too sure. The next time I practise, I will use less rosin Can any experienced players out there help us out? [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 07-24-2001).]
  12. Hey thanks a lot people I will personally check the movies out.... Now that someone has mentioned it, I remembered catching a glimpse of "Amadeus" when I was younger. However since I did not appreciate classical music at that time....I did not really think much about that Amadeus movie... If I remember correctly, the first part shows an old man telling the viewers about his life and he is in fact Mozart (?)...I am not too sure..
  13. Wait wait.... are the movies you mentioned american movies made by hollywood? Are they in English?
  14. Hi I do not know if this is relevant in the forum but I was just wondering if there are movies or shows that feature violins? I do not care whether it is fictional or non fictional.... If so, I would be most interested in seeing it. I heard so much about "Red Violin" Did anyone see it?
  15. Hmm What do you mean by when you said, "I have posters of two violins on the wall, I'm aiming to make it a string quartet,"? Anyway, I would love to read Strad magazines but they are awfully expensive. I have yet to check if they are available in the local library. I also have a mirror in my room =) I guess that is it.
  16. Hallo Jane, I do wish you every success in your violin playing. I am also new to the instrument and it brings me much joy when I play the violin. You are very lucky to have your own notice board. Sounds cool. Where do you usually get your violin posters? What images do they project? I hope I can take pictures of me playing the violin from ideas or pictures I see.
  17. Hi there, Well I am new here so I do not know where the old archives are and I have not seen any old posts. But I do appreciate any comments or replies to my posting. Anyway besides my fingers and neck, I love to crack my 2 knee joints ( at least 2 times a day), my right ankle ( at least 4 times a day), my left elbow ( 1 time a day) I forgot to mention my back too! yeah sometimes I just bend my body backwards and crackkkkk! goes my spine.
  18. Hello everyone, I have this rather bad habit of cracking my knuckles on my fingers and my neck from side to side everytime I get up in the morning( I hope I am making sense here) Will this somehow affect my violin playing? Is this a bad habit? I am just starting on the violin so I hope I can get some advice [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 06-16-2001).]
  19. Good for you prok3! I am glad someone finally shares my sentiments and/or emotions about game music. I love game music much from a lot of games and the website you posted is excellent. I am checking it out myself. My favorite game music comes from FF 6, FF7 , Chrono Trigger, Zelda and many others. I do not want others to dismiss this as just kids' stuff, and no, game music is not "digitized, simple music" as others have ignorantly told me. Many game music have been made into orchestra music and I daresay they do sound good. Too bad those cds are awfully expensive as they are Jap imports. [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 06-07-2001).]
  20. I say, thanks a lot mates I will check out the website you sent me. Anyway, about maintaining my violin after use, is it neccesary to clean the strings after playing each time? What about the bow hairs? Should I remove excess rosin from the bow hairs after playing?
  21. Argh, a mis- post.. [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 06-06-2001).]
  22. Hello everyone I am new to learning the violin and a friend recommended me this website. I also think it is good where people can post their questions and others can offer their help or advice. I was wondering if there is a website where I can download sheet music for the violin and piano. I also want to find out more information about cleaning and maintaining my instrument and bow. Any advice is greatly appreciated as I am new here and new to the instrument. I look forward to posting more messages in future [This message has been edited by Cerulean (edited 06-05-2001).]
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